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I hear this whale's suppressing price meme a lot, what is the truth / reasoning behind this statement?

Just brainlets whalecoping

It's just whales bouncing it back and forth

You can literally see whales from charts and order history. What an idiot.

Whales putting up walls that force people to undercut the price to sell, gradually lowering the price until whales decide to pump the price again. Whales don't accumulate to have the coin die at a shitty price. Expect a pump

It allows them to trade higher volumes for lower fee. This increasing their chances of winning the contest.

when does the contest end?


I get that, but why would the price suddenly go parabolic after they stop suppressing it. based on the soda can pressure analogy it makes sense, but this is numbers in an exchange's software, not physics.

prices always drop after contests lol

It won’t. I hope for the steady rise as it was for the first 2 weekk

What contest? Can't find any info on it but I hear it mentioned all the time

The argument for it going parabolic is the whales pump it again since now they will want to unload their bags again. They would have to have a giant pair of iron testicles to pump and dump a coin twice in a week though.

Everything is whales suppressing just like everything is a bullish pennant.

As whales accumulate and own most of the coins they can manipulate the price as high as they want. Why they chose DBC? Because it's one of the few altcoins that has legit team and product behind it, not even mentioning multi-million dollar contracts DBC already has.

>pretty much every coin on KuCoin is being massacred

Pic related.

And I'm saying this as a holder. I'm prepared to write it off as a total loss at this point.

tea leaves and pareidolia? sigh, I think FA might beat TA.

no worries, the brain train doesn't have brakes on it, we've just run into a few livestock, their soft bodies slowing our take-off. we're still on our way to the launch pad, expect arrival on the 17th and take-off on the 29th

Am i going to make it even if I bought close to ATH, or even current price levels?

When does the contest end? My phone blocks huobi for some reason

The soda can analogy only works for coins that are only available on 1 exchange paired with immense hype, allowing the whales to halt pumps. DBC currently has little hype and is on a downtrend so no suppression is needed.

Pic related is a good example of price suppression. UTK was going to moon hard but a huge sell wall was stopping it. Notice how the candles keep "bumping" their heads against an invisible line. That was a huge ass sell wall keeping the price down. Once it was lifted the price shot up.

Totally OP the price suppression isn't due to possible BTC rally coming or NEO/ETH flippening


hmmm, that invisible ceiling is the resistance no? still learning, there's a shitload more to crypto since it basically encompasses economics, politics, and investments, and computer science *psyduck*

Dude, what the fuck. Just shut up until you educated yourself, and fucking lurk moar.

i'll lurk inside your asshole. paid $20 for VIP so ima shitpost all I want.

Normally in bigger cryptomarkets the resistance is the point where the market decides it doesn't want to drop lower/go higher. In whale manipulated markets I wouldn't really call it a resistance, because it's just a single wall keeping the price down, not the combined sentiment of 10000 traders and bots.

so, when is it? Im liking the look of the chart

Yes there are whales, no they are not suppressing the price. They are selling all the way down and taking their profits. You think just because you bought at ATH that they did? They've been in profit from day one. Every single KuCoin exclusive looks like an axe murder happened because now the days of pumps and roses are over and it's time for the days of dumps and anal hoses. What do you have to look forward to? Weeks of ACTUAL price supression as whales trap the price in a narrow range and use market maker bots to drink every drippity drop of your milkshake that they can. In a month or two, some brave soul will buy enough and keep buying so that this SHIT will get the fuck into pump mode again and we can all dump our bags halfway up and crash it again. Can't fucking wait.

I really can't tell if you're trolling or legitimate insufferable cancer.
In any case, kill yourself, you worthless piece of shit.

This. Stop deluding yourself OP. The Huobi contest has nothing to do with it. Every coin on Kucoin is fucked to oblivion. Canya never even got a fucking pump. It just keeps going all the way down. I know people here will tell you that selling for a loss is a bad idea, but you have to see the forest for the trees. All those coins are manipulated to shit. On top of that, the alt market is bleeding to death. There isn't going to be a rebound back to sixty cents anytime soon. Fucking look at TRON, same damn thing. Cut your losses and find something else to put your money.

