Reddit has better investment advice than Veeky Forums

>go on reddit subreddit for general cryptocurrency discussion
>get well researched, well-thought-out opinions on which cryptos have long term potential with supporting evidence and sources to verify
>go on Veeky Forums
>get shilling for literal garbage coins with non tech, bag holding support group circlejerks about DBC and other garbage and endless streams of pajeets
Why is reddit so much better than Veeky Forums?

If I had listened to reddit instead of Veeky Forums, I would've got in on RaiBlocks at $0.10

Why are you still here?

>he comes to Veeky Forums for advice

this board is just for memes, 99% of it is trash

Because I just want newfags to know this place is the last place you should listen to and the superiority complex this place has over reddit is misplaced.

>Reddit and discord communities for actual discussion
>Veeky Forums for memes

Dumb shits actually get business advice from Veeky Forums

me included until I learnt to find info myself

Reddits your mom

Biz is your dad

One advises you to be nice and sweet to girls, watches her money when grocery shopping etc.

The other buys a motorbike having never ridden before breaks his leg in an accident, gets mad insurance money and puts his feet up for 6 weeks whilst mom waits on hand & foot

Who you gonna be?

Veeky Forums has been absolute garbage for years, I only come for a few threads on Veeky Forums. Chanology, gamergate, and the 2016 election killed Veeky Forums and raped it's corpse

You're not supposed to "listen" to Veeky Forums.

90% of Veeky Forums is shit
10% of Veeky Forums is diamonds

find the diamonds

>Do always the opposite of what Veeky Forums says.

Learn this and you're ready to buy high and sell low.

>buying coins because someone told you to
You're a fucking retard and deserve to lose everything if you aren't doing research on coins before investing in them

Moon missions will ALWAYS start on biz first. So much faster. But sooooo much more noise. If you’re not retarded.

>he researches coins
>doesnt just buy the ones with the best logo/name

No shit retard, reddit at least points you towards the research and filters the noise for you

99% of Veeky Forums is just "BUY NOW OR CRY LATER XDDD"

>go to reddit
>they tell me to buy APPC
>immediate -35%

great advice





reddit is where you go if you want to get a pat on the back and get some positive feedback about the market.
Veeky Forums is where you go if you want someone to criticize your portfolio and hear the negatives on something.

crypto is completely mathematical, reddit is delude thinking research matters meanwhile biz just enjoys the ride because crypto is the singularity

You're right, OP.

I just come here for wojacks and memes when I need a laugh or need some company in misery if the market is crashing. I'd never buy any of the shit these pajeets shill here every day

if you'd actually make an effort to learn how to navigate Veeky Forums, you'd find that it's in fact superior, faggot.

>Who you gonna be?

I pick mom

pol retards and normies ruined this board. It was actually filled with decent advice and conversation, now every other post is somehow praising hitler and advocating gassing everyone who isn't pure german, completely derailing threads from crypto/business topics. I go on reddit cause they have some good communities and good advice, depending on the community. poltards also just generally have low iq and a collectivist attitude, which doesn't fit in here

Reddit has stable decent advice all around. Biz has 80% shitposts but also 20% extremely useful info. Just have to be able to discern the two, which can be hard.

>Go to reddit
>First thread is a link to a suicide hotline
Wow you're right OP they're ahead of the curve as far as cryptos concerned

Then I'll screw around while dad is bedridden and diverce him for his crypto gains.

not gonna find niggercoin on reddit

What subreddits to follow besides /r/cryptocurrency?

When talking about shitcoins, this and lifespan is literally the most important factor.

>if you aren't doing research on coins before investing in them
Oh like 99% of this board for the past year? Face it even a complete retard could make shitloads with those bull runs no matter what they did. I love when people confuse luck with skill.

Will mom give me a handy if I buy BitconnectX?

True this place is shit. I own omg cuz it was shilled all over this board 3 months ago. Only have 2x

Veeky Forums is 90% garbage but new information almost always gets posted here first. It also has better humor and less censorship.

>Listening to the internet about how to invest your money.
Go read a book and get a newspaper subscription.

Veeky Forums is actually garbage. Its just a place were mongaloids go to fling shit at each other. Redd.t actually has better and more intelligent conversations but its taboo to say that here because the retards here think they are "Peak autism"

Reddit will be supportive and link you to suicide hotlines when things look grim

Veeky Forums will tell you to do a flip

Gotta balance the yin and the yang to achieve success my friend

>Veeky Forums
>Smart people acting like retards
true 10 years ago, not now

bamboozled my friend

would you mind if I asked you to join our secret santa?

I hope I didn't bother you, going back to watching R&M


Why do you think anyone comes on this Mexican One Piece Manga forum?

>bag holding support group circlejerks about DBC and other garbage and endless streams of pajeets


Veeky Forums is like a matrix of autists. You plug in and you get a feel of what is going on.

99% of the posts and the words on the screen do not have much value in themselves and can be found in a nicer format elsewhere.

When you put it all together the pieces begin to fit.

This. Veeky Forums is a wild west board for a wild west market. You should always be reading white papers, listening to conference talks, and looking up the applications of technologies utilized by coins, and how they may be poised to shake up certain sectors.

because it has moderation

navigating 97% through shit to get a few gems

Meanwhile, there are entire subreddits dedicated to BIIIIICONNNNECCCCC and Tron. What's your point?

>*breathes in*


the point is, that on reddit each community is separate. So yes there are retarded communities, but there are also intelligent ones that give out good advice.

