Sexdolls vs marrying real woman

at what amount of money is it to dangerous to marry a woman?
they will just steal 50% of your gainz for no reason
i honestly prefer pic related

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It's too dangerous when you make more money than her by a significant amount, or if she's a big spender

Let's say you make $100k a year and she makes $150k a year, but she spends it on getaways with her girlfriends and on nail salons, saving $20k a year. But you are a smart duder so you save $50k a year. In the end your savings are pretty much all funded by you, not her. And you will be paying her money even though she makes more than you

If she makes $50k and you make $100k same situation even if you saved the same percentage

Basically it's never safe to marry a woman - it's a legal contract that inherently benefits women because that was the entire purpose - to protect women if the man backs out midway through a pregnancy or when she's middle aged, infertile, or too ugly to get married again.

It's not a modern legal custom and it shouldn't be performed anymore

Do not get married under any circumstances, also do not cohabitate because some places treat that as an impromptu marriage where she is also still allowed to take your assets in divorce

It's never safe to get married

virgin waifu is better. I'd rather camp in a national park than on a hollywood movie set trying to look like a park. same shit

Go for it

modern women are garbage. pump and dump only.

I'm never getting married because giving away 50% of your net-worth at divorce is a scam.

I've also read-up on the law surrounding unmarried couples, as long as she doesn't make payments towards my apartment/lifestyle then she isn't able to claim anything in court.

On top of that I have frozen some of my sperm in 3 different sperm banks and had my tubes tied (can have surgery to undo if my frozen sperm don't work, unlikely to happen though). So I will have no surprise children which is -ve in court for money.

Basically have my net-worth fool-proof protected from women.

I may look at sexdolls in 10-20 yrs if they have good ai though, normal women are a fucking nightmare to live with long term.

That's the thickest piece of PVC I've ever seen

A doll can't brap in your face. Say no to the plastic Jew.

what's your net worth? 10k USD?

By the end of her life, the average woman has a -$150,000 fiscal impact on her family.

The more you make, the more she spends. It doesn't matter what she makes because she spends that too and you'll never see a dime of it.

>b-b-but these days both parents HAVE to work if you want kids

Wrong, the woman can save more money than she makes/spends if she were in the workforce.

Women works = she wants to party hard = $xx,xxx each year on being a dumb drunk hoe.

Woman stays home with kids = money saved on child care and shitty food, your kids have a more healthy childhood = woman is happy with what she has

but how can a sex doll compliment the size of my above average penis???

Why would you want to marry at all though?
If you have the money, just fucking hire a whore or a pornstar for a night.

I mean.. why waste money on a doll when you're free + have the money to buy actual women?

£42,500 income from wageslave yearly

c£73,000 in Vanguard funds (tax free thanks to britbong scheme) anywhere between 3-8% return annually depending on market.

c£45,000 in P2P lending (tax free thanks to britbong scheme) currently 9% return but higher risk

c£60,000 in apartment

c£450,000 +/- 5% in crypto

I don't own a car or any pleb-tier depreciating assets and my city is seeing some nice property price rises.

Pay for everything on either Amex charge card or visa reward credit and then pay the balances off with my wageslave income every month.

Haven't withdrawn anything from any of my tax efficient accounts but might have to withdraw some crypto into fiat to max my tax free allowance before April

Prenuptial. Agreement.

Buy Chainlink now for future of smart contracts for things like this. Or forever hold your peace.

Plot twist, you don't have to marry a SMART woman. Just pick a dumb good looking bimbo, sing a prenup and turn her into a sex slave.

No woman would ever fuck me consensually and without payment. I'm 100% on the sexbot/VR train.

OP, if you actually wasted your money one of those $2000 sex dolls you would change your mind very quickly.

The ironic thing is that they require more maintenance than actual women

how much eth for a thick plastic gf like that? srs question

>Thinking prenups actually work
All she has to do is say you pressured her into signing it, didn't give her enough time to think, or didn't understand it, and the prenup is immediately thrown out by the judge. These are just a few of many techniques that work like a charm

Prenups are not legally binding agreements, they are suggestions. I'm not exaggerating.

If that was warm, moaned, and had a woman smell it'd be pretty nice desu

by plastic you mean korean yes?

this is true.

idk man i would miss the love and kisses afterwards

ITT: kissless virgins trying to make themselves feel better about not having a qt gf

yeah. It'd beat jerkin it though.