They are suppressing the price, you can see it on buy and sell orders as they place huge walls. It has died down a bit, but that is a good sign. As the price was dropping from 40-30 it was more apparent. Since the walls are becoming less common, I expect a pump soon enough

Also, screenshotted your post and will repost this in 2 weeks. I hope you are online

Ok so where do I put my crypto when all alts are bleeding? lmao BTC?

Do you idiots know anything about trading? Where this cockmongling jibber coming from?
Whales taking the profits by setting sell walls and buying it up? What the fuck are you idiots talking about? Every coin in KuCoin gets fucked to oblivion? What the serious fuck? Looks like you got hit pretty hard. This shit in biz is getting fucking ridiculous. You try to sound like you know something but it's all shittalk and complete nonsense.

No, he expects you to dump a 2 week old coin backed by NEO and a powerful AI group for coins with extremely low market caps and no foreseeable backing. Smart.

FFS the sellwall is 10.5 M tall. There is no pump in sight.


They are not suppressing the price brainlet. It's doing that just fine on it's own.They're accumulating coins, which is something else. What would make the price go up right now? What hype?

>8 NEO $12,076,155,000 $185.79 $1,513,040,000 65,000,000 NEO * 14.88%

NEO went up by 14.88%, goyim....

Price rise in alts doesn't always coincide with the main coins rise, especially when whales are manipulating prices


IDGAF.... I'm not sweating this hodl at all...

I suppose you bought in at around ~700 sats, right?


All the upcoming conferences that they're are gonna be attending. Getting english speakers to better present their tech to the west. Releasing mining client and alpha test client.

Clearly you don't know shit about this coin. Fuck off pajeet.

Whales are not "accumulating." Whales don't accumulate when a coin is 20x its ICO value, they accumulate either at pre-sale or the ICO itself when prices are at rock bottom.

What's happening with this coin is that it's preparing for another pump. However, pumps can't come immediately after a previous pump, because that looks suspicious and most normies with half a brain would be hesitant to enter (or re-enter) after looking at the chart. So, whales will keep the coin moving sideways for at least another week, probably two, before pumping it again.

Also, the Huobi listing (with its pathetic volume) has little bearing on the price. You really need to stop promoting this idea, because when the price remains the same on the 17th, you're going to be dumped on by the pajeets who bought in because of you.

>Have over 10k DBC
>Get called Pajeet for stating the truth
Who are the people that know about the stuff you just mentioned, user? Think. Who are the people that don't know about it yet? And now for my final question: Who are the people the whales want to dump on once they're done silently accumulating?

I'm not suggesting we are mooning in the near future. I'm just saying there are plenty of reasons for it to grow. Why would whales dump straight after accumulating, they would just lose money... What the fuck are you even talking about

>Everyone has at least 10k of literally any coin

fucking hell the highest I have is 1k. Kill me pls

>and we can all dump our bags halfway up and crash it again. Can't fucking wait.
That's the worst part of it all. All these whiny faggots who cry right now will be the first to dump their stock as soon as they break even or feel they made a decent enough profit and sigh with relief to "have gotten out of this mess". And when the price subsequently drops, they will point and laugh and say "silly you, should've gotten out while you could" with a smug grin as if they weren't in the same situation just before.

Whales already admitted to keeping it going side ways for another week and a half then pump, in that thread where they aspergered out over Dbcgooddguys posts then spammed it to hell. None of you retards screen shot??

That wasn't a real whale. That was a larping faggot who has 0 control over the DBC market.

Go back to discord pajeet fag

>I hope you are online
I have a feeling the amount of retards on Veeky Forums is more than usual. In a short while this will read like a fucking Telegram ICO group, full of people who should even be too stupid to breathe.
Anyone taking bets if the majority of these imbeciles are niggers, children or women?


OK but you're actually the one listening to and believing a larp on Veeky Forums

Think about it, you have retained that memory of the larping whale when you could have done something productive with your life. No wonder you're invested in DBC.

Whales and PnD groups use news to hype up a coin. It makes the pump look way more organic and it's easier to shill. Look at the run up to the huobi listing. It was all people were talking about. Whales and the PnD groups shilling it already filled their bags before any of that hype started and got the ball rolling. The price pumps, and right before the listing they dump their bags. At the bottom they accumulate again and wait for the next big thing on the roadmap of the coin to start shilling again and go for round 2.

What are you holding user?


its ruined my fucking life. i'm pulling out my hair watching this fucking shitcoin cut in half. when the fuck will this thing kick up?

