is this a good hold or shitcoin?

how dare you call 0x a shitcoin.

You already missed like 5 moons, I wouldn't buy it now.

seriously this shit has never been a shitcoin

if not now... then when? I guess you're just trolling.

Amazing coin. Will be the basis of decentralized trading in the future. Essential hold.

>tfw got in at 0.3

Altucher recommended it last week.

OP deserves to die for calling 0x a shitcoin

tfw got in at 20 cents



Any other icofags here?

ico fag reporting in

Whales are accumulating

Never been a shitcoin OP. Get the fuck out of this hold.


Very soon it will not fall below $2 ever again, so load up your bags

ico fag here as well!

$0.045 during ICO

Post ICO bag collector @ $0.05 - $0.065

I'm comfy as fuck. :D

100k checking in

I bought at $0.40 but My heart stops everytime this fucking happens.

wish I didn't sell some but still sitting pretty

Should also mention this and ETH are my only hodls I actually truly believe in. Im nervous about REQ and I know PRL is a shitcoin I should have dripped out of.


REQ will be massively successful.

ZRX, REQ, all 3 of the RFID companies (VeChain, Walton, Wabi), NEO/GAS, XLM and XRP are all going to be massively successful holds over 2018.

bought these early december at 0.3 I knew it was going to moon. sold ATH, this will dipping for a few months. Theres no reason to hold it.

Buy Maidsafe, it'll double soon. And/or find a new cheap, KEYWORD CHEAP, and undervalued coin to put some of your money in and give it months. There's loads on EtherDELTA. My fav is TIOTOUR

You have no idea about DEXs, do you?

Am all ears...Tell me something that I don't know. And dont try to convince me to trade on IDEX there's no volume there

It's a long term hold and reliant on what happens with ethereum

This is a little list of what dApps are going to utilize it and what DEXs are going to utilize it.

These are starting to come online as soon as a few weeks from now, and the rest will come online in Q1 -> Q4.

$20 by May.

$50 by EOY 2018

Found out Will Warren (CEO of 0x) did consulting for Basic Attention Token last year. interesting