This. Can't believe people still fall for the pre-nup meme

im just gonna buy a SEA wife when im 40
thats the only way for me, i'm incompatible with women but i still want a kid or two

Sexdolls are essentially a fleshlight attached to a big hunk of silicone.
Not really defending marriage, but I rather wait until I can buy a real robot maid that I can also fuck before I spend money on such a thing.

Prove you have one or that you ever had sex.

I enjoy that more than the sex. Maybe I'm secretly a woman in my brain.

I remember when I was like you - it was really fun making posts like this back when I had a great girlfriend, sexy as hell with a nice big fucking ass and tits. Way hotter than I could ever imagine. Then she started driving me legitimately suicidal with her incessant nagging and psychological manipulation whenever she got jealous, which was all the time

It's nice to be free and to be able to do whatever I want now. But I still long for a girl. To feel again the love I thought we had. Whatever

MGTOW for life.

>diversifying sperm portfolio

OP do you realize how much that doll weighs and that it probably took 30 minutes to get her into each of those poses? Do you know how "sticky" the TPE skin is and that it's damn near impossible to get clothes on and off it? Do you know how hard it is to clean them, especially the insides?

Sex dolls are one of those things that sound like a great idea and look nice in photos but are a huge disappointment in reality.

>but how can a sex doll compliment the size of my above average penis
just wait a few years when their voice will sound human-like and not robot.


Where can I buy this?

lol I almost choked in my cigarette laughing

Prenup on Ether-Contract. This is the most MRA-cyberpunk thing ever and I love it.

Based as fuck comments that you underages should listen to.

The era of irresponsible mothers has only just begun. Your only hope right now is to find a woman under 30 who has resisted (((their))) narrative and still has her natural child bearing instincts still deeply ingrained. Which is hard as fuck in Western society. Hence more and more successful white males mixed breeding.

>more maintenance than actual women
Oh sweetie, you've never experience how high maintenance women are

I agree with this

Lolno. You obviously never had a sexdoll and neither have ever dated a woman.

wtf I want a sex doll now

how much

do NOT reverse google image search OP image

about 3.50 Eth

Bro just lift

Obligatory screenshot from a thread a few days ago

Soon, user

>had my tubes tied

You had a vasectomy you dumb cunt. Women get their (fallopian) tubes tied.

Didn't work for me, I'm ugly as fuck. It's doll time for me.

lifting will definitely get you more looks, but lifting won't get you a girlfriend.

t. been lifting for 3 and a half years yet still cant talk to girls who stare at me now that im ripped

Pornstars are overpriced and subpar

>ended up cutting mine up into section and throwing it into the dumpster piece by piece

How do you convert crypto into fiat?

Last sentence is pure gold

is there really a prenup song user?


No I literally had them tied, it's easier to undo in the future than cutting them. Google it, there is more than one procedure available.

nice try hmrc


Attracting girls is a lot more mental. They enjoy being dominated by an alpha bad boy. Hence why you see some scrawny, arrogant skeleton guys who dress sharp and think they're total bosses in their own mind who regularly drown in pussy

>Lolno. You obviously never had a sexdoll and neither have ever dated a woman.

Been married for 5 years, recently divorced. Bought 2 sex dolls after divorcing, ($2k - 3k each) got rid of both of them soon after purchasing.

Women are self cleaning and can move on their own, sex dolls require constant maintenance, their skin needs to be powdered regularly or it gets sticky (doesn't matter how expensive your model is or if it's silicone or TPE, they all have this problem).

The wig and clothes need to be removed when you powder them, which is much more difficult than you would imagine, especially the clothes. The skin also starts to tear very easily, the pussy and ass area will start to tear and get worn out after a few uses, that's why many people prefer a model with a removable pussy.

Oh, and have fun cleaning your cum and lube out of a 100+ pound inanimate rubber object

iq mostly passed down via x chromosome
enjoy your retard sons user
grew up in wealthy area (not wealthy) and the retard sons of rich smart men is a real thing.

which is why im fucked

Invest in DBC and we'll be getting AI Waifus in the next 5 years.

Imagine having to clean that fucking thing.
You know some lonely cunt is just going to let it get filled with crusty loads.

Recurring expense vs one time investment.

Same reason you buy a car instead of leasing one.

