Everything's crashing why aren't you guys freaking out?

Everything's crashing why aren't you guys freaking out?

Most anons killed themselves yesterday, the board has returned to discussing stocks & bonds as well as interview techniques

because im not new like you bud

Most likely imagine the linkies who bought at 1.20 hahahhahaha

bought xmr at 2 20 and 50
comfy af

I am here just to see the bloodbath.

Because wallstreet is shorting like crazy and are getting ready to pump it back to normal. They are making a killing.

Why do you want them to win?

because im not a newfag who just started investing last Thursday.

>not buying on the dip

who /shorting/

the worst is over faggot. don't get your panties in a bunch

Because markets crash, then they rise, then they crash, then they rise.

Cause when things crash I just buy more.

prey animals become calm just before the eventual kill

Why should I shit myself?
This correction is just another opportunity to increase stacks

Because this has happened before and the ones posting pink wojacks / freaking out are weak handed noobs.

Because after your mother makes you spend the first six years of your life in a dog crate this kind of financial upheaval is simply ho-hum.

>All the impulse buyers being flushed

It's simple. this crash doesn't matter to most of us. If I've been in a coin since 10 cents and it rises to 40 dollars and crashes to 20 dollars I'm still up a ton. I've cashed out my initial investment many times over.

I cashed out initial investment so I don't care about what happens next.

I've become so numb