Biz doesn't have these separations, it's a melting pot per se, every coin holder, fudder, shill, pajeet, chink, so on, are all thrown into the same mix. This results in a lot of infighting and shitposting, but can also result in some amazing collabaration and information at times.

Both are useful in their own way.

you just dont get the jokes anymore user, you just need to sift through a few extra layers of irony now.

Redd.t Vs Veeky Forums
This place is worse than pajeet tier
Literal fucking mongaloids on this place that talk about how big their penis is while people on redd.t actually talk about intelligent things. Then people here go
>hurdurdur we iz smurt
This place is one giant meme thats it.

dont forget to include checking what the team looks like

There's a subreddit for everything you fucking moron.



I only browse Veeky Forums and and up 20x

Spot the diamonds and this place is golden

the way of Veeky Forums since day 1

Fuck off you filthy kike

OP , do you mean /r/CryptoCurrency/ and then daily_general_discussion?

thank you for proving my point. This is why no government, media station, or reputable business supports the autistic views of you and your "friends"


>Irony is lost upon you.
>Points you to research
The fact you can't find these coins without being spoon fed info means you're not going to make it.

balance the two. i would have got xrb at same price if i listened to reddit but i got zclassic and prl because of biz

I come here for the memes and to see the general market sentiment. I can trade for myself.


Go all in on Neo, we need more Gas to start the racewar

Nice reading comprehension
Reddit is the worst place for crypto.
>Its slow.
They don't react to the market as fast. Even Twitter is faster. They label negative but true facts as FUD, and exaggerate small positive things, like somebody buying a fucking Nintendo with LTC, wtf
>It's censored
Only the good stuff is cherry picked. Go to the Verge subreddit for example. You will see a bunch of retards supporting each other and telling themselves everything would be okay. When I let slip that I hold $XVG here on Veeky Forums I derailed a thread and got about 15 (Yous) with smug anime pics. I researched sunerok and I've never felt so retarded. I then got banned for asking controversial questions on the sub. I immediately sold all my XVG at 30 cents, I got in at 6. If it wasn't for biz, I would've held. Here different opinions and you judge the final answer by yourself and take responsibility for it. To be honest, I can sometimes fall for the high level shilling on Reddit but on Veeky Forums, you immediately know between a pajeet and a good project. Other notable examples are the BTC and bch subs
>Hidden gems
BTC during China FUD
ZCL at 10 dollars (thanks pajeet)
Even ETH I hear, but I wasn't here back then. If you went in on this, you would've 3000% +. This would've offset the cost of all the other failures. So in the end it's your choice, 5d shilling or brainlet 2d shilling
>Reddit spoon-feed
If someone is going through massive lengths to help you out, there is definitely something in it for him. Nothing is free in this world. Veeky Forums taught me this

Can confirm, got into XRB at $0.15 because of Reddit. Use all available sources for research dumbshits

XRB was a Veeky Forums shitcoin in July. I threw an ETH or two in it back then

The biggest problem with reddit, in general, is that each sub reddit is an echo chamber. None of the crypto ones like to hear bad shit about their chosen crypto. Well, the majority of subreddits.

The upvoting system amplifies this greatly

Yea the whole market crashing 50% in a day had nothing to do with that you absolute fucking retard.

Duly noted, cancer. Now go back.

>None of the crypto ones like to hear bad shit about their chosen crypto

This. It's the opposite of what you want to do reading in an environment like crypto. Veeky Forums is the raw output that is a much more accurate guide if you can get a sense for how to translate the noise.

quality diary entry

People on Veeky Forums talked about XRB at $0.10 and below too. There weren't tons of people posting about it, but it was there. Veeky Forums is harder to filter for good ideas these days, but still can be useful.

Read up on some signals based on technical analysis.

Technical analysis based on indicators gives buy and sell targets. You put an order around that and do whatever you want till its triggered.

Dont know anything about technical analysis and indicators? Join this discord where an pro stocktrader teaches over voicechat for free. Why am i shilling this? So i can get premium membership that gives me private teaching with the stocktrader. Don't believe me? Don't click the link.

This is no pump and dump or mutual funds group

> pic is of an older example of a signal given by the discord


>go on Veeky Forums
>look at which coins have cool logos
>look up the coin and see if the mainstream media has said anything about it
>put $1000 on it
>make 5x

>go on reddit
>a bunch of low-test faggots typing out word-salads with a bunch of technical gibberish garbage
>redditfags seriously researching a coin before putting $100 on it
>turn gayer just from surfing reddit

i smell your neckbeard from here user

Charlie supports us

Ooops, you listened to Veeky Forums again, user.




Cool fuck off then

Wait, you fuckers have just been posting advice ironically? Why didn't you tell me before I lost my life savings!?!?

Who are you quoting?

webm related

he sure looks like the average poltard too. congrats on the partnership.

Veeky Forums is the best. There were people here who got in on XRB at a couple satoshis, Oyster at 3 cents, and many coins you've never heard of on the ghetto exchanges. Everything gets posted here first, weeks before reddit discovers them, you just have to tune out the noise.

>raped it's corpse
Tbqh that sounds like something Veeky Forums would totally do.

>If someone is going through massive lengths to help you out, there is definitely something in it for him. Nothing is free in this world. Veeky Forums taught me this
You made me proud user.
Thanks for the effort post,you raised the quality.

2 monitors is essential. Then you can watch for the news on Veeky Forums while researching/watching markets on the other side.

What a cute boy