>Cheetos dust under fingernails and foreskin

Yeah, I wouldn't stress about it honestly. That kind of life has its own downsides and emotional abysses. Not to mention possible STDs from slut girls. It's like being suddenly really rich-- for some people it works, but for many it's just a new hell made worse by the fact that they should by all metrics be happy and fulfilled

prostitutes are a thing user, unless you live in the land of the free, there cheap and in abundance here in germany, forget sexbots, that shits too expensive.

You cunts needs to sort yourselves out.

Agreed, and I'm all-in.

I'm talking about getting a GF bro. I'm not rich but I make decent money. I'm good-looking, I lift and I eat healthy. I'm a good person and I try to help others as much as I can.

Can't talk to grils tho.

Sometimes all you can do is wait. 2 of the most promising girlfriends I had came into my life right at the moment that I decided to fucking give up on looking

>browse pol everyday
>havent witnessed that glorious vid
pajeets out now, fuck off normies were full

you don't have tubes, you have a vas deferens

It won't complain if you go in too far or yelp in pain if you squeeze that titty too hard
Not that I like doing those things but just saying it's not realistic enough yet

Nice video, thanks for this user.

Although Nazism and Islam had a lot in common.

I'm not even ripped, but after starting to lift I've had sex with multiple girls (including one gf, and one that might be my gf in the future)

how badly can you fuck this up? My body looks like shit, but it looks like "plays baskeball on the weekends" shit, not "plays games all day" shit

if you're actually ripped and you can't get a girl you're actually autistic

try a dating site or something, jfc

so you're a pauper, wp, keep protecting that fortune brother
one thing you never considered: the possibility of not getting divorced

Why, literally just talk to them. What are they gonna do? Eat you? Next time you see a girl looking at you a lot, (she's trying to catch your eyes, stupid), just smile and walk over and be playful and tell her you've started noticing her a lot more and wanted to know her name. Are you ever happy with yourself about anything? All it takes is a confident "who gives a fuck about anything" demeanor. She doesn't know what to say any more than you do anyway. Why do people mentally cock block themselves when they don't actually want to.

>came into my life right at the moment that I decided to fucking give up on looking
That is directly related to the jaded, stop-giving-a-fuck attitude

Form permanent contracts with live in maids-prostitutes. Pay them to have abortions, pay them to bring genetically engineered children to term, etc. Modern women do not deserve marriage. They know it and will not respect you if you try to flatter them with marriage.

>a great girlfriend, sexy as hell with a nice big fucking ass and tits. Way hotter than I could ever imagine. Then she started driving me legitimately suicidal with her incessant nagging and psychological manipulation whenever she got jealous
>a great girlfriend
try getting one that isn't dumb as a brick user

I am autistic, but I'm a good looking autist.

>Why do people mentally cock block themselves when they don't actually want to.


You don't even wanna know. I've been at parties where girls stare at my face for 30+ minutes non-stop and it makes me uncomfortable and I never do anything about it.

go on Tinder, if you're good-looking
message bitches, ask them to hang out
it could be anything, like hiking

then some of them will like you enough to like watch a movie at your place, at which point you can cuddle with them

once you get to that point, it's hard to fail, they either reject you or you have sex

Autism is not it, you know you're fucking up and you can see what's happening so you're able to distinguish social cues. You have an irrational fear of failure and rejection my dear user. This is why I said you should adopt a mindset of no longer giving a shit about the outcome in social settings, because you're already at the ATL, (getting nothing out of them and regretting it later), it's only up, up, up from down there with simple elimination of a self-inserted mental block.


>Can't talk to grils tho.

Don't believe this shit.

They are just people user. You can talk to people. Don't be so needy. Be direct, be casual.

Connect with your inner X chromosome (You definitely have one)

Whyyyyyyyyy do they go insane. Whyyyy. Its like there is a built in function that activates over time to slowly make both your lives miserable. Ive tried different things but nothing ends up working. I cant go without the love so I will just keep trying until it sticks but ffs. At what psychological cost..

It provides an evolutionary advantage. They're trying to scare the guy into not cheating on her or abandoning her (with regards to providing subsistence resources and protection) so that her children have a higher chance of surviving. It doesn't seem that way because it happens even when you two don't have children, but that's because the evolutionary mechanism was heuristically generated and back in the early days women ALWAYS had children because abstinence from sex wasn't really a thing, so they evolved these traits just as innate parts of their being instead of conditionally on whether or not they have children

Sometimes I want to feel bad for them and say "Damn, it must have really sucked to evolve in such a deformed psychological way" and pity them, but at the same time I can't allow myself to pity them because, although these mechanisms are not inherently malicious, they can turn inadvertently malicious when they take over too strongly to the point of disregarding the wellbeing of their partner

Just talking out of my ass. I've thought about this so many times, so many countless miserable nights when she was asleep and I was alone.

