LINK /recovery/ thread, get the FUCK in here marines. Picked up at extra 8K this dip

LINK /recovery/ thread, get the FUCK in here marines. Picked up at extra 8K this dip.

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Sitting on 10.6k now. Where do you guys hodl your link? I like metamask, but can I keep my link in that wallet? Binance is not a fun place to hodl tokens.

>held the whole time

did I fuck up? im just a fucking corporal but I act like a grunt

get a hardware wallet, link marine. our links are far too valuable for anything less.

use MEW with metamask

>investing in a json parser with 0 marketing 0 development and that 4 people own 90% of

Enjoy stinkies.

Nothing wrong with simply holding.

If possible deploy fresh fiat on dips like these

what do u hold urs in

Jason Parser is a good coin though.

we will don't you worry your ass

I'm here give me the rundown. are we in space yet?

This meme is getting old

I just hodled. Is it over? Did the jews get everything they wanted?

Rory is trying his hardest to conceal Jason Parser please stop spreading his name around.

you're right, thanks brother

trezor, it works with

Finally broke 10K. I'm glad that when I make it you'll be with me.

>tfw 1.5k linklet

Almost reached 2k, but okex cucked me with low volume.

I’m literally lmaoing my ass off at the stupid fuckers who sold during the dip.

1.5k linklet reporting in

bought 125 linkies at the dip :D

diamond hands

What leaked documents was assblaster talking about in this post?

We be rolling now boys
Assblaster was correct

That's fucking gold that rory knows about our memes.

>tfw you have already gone all in so you can't buy the dip
It really feels bad knowing you are missing out on literally free money.

Can somebody please give me a quick rundown on this guy? I've read all the threads and always see you sucking his dick. I still don't get it.

I've got 1.7 ETH as my play money to grow my LINK stack. Let's talk short term investments boys, what's good?

Can somebody post the high res, HD version of ChainLink logo? I need it

He’s like the Zezima of linkies


In this bear market, the only people making money are the members of this group. Join now.,-

discord dot gg/6ddqFHd

here you go user

Comfy on 25k rn. Love u anons

He's a bullshit larpers and deluded bagholders will believe anything if it makes them feel less like losers
Just search the archive for "signal capital", idk why people still give him sttwntion

I feel like you guys are jumping the gun a bit, bitcoins barely recovered.

Unironically a sign to drop. We are on a really bad trend.

Pupper is strong link supporter.

>tfw only 450 link
Will I make it fellas?

I don't understand why anyone in LINK cares about dips like these anyway. If LINK is a longterm investment then all that matters is your stack of coins right now, not their market worth. That comes later.

>bought at $0.69
>drops to $0.50
oh well, at least I'm not a nolink anymore

Some plz post the Link-SS-Ranks

you will make it user. ~1.5 year.

Well the dips define the efficiency of how you build your stacks.

You aren't hopeless.

I'll take your word for it, thanks


Fuck Jews, thanks ASSBLASTER.

I haven't even reached 1k. I bought the last dip but for me it wasn't low enough for me to throw my 1k$ worth of bitcoin at LINK. My aim was to accumulate 10k LINK at once. Seems like I have to fight my way through to 10k step by step.

oh, look we have mr sceptical over here!
and fyi signal capital didn't have anything to do with AB
stay butthurt, kek

Stop being poor

Dont worry user you can do it!

i bought at exactly the same price then the dip.
Could have upped my stack more but nevertheless this dip was a welcomed opportunity

I work on it.

download MEW, save it to a USB and use it offline. Just as safe as a ledger/trezor.

>mfw I was planning to buy link last week but waited until this week and the dip happens

I still can't get much but at least I will get double

it's jason dingus

no it's brandon mungus

Have no fear user, I will show you da wae.
Transfer 100% to TurtleCOin

60k stinky linky reporting in, feeling so kampfy rn

brandon eich? wrong coin

Bought 777 link on the dip with ethereum I made on ethercraft. Only have 19k total though :/

Sure, I'm just saying that hodling through a big dip like we saw this month shouldn't worry you at all. In the long term, too, it's every easy to capitalize off these dips because you have much more time to bank on a resurgence in the price. I guess you can fuck up day trading, but that sounds like a personal problem.

guys im new to eth. i dwnlded ethereum wallet, if i make a wallet without being syncd and send my links there will they be safe?

dont worry newfag. i once also held my ethereum in a wallet

36k here.

