Sell me this pen

Sell me this pen.

Post pen in pooper.

You can kill yourself with this pen. Aren't you sick of being a faggot?

if you don't want to buy the pen fuck off faggot

it has a built-in nano s

This pen is a legal requirement to live, if you fail to purchase a pen then you will be fined and given 48 hours to purchase a pen.

If you fail to make the purchase of a pen within that time, you will be summoned to court with a maximum penalty of up to 2 years imprisonment.

Failing to attend court will result in being arrested, the resistance to which will result in police to assume control of the situation by any means including excessive and likely lethal force.

buy this pen

It's a block chain pen, you can literally write a block chain with it

(((((Pay your taxes, Annon)))))

Why do we put up with this.


It's the next Bitcoin and Ethereum.

it's my pen. fuck you and get your own pen.


It solves the oracle problem

Mightier than the sword bro

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It's under a dollar while ButtPen is $10k. Will be 5k at least within a year, better buy it! It's backed by major financial institutions!

Montblanc's are made from plastic, the lowest of materials. They can call it precious resin all they like, it's still just a piece of polimer, which is horribly overpriced compared to production cost.

If you will be shopping for a luxury writing instrument a couple of years from now, look out for something revolutionary and truly innovative, OP. Because when I enter the industry, the elite fountain pen game will change on a fundamental level, and the big brands won't even know what hit them.

This pen is the building block to automate every aspect of your life

could you write down your eth adress on a napkin for me?

> Oh no, no no no. This is not a pen. This is a writing instrument used to scribe elaborate symbols that can be read and understood by other human beings. Just look at this slick design-- the ingenuity and engineering that went into it is unparalleled. Not to mention it can also be used as a dildo.


i am gonna hodl it.

It's annoying not having one when you need to write something down



With a little bit of math, you could theoretically mine bitcoin with just pen and paper.

Get in on the hottest investment opportunity of our time for 1/100000th the cost of an expensive mining rig.

great team



No ink the pajeet scammed u

>Team with combined 224000000000 years of experience.
>Active on all media.
>Used in all major financial institutions.
>Backed by the US government.
>Each pen is less than 20$, I managed to get in at 0.30c.
This will be huge in 2020. DYOR. Good pens shill themselves.

buy the dip

Write your name down on a napkin for me


This pen is backed up by USD.

For every pen you got we got one United states issued dollar bill. The currency globaly used for crude oil and gold pricing

We promise.

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years of hormones just so i can expand my pen shop

This pen is the only one in existence. It has a titanium casing with the nib made from 24 karat gold. The ink this pen takes is also one of kind. A manufacture from Italy only makes a single 65ml bottle every 10 years so has a distinct color, smell, and writing style that instantly lets your reader know you own this pen.

Price: $2.4MM

Give me the pen for a second.
Can you write my name on a piece of paper?Of course not!
That's why I will give it to you for a buck

Excellent whitepaper, has chinese backers, literally the future of handwriting.

if you put it in your poper i will give you 1 btc

sign me that piece of napkin


This pen repels all niggers and criminals with a special microchip. Truly state of the art

i'm sick of all these idiots who watch wolf of wallstreet and make "sell me this pen" threads thinking it's clever

i've seen at least 5 of these already

Funny how you are all unable to sell this pen.
Someone already posted a good answer I guess,here is an example:
Belfort, now a motivational speaker, has explained it himself. If you want to sell the pen, you ask the buyer questions. You ask him how long he's been looking for a pen, why he wants a pen, what owning a pen means to him. If a potential hire starts asking questions instead of looking for the pen's USPs, you can be sure she knows what she's doing.

It's not a new trick. The first sales speaker I ever saw was Zig Ziglar, and no one knew more about sales and success than he did. There's a story about Ziglar being interviewed by Johnny Carson:

Carson points at the ashtray on the desk and says: "They say you're the world's greatest salesman. So sell me this ashtray."

Ziglar thinks for a second and replies: "Before I can do that, I'd have to know why you want the ashtray."

Carson looks at the ashtray. "I guess it's well-made, it looks pretty nice, and it's a good ashtray."

"OK," says Ziglar, "but you'd have to tell me what you think it's worth to you."

"I don't know," says Carson. "I guess $20 would be about right."

Ziglar smiles. "Sold," he says.

It's funny because all sales boomers do this shit in an interview

hi how are you?
nice weather.
I have this pen, what do you think?
does it look great?
thank you babye
shake hands

No that's my pen and you're not allowed to buy it. Haha I can't believe you thought I'd sell this pen to someone like YOU! Only the most stylish people would spend the $500 on this status symbol.

Dear sirs don't forget to buy pen on YoInk really cheap sirs

Multiple independent third party reviews rate this pen 4.8 stars. Look, I don't like plugging products but this is a war folks and we fund ourselves selling quality products you and your family needs. Similar quality pens sell for twice this price. Uggghhh, these globalists are just so evil folks, and we need your help fighting them. Other pens may use inferior dyes that clog the pen, we send you a big bottle of top quality ink. Smoth capilliary action and high quality metal, made in America.

I hate it how people watch Wolf of Wall street and idealize the protagonist's lifestyle not realizing that the movie denounces the current financial system and takes the American Dream to its exaggerated, horrifying conclusion. The scenes of chaos in the office to the soundtrack of Smokestack Lightning is a debaucherous picture of hell but normies love it because haha they're tossing midgets!

This is Scarface all over again.

post timestamp

Why the fuck should I buy an mont blanc pen for over 1k dollar if I lose pen's all the time?


This pen has a confirmed working product and is dirt cheap, unlike 99.9% of crypto, you'd have to be an absolute idiot to pass this up.

>Mont Blanc

How about this, I don't want to sell you the pen.

You need to convince ME to sell it to you.

Actually made me consider why I haven't been spent money on a good pen. Well done user

>Sell me this pen.
This pen is a fine pen. A reliable pen. This pen will never let you down. The inkwell of this pen will never fail you. You need this pen for your writing endeavors.

That'll be 10,000,000 TRX user.
Hand it over.

*takes pen*

I won't give you the pen back.... but I will sell it to you...

This pen is better than every other pen
I'll sell it for less than every other pen
Buy sir

>Vitalik as an advisor
>Major exchange registrations coming
>Whales accumulating
>News on Jan. 31
You're an idiot if you don't buy PEN now.

Montblanc is overrated. Buy a cheaper one, and spend the rest in calligraphy courses, better ink and paper.

give me two

Can you make a paper wallet user? I'll give you 5 ETH to store it on for a friend, but... I don't have a pen tho... Can you get one?

Guys be careful this PEN is a scam. The developers just stopped posting on GIT.. Sell it now...or catch falling PEN's


it'll be up on Binance next week

Because this pen is worth $1k