If you're not buying Nuls right now, you're literally retarded

If you're not buying Nuls right now, you're literally retarded.

Low(ish) Mcap of 110mn
Yellow paper tomorrow (will specify how much is needed for a node)
Beaten Neo in competition

Get in the next Antshares/Neo before the normies.

fuck off

shill me op

Completely under the radar right now. Better version of Neo: easier customization and more functionality. Just doesn't have the publicity (yet).

Only 110mn mcap right now, Neo is currently at 9.3 billion. That's almost a 100x. Huge gain potential.

Yellow paper comes tomorrow which will outline how much is needed for a node. Everyone that needs more for a node will buy and the price will go up ofc.

>Better version of Neo: easier customization and more functionality.

can you pls give some kind of technical explanation that isn't mindless buzzwords?

WHY is it >better
WHAT makes it >easier
HOW is there >more functionality

I was in this at 50 cents,too expensive now,OP can fuck off.

If you want neo gains,buy INTchain.trustme

the only real competition here is Lamden. All the others mcaps dwarf Nuls

How is Nuls expensive? 110mn mcap is jackshit

Here you go

as above sorry replied to the wrong person

This is a better pic, was looking for this. Thanks, user.

That's okay, im so excited for the yellow paper was doing some numbers in my head.

If a node gives 20% reward and we consider a measly 1b market cap with 20k nuls thats 50k usd a year just for holding

fact: nuls is working together with bogdanoff, as stated in an actual deleted tweet of theirs

I made over 10k on that tweet not even mad lmao

remember that time their twitter got hacked here. Good times. Would not buy.

My shitcoin senses are tingling.
Tell me user is this gonna moon ?

Can someone explain why there are only Arab mods in the telegram? Kinda weird for a chink coin. Also, the yellow paper has been promised on so many occasions.

last time I checked Nuls is not in control twitter's security

Fud, has never been promised, hint I got it translated from Chinese to english

It's not fucking FUD they have even offered excuses for so many times already for not delivering the yellow paper at times given. Guess you only stepped into this coin just now

Any prediction on node cost (how many coins U ned)?
How intensive will the node be on CPU and Internet connection?

Need at least 2k to stake 20k to start a node 200k contributed to run the node. you can find this info in the telegram pinned post.

Keep this one on the low for now bro

invest boys, there is a rumour that they will be partnering with bogdanoff /s

Held this a few weeks back and made a nice 60%.
Might go back in for more if there's developments coming in.