500 Veeky Forums posters have voted on this issue over the past three weeks.

The question:
> Should Veeky Forums display a flag for posters from India (with a neutral flag for everyone else)?

The result:
> Yes - 443 votes - 89%
> No - 57 votes - 11%

The poll(for those yet to vote):

The result is overwhelming. Let's just trial it for a month and then reassess.

Thanks just voted 100k

I didn't see the thread.

I would have voted yes also.

Do you really think the mods would ever do this?

We have mods?

Mods are faggots if they don't

> Other subs have flags
> They introduced no begging rules here at the request of the community
> The community is clearly united on this issue
> We're only asking for a trial

The pajeets are from the UK and Canada, bud. I saw a Pajeet accidentally post a shitcoin shill thread on /sp/ once instead of Veeky Forums. Guess his flag.

Yup, UK.

i too cast vote to yes sir!

It's not a fool proof method and yes Pajis are everywhere but India is home to large numbers of click farms and social media shill sweat shops that don't exist in the western world.

why would mods deny proud Indians their haritage? get some flags

Ehhhh I don't know. Recognizing pajeets easier is great but it's got its drawbacks. Everytime I post people will le 56% me. Every time a leaf posts its A FUCKING LEAF. Every time Sweden posts..... You get where I'm going. Pajeets are easy enough to spot. We don't need MORE ammunition for shitposts than we already have.


We only want to put flags for India, did you read the fucking poll?



You fools, dont you understand? THE MODS ARE THE PAJEETS!!

Just make shill flags. Whatever coin is the majority of your folio is your shill flag.

this. i wouldn't doubt it. otherwise they would have implemented flags long ago.

Fuck them lazy ass pajeets. They all look the same. b-b-but yoga, b-b-but guru. Fucking racist bastards.

This board isn’t moderated anymore in case you haven’t noticed

Yes it is sunshine. Wanna check?

If Indian posters are such a "big" problem, why didn't they vote and sway the outcome?

please don't do it sirs

This. Fucking idiots. I wouldn't be surprised if the actual posters from India make up less 10% of the shitposts


/pol/ being the key word, go back there, they got flags right?

Lol triggered pajeet

Fuck off, Raj

They're a disproportionate problem. Look up the 80/20 principle bud.

Can't discuss crypto there though.

Besides we only want 2 flags in all of Veeky Forums

I propose we do a hostile takeover of /pol/ until flags are added.

this is stupid. will make board unusable from off topic posts

t. Pajeet

mods give us just one fucking day

Official, sir

1. Only the Pajeets would be identifiable
2. We're only asking for a trial

No but they might give everyone flags which is basically the same thing.

its not only pajeets, I bet alot of the shills are chinks too

it's unfair however

t. rajeesh

I think this is a good thing to do because of the following reasoning:
1.- If pajeets are the ones who shill shitcoins and talk crap then it will be revealed immediately thanks to the indian flags.
Problem solved.
2.- If pajeets are not the ones who shill shitcoins and talk crap then we will immediately discard pajeets as a problem and realize our mistake, ending the discrimination.
Problem solved.

So, there's actually no benefit to not adding indian flags.
To be honest, I think a lot of crap on this board is mostly from non-pajeets, and we would get a surprise.

Pajeets are the most identifiable due to their particular way of speaking English.

If you do the research (as I've done to prepare to shill this trial heavily) then the clickbait/spam/social media farms are heavily located in a few nations:
> India
> China
> Bangladesh
> Philipines

Ideally I'd like to see these nations (and maybe a few others) sharing the same "axis of shill" flag. Whereas everyone else has a shared neutral flag.

But it's all baby steps and this is the biggest issue.

Flags will cause the Pajeet shills to be easily identifiable and make their shitty shills easy to shut down.

They'll most likely start behaving themselves.

The shilling is absolutely relentless and needs to end.


Just give everyone a flag. Fucking christ, how hard is it?

I will get an indian proxy just to fuck with Veeky Forums on legit coins kek

>axis of shill flag
This is good, and we can vote to add countries as needed.


Cant we just buy Veeky Forums now and change it ourselves

Yes, they delete threads of people asking to ban ufr posters while letting 5 ufr threads up at the same time

I agree completely about this issue but there is one thing that concerns me you can talk about it here discord gg/3sjfie92

Google captcha is banned there, so the only way they can post is through a 4cgan pass


En voor dat je brutaal en vervelend gaat doen hou heel even je kankerbek
En als je niet kan verstaan wat hier staat ga dan even naar google translate kankermongool
Owee als je me een fucking pajeet noemt

Isn't the definition of a modern day snowflake basically walking into a place and demanding them do things the way you want regardless of what was there before you????

Yea...I'm triggered, keep spam posting and throwing hissy fits until you get your way.

>They're a disproportionate problem. Look up the 80/20 principle bud
I just voted 10 times by spoofing my IP... what's your next excuse?

Yeah flags for everyone, no need to hate on India

>reddit spacing
>the community
the state of Veeky Forums

>mfw mods are secretly pajeets and wont let this happen

Veeky Forums mds are all SJWs

fucking redditors

Wat loop je nou tegen jezelf te brabbelen joh kankermongool

hou je bek ranjeet

They should have some kind of system also where we as a group, can decide how good something is that someone says. Meaning if someone says something most people agree with, that's all we really see, and when someone says anything most people don't agree with, it basically disappears so nobody has to be subject to that comment anymore.

Could be real simple, a thumb up or down, maybe some arrows or something, idk. But I agree with you, we should change it up a bit.