Should I invest in COSS?

It was mentioned here few times. What are you thoughts now?

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it seems to have reached a stable point for now
which is more than you can say for most coins in this market

Yes, you should, IMO.

It's been FUD'ed pretty hard but that seems to be dying down, so I just bought back in an hour ago

it's at the bottom, it won't go below 1.50 ever again.

plus on tuesday we'll get the dividends (last week i got 6.80$, this week we had at least 2x volume if not more) and that should generate more FOMO.

1 week max and it's back to 2.50

Hope so user. I bought high yesterday but refuse to become a meme and sell low. These bags are heavy now

i bought on the first ath in mid october and i held until now.

i'm still 10x, but coss wil do at least 10x more during this year, probably more.

coss without a doubt

same I bought in at 2.02 and then doubled down at's first pnd

>It won't go below 1.50 ever again

And if it does you'll never know!

its a good entry and still undervalued, atleast a medium term hold though

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Is this a dead cat bounce that we're seeing or a rise to $2.50?

Need to know right now, really wanna to get my hands on this stuff.

Don’t hesitate user, or you’ll be left behind

it's literally 2 frames, how would you tell?

bought 12.5k over the past days. I dont think you are going to get a much better price. And in the end it doesnt matter if you paid 1.5 or 2 when it hits $10

Any catalyst other than a dip recovery that will offer me some green?

New engine due end of Q1 right?

Still very slow

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Right now to look forwards to this quarter:

-First inhouse developer starting this week, second following the next
-Start of trading promotions, Gatcoin listing and promo next week
-Fiat regulations and implementation Q1
-New engine end of Q1 with a marketing push after