Who /patient/ here? Let's talk about coins we want to hold for more than 2 years

Who /patient/ here? Let's talk about coins we want to hold for more than 2 years.

ETH is of course the free space on this game of Veeky Forums bingo

hands down easiest hold


I'm too much of a brainlet to understand what that's supposed to do. I looked at the website and it's just jargon

you guys are gonna make it
and perhaps

i've been holding ETH since it came out. Dropped my last $100 on it, have like 300 ETH sitting in a hardware wallet. My parents threw me out about a week after i brought them. Been living in my van ever since in the local state forest. Rangers get a bit pissed but fuck it, its a free country. Once ETH hits $5000 dollars, which will be Q3 AT THE LATEST im out of here. No more sucking dick at the gas station for a chimichanga.


I'll suck your dick and give you a chimichanga for 0.1eth

It's really hard to be patient in this market...
I have no problem holding grandpa stocks for 5 years but the crypto market is just so active and exciting that it's difficult to step back and breath. I have already been burned so many times by not holding for long enough (bought and sold ANS) but I'm becoming more patient now.

My rule for myself is to not sell ANYTHING less than 1 year from when I buy it. Mostly because taxes but also to force myself to avoid both pnd shitcoins and panic selling

so true. watching all these shitcoins moon without any reason is so fucking frustrating. FOMO can get you anytime

BTC/XMR/LTC/VTC - quality, patient holds

For sure. I'm very patient during bull markets but it's in times like these where I start making stupid trades on a whim because my portfolio is stagnated. I think I've become addicted to the dopamine rush of gains so get a bit anxious when things slow down.


Anyway, I'm holding

and ICOs:


VIBE coin is a long term hold. Finance pumped it, but it's legit with a big team working night and day. I think 2 years VIBE will be HUGE. But just my opinion. NEO I like too. I made a lot of money off of XRP and POE, but not long term holders for me.


LINK, all in bitches.

Still can't tell whether or not this is just a meme


me too, its driving me crazy.
ive resorted to flipping coins in order to get more LINK and REQ. this bear run is kinda good for this actually..

Who /ironhands/ here

>mfw so disgusted by modern degeneracy that I would prefer 40/50 years of life in Roman times than 80 today

NEO, RLC, and ETH.
I thought I missed my chance to make it when I couldn't accumulate my target NEO count, but then I discovered RLC.
I have little bit sprinkled in half a dozen other coins, just in case.

CND is a neat project that I really like but the price keeps going down. Also REQ, but that ones been memed about a lot here.

Lol yeah enjoy your slavery