Singularity net

Are you on ben's moon rocket Veeky Forums?
Singularity net shits on dbc
See you all tomorrow

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Our robot has Saudi citizenship so we can tax the living shit out of it

And we can fuck it

Singularity net and dbc are doing separate things m8. I'm not buying your ico bags rn

Tell me when I can buy it

What's wrong not a acredited investor pajeet
Couldn't get into the Ico huh
Eth was 600 at the time of the ico I'm fucking fine I have been here since 60$ eth

Roughly 12 hours on tidex and a few others

What are the few others? Cryptopia? Pls,, sir

I'm just questioning why you would compare two coins that do different things and go "lol moon" with no other info right before it starts hitting exchanges, other than to pump and dump your ico bags for a quick flip and maybe to buy back in cheaper

will it be on ed

>he doesn't think the ai will pump it's own coin to singularity

Hell yeah. Holding for ten years then I will have my robo waifu AGI!

Fucking satanic Jew. Humanity really deserves extinction.


Implying I have done any research into your shit coin after looking at the state of the ico
And people can fucking use google I'm trying to put a little mystery in the air Sorry I tried to ask the tellagram group but there's too much going on and people are sick of repeting the exchanges

The Jews can not dig a hole deep enough to hide from the wrath of Yahweh god let them try


People dont understand that AI is going to be the biggest and most beneficial technology to mankind in the next ten years. You should all dump everything you have and invest it into AGI ASAP!

Yeah if I have to sign up for another exchange and wait for verification I probably won't get a good price. I might have to just wait until it finds the floor after trading opens. I was like a day late on the sale. I heard about this in an interview with Quinn Michaels.

People do understand that retard. You're not a fucking visionary with this statement.

>States the obvious

Turns out tidex is really easy to sign up for. Now do I have a withdrawal limit or what?

Maybe take a look into Bottos / $BTO, if you're interested in $NEO since their team shares some blood.

> ICO launched on January 1st, sells out within 48 hours.
> added to new exchanges regularly. currently on,, and
> Bittrex and/or Binance when?
> co-founder is the former Chief Marketing Officer of $NEO
> can easily absorb a slice of $DBC and SingularityNET's existing market share/momentum
> "If BTO gets up to the market cap DeepBrain Chain (DBC) reached at its height of nearly $600 million, thats a 9x return from today’s price." Robert Chen
> has only seen very early adoption in Asia so far, the west is yet to notice $BTO flying under the radar.
> Mr. Draper
> still trading less than 2x the ICO price
> March 2018, Bottos V2.0 launch and Mainnet


It is currently trading for $0.20 on Bibox, and frequently less.
> ATH: $0.47

The fact that nobody on biz is in this thread gives me hope that I won't miss out