Sup Veeky Forums. First timer here that invested in TRON after reading advice on /pol/...

Sup Veeky Forums. First timer here that invested in TRON after reading advice on /pol/. Do I hold onto this shit and ride out this temporary dip? Getting worried. Thanks bros

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Veeky Forums please tell m nobody is this retarded pls

Proof all coins will have 100 billion market cap

Tron is extremely heavily manipulated by whales, right now they are trying to shake weak hands out with lots of FUD and a big long dip.

Once everyone has sold whales are gonna send this back to the moon and cause people to FOMO in again. Just don't sell.

Just hold, it’ll come back.. don’t listen to the FUD on this board, they’re just jealous

TRX is a shitcoin.

He just wants to call /pol/ retards, he doesn't have any man.

I don’t get why people don’t see how big of a scam this is. When it first hit binance I remember buying $200 worth as a joke and it got me somewhere around 30k TRX. Are you trying to tell me that every poorfag who put in $100 is going to become a millionaire?

What ever happened to the "market cap doesn't mean anything" posters? Always found them on Ripple and Tron threads


Nobody who makes those posts thinks market cap doesn't matter at all. "Muh market cap" is just a retarded argument when you're trying to say something can't grow in the future.

go back to whatever shithole you came from please

XRP and TRXfags all came from Twitter.

Wtf are you sperging out about?

I said leave, stupid nigger. I'll use your language


Why haven't you left?

>[insert my bags] is extremely heavily manipulated by whales, right now

i think i've read this sentence literally over a million times now, on every single fucking coin.

Wow this is a really embarrassing autistic sperg-out.

Serious question, how did you dodge the coat hanger?

it's a permanent dip lmao

Whales are to Veeky Forums as Jews are to /pol/.

Although there is a fair amount of kikery in crypto these days and many of the whales are probably Jewish.

It's ok my bro!!

Tron is cheap, less than a dollar!

I'm sure it will soon be 2,000 dollars, remember bitcoin? And this is so much better!



It’s literally a scam

ride the wave. trx will be back over 1700 sats within 2 weeks


You gotta be fucking kidding
Tron is garbage

Don't bother. Nobody here will give you a straight answer. All they'll do is regurgitate the same debunked/meaningless FUD.

do whales have 8B in imaginary monopoly money