Have $5k invested

>have $5k invested
>thought of cashing out several times
>have no idea how to actually cash out
>read about huge coinbase withdrawal fees
>cant cash out more than $2k on kraken
>i guess i'll just keep it then
>everyday I'm hodl'ing

How much are coinbase fees for whitdrawing fiat?

There are tons of Bitcoin and Litecoin ATM's

just sell to normies for cash


Pick one

how does it feel making a thread that's literal bullshit?

The withdrawal fees are tax deductible you idiot

just do what feels right in your heart

coinbase is a pretty cool guy, he can have some fees :)

Use Gemini?

try to find an online course on how to use meme arrows first

I paid $0 in withdrawal fees on GDAX....

Spend your crypto on pot like a regular person lol

I think its 4%

I don't get how people are turning their gains into usable money either. Seems sketchy as fuck to try to withdraw to a bank, haven't tried yet.

Literally 15c for SEPA.
I don't even see the 4% fee in their disclosure page. Do you live on the moon maybe?

Shhhh don’t tell them

Use bitflur.com fag

Has anyone here used bitstamp to withdraw?

For europeans the best choice is BitStamp.
I think its the best site for euro Veeky Forums

I invested $1650 which was .16BTC at its peak and is now .06BTC. I'm feeling good about life. Call it coping but fuck that. I can leave my job because I know I'm a made fucking man

You're either in it, right here and now, or you're wondering what all these numbers and acronyms mean.

My buys were questionable, but my sells were true, and I'm still all in. God help you if you sold

>I know I'm a stupid fucking tripfag and poor


I'm rich as fuck because all I need is a tarp and some toilet paper and I'll live larger than any fudder

my next paycheck goes into BTC or ETH and I'll be laughing from the moon in 2019

Just buy gold with it instead and have a real currency instead of government play money that they’re spending into worthlessness.

>paying taxes
you dumb?

Why get into crypto if you didn't figure out how to cash out to begin with.

Most need your ID and proof of residence which normally before nov/december last year takes less than a week.

and make it a seperate bank account from your real savings and checking used to pay off credit/loans etc..bills