Thank you, Veeky Forums

>be me
>between scholarships, my businesses, and crypto, I'm still debt free after two semesters
>I've put enough away to pay tuition for the next four years
>put down payment on a small house near campus, three other roommates are paying the mortgage and utilities for me essentially
>running several online businesses
>motivation from financial success actually has me in the gym, and ive lost a shit ton of weight
>meanwhile everyone around me is in debt, hating life, always poor, and getting really, really stupid degrees

anyone else unironically /making it/? How are you doing outside of crypto, Veeky Forums?

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nice blog

Your affirmative action bux just make you a taker not a maker.

>affirmative action bux
oh I get Veterans Benefits bux, not nigger bux

basically in the US if your stepdad gets his foot blown off in iraq, your college is covered

ok congrats on this then, seriously.

it's not much though, most of it is still mine to cover. My parents didn't like hang me out to dry, but the idea is if I am doing well enough to pay for my university that should be my first priority, and they can save benefits for my sister and stepbrother.

lemondade stands are holding up user? Lol

Good for you user
Happy someone is living the dream.

Nice larp OP, fucking kys

>tfw live in a country with free university
lol at paying for education.


>living in a communist shithole

I bet you pay 50% capital gains tax at the least

What businesses do you run OP?

where did this meme come from? I run a bunch of shopify stores and subscription sites.
>what are taxes
nothing is free user.

>tai-lopez-esque website targeted towards high schoolers/college kids like me, built to teach people how to start businesses for cheap; each course either costs $15 or you can get a $35 monthly subscription.
>I have a website that offers free graphics templates for churches, all they need to download is an email. I can then periodically sell the email list, and populate the sites with ads.

>My REAL job is website design and social media management, but for social media management I just schedule 10 tweets and facebook/instagram posts a week and still get paid $500 a month per client. Also charge $750 per site. Buy the wordpress theme for $60, take the rest home.

I'm also working on an iOS app branded as a "cryptocurrency toolkit," has tickers, profit calculators, portfolio, and a forum, not out yet but I'm working on it as we speak.

I was thinking about opening a shopify store last year, do you drop ship cheap shit from aliexpress or something else?

also a shopify store that sells esports jerseys. we're in the process of getting bought out tho so that's winding down

I left my work as engineer, I don't give a fuck about engineering now.
I'm doing what I want, when I want, I'm comfy and happy, even if I didn't hit 100k at this moment.

seeMy friend and I run said site; his parents have an industrial printer for shirts and such and they rent it to us to run merch lines for the teams we sponsor.

i actually get paid 700 euros a month just to go to uni and fuck paying gains tax, we dont have an IRS equivalent here, never paid a penny..

pretty much same story here, especially how the motivation from financial success extends into other parts of life. Also got in much better shape this year (keto diet + 5 days per week in gym), I've been more social, more confident with women - was actually the first time in my life where I've gone on dates with 3 different women in 3 consecutive weekends.

Also paid for a small but new condo overlooking the city, great view, private design, really can't be happier right now. Crypto's going amazing well, job is going well, sex life going well, happiness at like 8-9/10 right now.

France or Sweden I bet.

>subscription sites
I need my lemondade at 8am user, please. AHAHAH

See that's where I fall short. I'm honestly not sure how, but despite all of my success I still can't even get a text back

Everything has a price, amigo.

fucking saved.

wrong, Austria.

>in debt, hating life, always poor, and getting really, really stupid degrees
that's me

user why

you can change this

>be me
>Full ride so no debt
>Live 20 minutes away from my uni, just live with parents and commute to avoid paying for room and board
>Stay on parents auto insurance and use their cars if I can (tfw no need for cars)
>Paid internship in software development over $20/hr
>Deal with cryptokikery as a hobby and make a few hundred bucks here and there, only dealing with maybe 0.35btc worth of stuff
>tfw not enough time for a business
>tfw moderately successful

I feel like everything sort of comes together at once.

It sounds cheesy/cliche but just try being the best you can be. Work out, eat healthy, chase goals, stay motivated to improve. All of it turns you into a more confident person especially when you experience minor success in any category, it cascades into the other categories.

If you approach women or message them online, and they tell you to get lost or don't reply, it's whatever, on to the next, don't take it personally, stay positive, move forward, and good things will happen. ?

we're doing it user! that said, you're absolutely right about not needing a car but cars are kind of my one hobby outside of business - so I spend a lot of my extra income on mine.

picrel is my baby. 04 996 turbo.

i dont get it

>live in socialist shithole
>pay 40% income tax, 50% capital gains tax, perhaps equally ridiculous sales tax to support this and other retarded (((social programs)))
>Much of this goes to teaching niggers to read at the shitty state-funded universities
>Still boast about not having to pay for college