G-guys? C-Chad? Are you here?
I'm afraid...
You wouldn't let me down r-right?

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We got PAJEET'd bro...


700 SATS are just around the corner BRO

lol not even a working product

chad left you long ago for NEO

I could have sold at ATH and not lost 20K usd, but no.

50k FUN doubt

Just hold, no point seeking at a loss. Wholemarket is bear right now. Just wait a month.

Worst case, a bunch of tax refund money will be flooding in due February.

*secretely trades his asset for ETH in panic*

im still here

i bought in at 11500 buterins, watched it go to 20500 and now its at 9800

Lol that title
Fun is a good coin, just hodl

>a coin for online casino
imagine actually putting money on that

Can someone tell something consistent to convince me not to FUD ? Plz, very needed right now, halp.

You literally hold the coin isn`t that enough?

You told me it was great !!! Fuckin shillers !!

Only gambling coin close to hitting mass market, capped supply that grows smaller over time. Hold it

What’s next? A browser plugin coin?

For what it's worth, it hasn't free fallen so far after trying so many times.

Take a look at the whole market. The biggest bullish trend of 2018 is coming and you impatient fucks are losing faith in a coin that dipped 30% after a 200% rise. Go wagecuck this game isn't for you impatient scumbags

It's on a constant downtrend though. My sound sleeping nights are over.

KYS, honestly just do it faggot

February is priced in.

>FUNfags believe every casino is waiting until February to buy, lmao

They are already aware of FUN, and have either stocked up if interested, or laughed at it - it's PRICED IN

Don't you understand me motherfucker, I want to be rich not tomorrow or in 2 months, I am a useless neet piece of shit and I WANT and DESERVE to get rich.... NOW ! NOW! NOW!

There's the risk that it can get to 700 sats. But think about why you got into this trade in the first place. What were your goals? Where were you planning to exit?

It sounds to me like you FOMO'd in at a bad place without learning much about the company or looking at what it did.

This is why I warn people not to fall into any of these shilling threads no matter what they promise or how good they think the coin is.

I wanted to exit at 1usd but it's unlikely now

lel look at the supply and market cap, $.50 MAX


No, we already know that some casinos have bought in when it was a penny, the key is when the casinos implement the platform and people starting buying it in order to gamble.

This is not what the ppl were saying 5 days from now.

Wow thats the biggest sleezebag I've ever seen on the cover of a book

>mfw i buy in near the end of the month and make 3x gains on this.

Thanks christ the hype cycle started too early

ahahah BAT BTFO

That's not enough, I want my 1usd per coin


Reminder it's never too late to come to the One True Coin. Those bags look awfully heavy, traveler, won't you come in?

Turned my ass away from this shill. Blockchain influence into the casino industry is a nice shift. Would be a nice buy if only regular people understand that blockchain = trustworthy = reliable betting. But then again, gambling as a whole is frowned upon.

.25 at least before february

If it reach .25 there is no reason it will not go to .3 then .5 I guess

It's actually doing bretty cud... could've bought at $0.69

never dropping these bags. i'm in for the long hodl

All the way down to 0 boi, right?

Rundown on why you need to chill, DYOR, and just wait:

Feb 8th ICE - being shilled to casinos
Late Q1 - early/mid Q2 - casinos can use the tech

Any other pumps are just a bonus.

If you actually follow marketcap in crypto like a moron and require the maths to add up to buy in, it's a $5B marketcap for $1 FUN. Online gambling is $60B, which doesn't include the online gambling options like CSGO, and it definitely doesn't include the people who refuse to gamble when something isn't provably fair. Gambling (not online) is over $240B in the US alone, meaning no Asia.

Remember that ICE has over 15k people on average, and over 8.5k of those are representative of gaming and gambling companies. Literally all it takes is one major casino to buy in early to get as many coins as possible before they raise in price, and they alone will pump us up to $1. It only takes one small casino + investors who react to the news. It only takes Asians even fucking learning about it. Even $10 is proven achievable with the current marketcap, and when coins start getting burned from being used, it'll be that much easier to hit those kinds of highs.

Casinos also have additional reason to purchase the coin in the form of dividends, as they can loan FUN to other casinos for guaranteed returns through contracts. This means they can buy as much as they want as soon as possible (ie. the second ICE hits us), and they'll never be at risk of being unable to use some of the coins they've purchased for a few years, as they can just loan the excess to other people. Also, I keep saying 'casinos', but literally any random shitter with a bar can now have online gambling as an option with FUN. This is a huge selling point for Asians as well, due to their internet cafes being able to get in on it.

Finally, the team is likely the best team in all of crypto (look up their background), they'll almost double their employees to 50 soon, have connections to casinos, and have no real competitors.

TL;DR Chill out

Just like tron heh....

Tron is more like

Thanks. I needed the reminder


glad i gtfo of this coin in time

it's the first time in my life i avoid becoming a bagholder, really makes me think

AAHHH finally, I can have erections again. Thank you

so be it

>3 weeks until easy 5x at minimum
>haha avoided being a bagholder XD

soon, strong hands only for a few more weeks

Please be true, right now I'm not having FUN. I realized it wouldn't double overnight but I wasn't expecting to lose money the day after buying in.

You fucked up again. Jeez Timy when will you stop fuckin everything up.

It had two huge pumps in the course of two weeks and had sat itself at a floor of 18 - 19c. The price going down, which was a result of the Korea fud and nothing involving FUN, affected almost everything in the market, and the market still hasn't recovered. The fact it's being kept down so hard right now means whales are accumulating it /because/ it's an insane coin.

Anyone who predicted this has a crystal ball. The price going down had nothing to do with FUN doing anything wrong.

No it's because I bought it so it had to tank a way or another the moment I bought. You can't fuck up with the laws of the Universe. Loser one day, loser forever.

dont complain about the price of FUN until Feb 8th.