Probably never. Cut your losses and get out before it totally sinks.

Just work your way up, maybe one day you'll be able to proof to ICOs that you're a millionnaire and able to invest a minimum of 10 BTC to get pre-sale prices of fractions of a cent per token. That's how this shit always works in life, the more you have, the better deals you get, the less you have, the shittier the deal. The usual funny stuff - have more, pay less, have less, pay more.

If you freak out over a number dropping in a 2 week old coin you don't deserve to spread your weak pussy genetics to humanity. Promptly help our species and kill yourself

This is play money for me
But all your posts in this thread are about why people should forget something someone claiming to be a whale said
If it's not important and bs why did u come out of no where to a coin you say you are not in..just to tell me immediately to forget it..are you one of the faggots that spammed the thread after he said that?
Before you answer that just kill your self pajeet

>he actually believes what he reads on Veeky Forums
Jesus Christ. Next you tell me you think DBGG is actually a good guy and not some mentally ill attention whore who most likely either doesn't even have any DBC or sold ages ago.

sell it faggot, stop bitching.

LOL this

I think the chance that he is just a gentle retard is way higher.

you FAGGOTS. you miserable FAGGOTS. you call me weak for being realistic? haha, you plebs, have fun with your bags. this AI shit is fucking 10 years away from being relevant and DBC will be dead by then because its already dying.

Pls remove fraudulent patent thieves from my dbc threads

>don't care about dbc but keep posting about why it's bad

so did you sell yet faggot? stop bitching.

I don't call you weak for being realistic, I call you weak for being an unrealistic dumbass who freaks out over coins 2 weeks old. Go fucking jog or do something practical, boost your testosterone up. Wait a little bit instead of crying like a wee little baby

Lmfao note how soon as I mentioned that thread they spammed to shit they appeared and attack like curry ninjas

Hello there, gonna prove his point and attack me again lol

Come now just come clean, you love me, you cant live without me. You come into these threads because of me. You need my attention and you need to try to crush something good because you are suffering. It is ok, you too can still find peace love and happiness, like I said before, seek help near you, people are kind and they will help.

Yet you have nothing to lose and all to gain now my friend. 2-3 days, take a break, stop watching charts that mean nothing and are temporary. In a month you be happier and you will have less worry.

BRAIN GANG FRIEND! :D howdy there how ya doin, got in from work ice all in my beard was hilarious!

Oh btw still 3400 only time I nearly had to cash out is upcoming bills. So yeah no getting rid of me friend, even if I had zero DBC I would still be here for the BRAIN GANG.

You cant get rid of me, even if I had nothing here. lol :D Looks like your stuck with me in these threads.

Why the fuck are you explaining this to me? You asked "What hype?", I gave you an answer. Every single coin operates on hype and pump n dump cycles. Everything you're saying is completely irrelevant to the discussion, are you okay in the head?

BrainGang dude, what's your price forecast? and by when? seems like nothing can break your spirit.

lol fuck off larping faggot. You lack real attention in real life so you come in these threads for some kind of affirmation. I own tens of thousands of DBC, and I believe in the project, but man you make it hard for people to wanna join and get involved because of you ingenuine kindness. Makes people think you are a terrible shill with other motives. Just letting you know others perception.

rofl Not sure how to take this one, but being positive type of person, I will take it as a compliment my friend! haha much love to you!

>Why the fuck are you explaining this to me?
You asked me wtf I was talking about in your previous post. I explained. If you're too much of a brainlet to understand what I'm saying you might as well just hold in agony. You obviously believe in the project so I'm sure you're not going to sell the bottom. Good luck.

Will DBC succeed without the support of the basement dwellers of Veeky Forums?!
we may never know

suh dude

I am not to sure I just know it will rise my friend. My optimism is from karma and goodness and faith. It is very hard to explain the feeling but also look at what the coin has behind it, even without emotion it is a fanastic team with lots going for it.

From emotion you have mee seeing it rise, and from the logical ones you have it rising. Best of both worlds my friend.