What is the issue? What am I doing wrong? Is this what the men of ancient Greece also experienced or is this a new social phenomenon fueled by current social structures? I don't know user but I can tell you it almost got to the point of being a philosophical problem for me rather than a practical relationship problem for me, and that's when I had a mental breakdown and had to start going to therapy because I literally could not handle her manipulation and jealousy-inducing mean tactics - her trying to make me think she cheated, her cheating, all of this. I couldn't do it.

It reinforces the old mythical tropes of women being beautiful faeries and sprites, but simultaneously having an evil side. I don't doubt that the ancients had deep insights into female nature

You don't even have to be jacked or manipulative to catch women. Unless it's someone I know, like a friend's gf, I talk to women like I'm better than them and half of them want to fuck, and I'm not even remotely good looking.
When you inevitably get dumped hard for the first time, you become jaded enough to where you don't give a shit about women. When you stop giving a shit about women, that's when they want you. It's fucking retarded.
I'm just waiting for AI and androids and VR to make some more advancements and I'll ditch women completely. At least then I can talk to the women I do care about as if they're real people, rather than just an opportunity for me to make fun of someone and potentially get laid.

Also, fuck marriage. It's a practice literally stolen by a religion and used to fuel the jewelry industry and sacrifice their money for someone else. If you do get married, get a prenup. If she doesn't want a prenup, tell her to fuck off. I don't care how 'in love' you think you are, there's a reason women have backup plans all the time - they know they can jump ship and guarantee their own survival, even if it comes at the cost of yours. Do not put yourself on the same level as someone who inherently plays life on easy mode. They need to prove that they're the perfect one for you, not vice versa like men are encouraged by the media.

making men sacrifice their money*

ITT: Red pill virgin cucks

>tfw snagged myself a qtie freshman in CS

>she is like one of top 5% students

>extremely submissive and nerdy

I am in CS too but I bet she is gonna make more money than me cuz she is smart af and thanks god she aint bitchy, she literally loves me and I cant believe it lmao women are meme.

This is specifically why I went for a traditional asian girl. Plus they are just more pleasant to be around.


Enjoy having her siphon half your money when she jumps ship to chad. What's that, you have a prenup? Well, then she doesn't think you're truly in love with her - and if she does it'll eventually gnaw at her until she doesn't - and she'll find a way to leave you the instant she can for a better candidate.

Thanks for the thoughts user. I genuinely appreciate it. I have just had to end a relationship again because the maliciousness got out of hand.

I think part of what is the problem is that we have been raised to see them as equals, while they are truly a different sort of creature. We treat them as if they work as we do but they dont. I have begun to see them much more in the way we view dogs. Not in a demeaning way but in the sense that they directly react to stimuli and their environment. You cant be angry at a dog for something that happened 2 hours ago. It has to be right away or they dont understand. But having said that I still havent been able to prevent it over time.

Since modern philosophy is so corrupted by political correctness. Maybe it is a good idea to go back to the ancients for wisdom. In a time where men were still dominant. How did they handle it.

I feel your struggle user. I legitimately have begun to ask myself if suffering this kind of abuse is just what it takes to have a long term relationship. I want to build a family so at some point this will have to work

I had many girlfriends from my teenage to early 20 years but then became kind of "busy" with university and had to move often, so I just had a couple of short term relationships and random hook-ups with girls I know over the time, still kinda the guy who prefers long-term relationships over random one night stands. Also have many female friends, so the things I say are not coming from a delusional virgin. My experience is, that women just don't ever get comfortable with themself. It's like society tells them everytime, that their self-worth is dependent on others. Also many (mostly good-looking) but really any kind of not completely ugly women are growing up receiving a buttload of attention, from every possible male being. They get used to the attention and never really have to develop hobbies or an interesting personality, because everything they do receives attention from most of the guys they are attracted to and also nobody adresses this bullshit issue and they just keep going become more and more crazier and unbearable to any guy, who did not receive this shitload of attention while growing up and instead invested time in himself, growing and developing a (hopefully) well rounded personality, so he can get along with himself alone, without constantly craving validation by others.

Women, can't live without them, can't live with them.

Anti-thot death squads when?

Prenups, though.