7 days

>7 days

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Hey faggot, how about a hint?

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someone from another thread figured it out but i forgot what it was

countdown until the next futures contract expires?

Do you think the bears will go full force and short towards the end of the next contract?

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being able to cause a market panic by posting a drawing of a frog in a suit.

What did we do to deserve this timeline?


Is it an ICO, announcement from some crypto or something else? Can we have that atleast OP?


another round of futures faggots
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Some humanitarian shitty ico

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Seriously, that thing looks like straight garbage. Fuck off OP.

Screencapping your threads for when that shit coin goes to zero.

but it says 8 days on their site? how are you sure that's it?


ELI5 - what effect the futures will have on the market and why?




I'll save you fuckers the time.

CME futures are expiring on the 26th, if CBOE futures was anything to go by, we can expect another large coordinated dump, so avoid trading around that time, it will be heavily manipulated.

Also, OP may be talking about a Russian dump which will happen when Putin will announce regulations on Crypto, Putin will most likely announce the regulation on the 19th and the dump will commence.

There is also a 100b Chinese dump to happen sometime in mid February, honestly if you know what's good for you, you should be very careful in the upcoming months. Everything is being so heavily manipulated a long term bear market could be on the cards.

This user is right. It's a business suit frog after all.

Gordon Gekko no less

nice theory, just bought 100k

There'll be a CME contract in February too, right?

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