I have tons of attenion in real life lol :P You have me wrong friend. I posted turkey cause you keep roasting me for no reason lol

Nobody says that it's bad, retard. At least not the ones actually arguing here. But it's idiotic to claim that "muh price is suppressed by whales because of KuCoin" while literally the whole alt coin market is bled to death right now (apart from some notable exceptions which are far and few between).
It's called being realistic, you idiots. And not falling for false hope, because right now, all your "reasoning" is wishful thinking at best, and if in the mood for harsher words, one might call it delusion.
I believe in the project and the business environment of DBC, else I wouldn't have bought in, and I decided to hold it (even though I sold some stock on the way down to secure at least 50% of my initial investment, though I'm even now still in the green).
Also I'm not sure you fully understand the meaning of pajeet, but this board is getting stupider by the hour due to the influx of newfags who are clinically retarded anyway.
You must learn to understand that sometimes people telling you stuff you don't want to hear are not your enemies. Here: I believe this coin WILL go up again. Eventually.
But I'd be pretty deluded to think this has anything to do with the Huobi competition, or some whales that for some godforsaken reason target only DBC, and the rest of the whole crypto market just bleeds coincidentally at the same time.

>I posted turkey cause you keep roasting me for no reason

It was a rhetorical question you fucking autist. Because you were talking nonsense.

Honestly, I believe this is suppressed in a way based on the Huobi competition.

ICO is banned in Singapore, China, and America.

So possibly, the only way that majority of the Chinese ppl got this at a reasonable price is based on the Huobi trading competition.

I mean, look at the prizes they giving up, the top 5000 account probably account...?? how much DBC is that worth? Can someone do a quick calculation?

>Pajeet thinks I'm reading any of that

You're out of your fucking mind whoever you are
I assume you're the guy that said it was bs well then you have absolutely no reason to type that much about it

>Lbank still doesn't let you trade dbc

>huobi competition soon over

I bet on the 17th Lbank will finally allow dbc trading for the non english speaking chinese and it will pump up plenty. They are just removing weak handed foreigners amd giving native chinese a deep discount

Poe's law. You sounded like a legit frustrated and retarded bagholder unable to cope with the reality that your golden ticket started dumping even though it should be doing great according to you.

So go ahead and do the only right thing, remove your trip and your retarded pics and attention-whoring multiple-post replies. Fade into the obscurity of Anonymous.
You can't. You can't suffer the thought that your posts might become just one voice and could be mistaken for another one - you KNOW it's you, so you HAVE to take a name, else you wouldn't feel that YOU get the attention.
Go ahead and prove me wrong. There are tons of people defending DBC, I'm even one of them. I just don't tell people lies like you do, "it won't drop any further, tomorrow we will rise, yadda yadda yadda". You only tell people what they want to hear, and you do this for attention, to make them like you. You have a weak mind, and you feast on equally weak minds. You are pathetic and should resort to pathetic identity sites, social media, that's your natural habitat. Here, you are cancer and pathetic and exposed as what you are.
Go away. Either drop your trip and become anonymous or fuck off. You will not be missed. We can do without you. And don't use the weak fags as excuse, if you were really having their best interests at heart, you'd enable them to stand on their own without cheerleading "BRAIN GANG BRAIN GANG WAAAAAAAA BRAAAAINNNNN GANNNNNNGGGGGGGUUU!!!!!"

But you won't do it. We all know it. You crave the attention, if this isn't somehow about you, you can't live. You have no interest in this token at all. It's just a vehicle for you.
You are weak, and you are disgusting. Go better yourself, but stop being such a flaming faggot cancer.

The top 5000 accounts win $264k USD. Why wouldn't they do this as a group effort to bring the price down?

So the chinese can get in and shake the weak hands off?

> the absolute state of Pajeeted bagholders
I'm sure it's the whales m8

Fucking faggot, go and kill yourself, you worthless piece of shit.
There, KISS for you.

LMAO can feel your autism from here bud
It's not that deep go take some xanax

Too bad there isn't a pill for your idiocy.

rofl the BRAIN GANG asked me to do a trip so bitter and bad people cant fake me like they were doing. Sorry pal you seem a bit more jealous and angry than you should be.

Posted some strawberries, cause you are BERRY ANGRY! lol

1488 you say. brb telling /pol/

I know your pain I only got 1500dbc just bought back in from last pump, things could be worse for you. I'm bedridden for 6 months because of a drunk driver. hopefully all this free time=gainz

god speed user.

whales, please help this user out. pump this shit up.


please jesus can we have one green day again. It was a simpler time, where we laughed and played and there wasn't as many Indians on the board.