Handle is still on point.

If it breaks the upper resistance of the channel we are going to the stratosphere

use a hoardware wallet
like ledger but dont buy it off a shady dealer (such as non amaz0n)

u suggesting trezor or nano ledger? i need to get this shit off binance and store it safely

goodnight Veeky Forums
Hoping to wake up to a 5-10% rise.
Probably will be either 1% rise or -2%


>with metamask

just use jaxx dude. its probably more safe on jaxx than on a physical wallet

People are far less likely to give free advice to someone who can't even show the basic civility of typing the word (you" correctly.

Why does your Binance look so different from mine?

>more safe on jaxx than on a physical wallet
poorfag delusion. Hardware wallet> Paper wallet > Exchanges > Software wallets

I only had enough to buy 250.
When can I make it? Do I sell to get into an ICO and make gains so I can buy more LINK later?


sergey is a fat russian scammer

please excuse my poor typing kind sir. just looking for some bizdom.

fuck no. hold on to those linkies like you were born in jerusalem. get a job to buy more if you have to.

You just proved my point.
No problem brother. Ledger very good

I have 12.5k link roast me

i didnt buy the dip? will i make it with 23k?

Jason Parcel? He’s Rory’s dad. He’s got a problem with Sergey because when Rory and Sergey were friends when they were younger, Sergey used to raid the cupboards and eat everything in the house. It cost Jason Parcel a lot of money to replace all the food Sergey used to eat. The final straw was when Sergey was staying at Rory’s one night and stole his car when they were 15 to sneak out to a McDonald’s drivethru. Rory’s dad Jason thinks Sergey is a bad influence on his son and does anything he can to stop them being friends or working together. Why do you think we haven’t heard from Sergey in so long? Jason Parcels has been staying with Rory and Sergey has been in hiding shitting his pants.

checks out

final question my friend. new ledger from official site not available till march. is it safe to buy anywhere else?

I was looking at the exchanges link is listed on compared to some of it's peers and link really is listed on less and smaller exchanges. Quantstamp and req are often spoken of simultaneously, yet they both are on and do significant amount of volume on Kucoin and Huoboi, in addition to binance obviously. Kucoin twitter shills have even started tweeting with the link hashtag yet it's not listed. Literally over 98% of links volume is on Binance. It really makes you think...

it's just an extra layer of protection
4-6 weeks here. Buy 8 salt plus enough for the transfer fee on Binance while salt is cheap and get it here. It says 7 but you need to be a member which costs one salt also.

Can I send link from binance to a trezor?
I'm a noob

Binance was considered a scam exchange when I first started using it. A lot of people here signed up to Binance just to buy link.

exactly this is the only reason i have a binance account

How do I send Link from an exchange to MEW? Is the wallet address on MEW the same for all ERC20 Tokens?

You can send any ERC-20 token to an Ethereum address. So yes.

thx senpai
How does MEW keep track of how much I have of different ERC-20 tokens if it's all the same wallet address? Brainlet here

Bro that shit had been on tv for a hot minute

>Binance was considered a scam exchange
For what reasons?

it mostly only had shit coins/tokens and very little volume

Just had a payment come in. Currently holding 7k link (Bought at almost ATH). Should I buy some more now at this incredible dip and bring that stack up to 10k?

the hoardware wallets simply store the private key in a way that it is never exposed to the hardware you plug it into (it signs the transactions with the private key inside the trezor/ledger)
You first generate your key pair when you set it up. After you backup for key pair(s), then you send the LINK to your ETH address (the public key). LINK is an ERC-20 token so it can be stored at the ETH address (which is supported by the wallets).
You can bookmark your address page on etherscan to check in on it periodically just to be sure the tokens are still there. Make sure you have multiple copies of your backup seed hidden in places/ways only you know so that if your wallet goes missing, you can use a new one to recover your private key(s).

Me three, Okex is really the only other non decentralized exchange for link that does any volume whatsoever and they're another hong kong exchange that probably doesn't give a fuck about sergey's wishes either. And I highly doubt link couldn't get listed on kucoin unless there were some sort of external factor; they're in that shill everywhere do anything phase.

Guys, what is your prediction of link in December this year? Is there any info what they will be doing or announcing?