Veeky Forums doesn't realize a megawhale lost a shitload of money in one single 1d doji trying to force a crash along...

>Veeky Forums doesn't realize a megawhale lost a shitload of money in one single 1d doji trying to force a crash along with all the normies

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We know this already user. ((They)) don't care about losing fiat, they can print more; we can't. This is why you don't buy ((ripple)) and ((bancor)). With Jews, you lose.

I don't know exactly who it is, but I figured as such.
It seemed like some organization or small group of rich people sold low for some reason

Is there some way to find out who/where/when? Why can be extrapolated after answering those first 3.

wasn't a person, but a company, rather. it was a bank, rumor is jpmorgan but there's no evidence. reason was to make $$$ from futures

I am the humback faggot i short sold at 100x leverage taking in profits before I plunge again
read this faggots. it was a hedge fund trying to short btc to get a fat ass return on futures.
plus the winkelovess dared jp morgan to short btc after the futures launched at cboe. google it.
also charlie lee predicted this shit too after the crash in december

Explain in dumdum speak plz

Wall Street

Why does this information always come out after something bad happens? Why didn't we all collectively agree a week ago, that it will crash?

What is this board even good for, if I can't get even the most basic information about the incoming crash?

It could saved us so much money if we all agreed it was time to sell.

BTC couldn't even complete its yearly dump with the help of a fud storm, futures, heavy maniupation and panic selling n thanks to you fags buying the dip.

This will mean its going to go stagnant for a long time trying to burn through the leftovers of early investors and everything in that doji.

you could try, but 90% here are morons

if we got together we could all make a ton of money.

Because we aren't here to help you make money, we are here to discuss the market and things retard.

We are trying to participate in our hobby not feed your stupid ass handouts most of us don't share anything here until its too late because you guys ruined our board.

The same thing that happened with /pol/ happens with Veeky Forums. Bunch of paid shills spread misinformation and demotivation. I wonder when they start posting cuck porn. The party is not over, but dont trust any user who tells you buy or sell. Pro tip, filenames.

This is a paid shill. If we had flags you would see the leaf and could just ignore this defeatist fudster

Paid shill my ass, Im trying to post fun Veeky Forums TA memes and you fags come in here begging like a bunch of street shitters for free money and complaining

jesus christ autistmo. here's my reply from another thread about the same shit: you fags will never be happy. kys

See, paid defeatist shill. Post hand with time stamp holding your national currency leaf

You couldn't be more obvious share blue

>with jews you lose
>buy ripple

because biz is for memes not for real shit
if you are here for TA or advices you're doing it wrong

>we are here to discuss the market and things retard
That is literally what he is saying we do not do
>Why didn't we all collectively agree a week ago, that it will crash?
This was not widely discussed and it was very relevant to "market and things"

Gas kikes

sorry my kike globalist—turning the frogs gay—view is fisting your nationalism.
how's it feel to be the real cuck?
do you ever worry about the (((white race))) dying out?
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You morons still try the earth chan shit after some of you went to the bureau and revealing your intentions and who you are. David really cut the budget massively after oncle George lost billions. You bound to lose jew

I'm simply posting Earth-chan because I like it. I'm not worried about the .

Sure shill sure. Step up your game loser

I have no game to step up. I'm less than one sextillionth the mass of the Earth. Why are you replying to me? You wan sum fuk?

i did just that, now why the fuck would i tell anyone else?

obvious shareblue faggot is obvious

is share blue a part of the now?
are your tendies cold?

Veeky Forums is for hype