Coins with real use-cases

let's make a list

Sia: decentralized file storage

Monero: buying illegal/embarrassing shit, tax evasion, ..etc

Ripple: Faster and cheaper than Paypal. Distributed exchange. P2p lending. IOU/tokens.

Stellar: Fast and cheap. ICOs

Ethereum: smart contracts and ICOs

Ethereum Classic: immutable proof-of-work version of Ethereum + side chains coming soon
please don't list tokens unless they can be used now

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>only lists one coin with actual usage right now


BAT: u can give ur batcoins to your favorite youtuber and then they let u not watch ads

Powerledger: Selling energy while you are traveling/not using
Mysterium: Access the internet in a private and anonymous interface
Burst: same principle as Sia
Litecoin: Transfer between exchanges at a far lower cost


we're counting ICO's as a real use case now?

how desperate are we?


DNA: Global genomic data trading platform launches 30th Jan. Massive area of healthcare in the next 10 years, bigger datasets available through Encrypgen will accelerate research.


Trying to slip ETC in there. Lol no

>Litecoin: Transfer between exchanges at a far lower cost

I switched from LTC to XRP. Faster and practically free. Just test with small amount first, some exchanges have shitty implementation.

scamming people is still a use-case.


the rest does have a working product, but isn't actually being used.

I used to hate it but bought it yesterday for two reasons:

1- proof-of-stake, sharding, ..etc are too complex and less secure, some people will definitely switch to ETC for reliability

2- sidechains

bitcoin was supposed to get sidechains years ago, it will help with scaling

Ok what are some coins that have intrinsic value - that actually earn the value they hold? I can only really think of dividend and staking coins. Kcs, neo etc.

STEEM: Payout for curated content on Blogging platform is now rank 1,289 on Alexa.

>real world usage

FUN gambling transparency
VEN battles counterfeit consumer goods, improves supply chain
HST voting legitimation, reduce costs for voting
MOD medical supplies transportation
CVC legal identity

Your ignorance makes me more bullish on ETC, thanks.

As a genomics researcher - no. Just no. This coin is trash.
If you're interested in side chains, keep an eye on ECC. It's not finished but they aim to have multiple distributed network services (such as file storage, email, messaging etc) operating on side chains to minimise congestion. Also they will have Nicknames so you can use those instead of public keys.


Anywhere in his post did he use the word world?

That's not how it works but yes, BAT is a good one

XRP is fast and virtually free, but only after you've spent the first 20 tokens for the right to hold a wallet.

At present, that's ~$30, and at one time was almost $80.

FairX and XLM will be better for this purpose, if and when delivered.

You mean:

Monero: buying illegal/embarrassing shit, tax evasion, ..etc

Ripple: useless gimmick

Stellar: useless gimmick

Ethereum: slightly useful gimmick

Ethereum Classic: abandoned gimmick


Solves the biggest problem in torrenting right now by incentivizing people to seed obscure and rare torrents.

no, exchanges don't create a new wallet for you. they use the same wallet for everyone, they identify different transactions using "destination tag".

just transferred a huge amount today from Kraken to bittrex for 0.02 XRP (3 cents). I regret not learning about it earlier.


PRL. Unironically the only one you should be investing in rn and the one we are all gonna be using soon

The only reason I would use crypto is so the government can't grab my hard earned cash to give to abos

Unironically the only sensible solution to shit adds

>the monero example to (((trick)))
Nice try, Schlomo. Just because you shoe-horn a coin that biz loves, becuase it's a coin that encapsulates what crypto is supposed to be about, in there - It doesn't mean that I'm going to take your advice about your (((centralized))) bull shit. And nobody else should either. Also, you glow in the dark nigger. I know what coin has the zero day heartbleed.

Ethereum is good for you because Vitalik is actually a great person but you can remove him when necessray. No more (((games))).

also gives you pajeets a group where you can masturbate each other

XMR isnt being used. name one site that uses XMR

>coins with real use-cases

Very surprised no one ever mentions Burstcoin...

Can easily be sent anywhere in the world in minutes for almost non-existent fees and it's by far the 'greenist' of any crytpo barely using any electricity. $0.05 a coin too. Bargin

You should read the spero report for dna and compare the upcoming illumina plans. There is a real use case, not sure how you can think otherwise when so many serious genomics players are getting into this. I assume this isn't FUD though as the coin is too low key for FUD just yet

DENT: a few people own cell phones

powerledger platform doesnt launch until like 2019

xrp is not a crypto

if you think it's evil then you should kill yourself for using paypal, credit cards, banks, ..etc

some criminals and contraband dealers only accept XMR

ZRX (token): Possible for decentralized exchanges to make trading off-chain with an orderbook and pay fees with their token. It's deployed already by some dex's (called relayers by 0x). Also works as a governance token.


Its currently being used already in their trials over the past year. Check out WGV and techmahindra.

>conspiracy theories
This poster is a retard

Phore: Like Monero, except better.

Bitconnect - Solves the problem of overpopulation

VEN: supirier tracking prevent counterfate

TNB has launched their first opportunity to use the coin earlier in the day.

There’s an an app you can use right now to organise a date or some shit with a celebrity using the TNB coin.

Libertas, Zion

Ripple: worthless coin, owned by banks. only success is because its cheap

>xrp is not a crypto
No fucking shit it isn't nigger. It doesn't belong on the crypto market. It doesn't belong on any exchanges.
>Credit cards
Don't have.
I use a local credit union. Kill yourself.

>XLM made by the same guy who created Ripple and owned a percentage of Mt. Gox when they exit scammed.
>Literally had SJW bullshit on their website, although admittedly at least it wasn't IOTA 'refugee smart city' tier at least.
>Unironically used the phrase 'conspiracy theory'
I'm not even surprised they're paying you to shill biz now.

and Libertas accepts only XMR. Name one site that accepts any of your shitcoins exclusively.

It gets a lot of shit around here but I'm long XRP Ripple because it's the only coin I think is really doing shit out there that we use every day. I don't care what anybody says, you use USD every fucking day and you use cryptos literally NOWHERE! I'm not talking about investing in coins, I'm talking actually fucking spending coins on something! Nobody does. Bitcoin was created to replace the dollar but it's become the opposite.

BTC - low transaction capacity and high fees prevents manipulation via algo trading and high market cap prevents manipulation, easiest coin to cash out

Power Ledger, Horizon State and Modum

>long on a coin that will never be worth anything more than what it was two weeks ago
>r*ddit tier post that reads like this dumbass picked all of this up three weeks ago
How much they pay you, Shekelstein?

Fincoin whose extremely well funded and long-established, japanese government backed parent company aims to create more liquidity in crypto markets and use QASH as the token that facilitates backs it all.

I'm the only person who I ever see mention QASH on this board. DYOR and see if you don't agree with my assessment. The thing is a sleeping giant.

this. zrx is going to reach $50B+ mcap this year

ven, factom

Lol you just stay in your little meme-filled echo chamber circle jerk and I'll be out here in the real world making money while you chase pump n dump shitcoins like VEN!

Steemit I think will eventually fail, whoever pays the most gets the most money out of the site. Newer users get less and less trying to share the same amount of pool of rewards.

DRGN: Disney Etherum rip off, only platform that allows mart sharters to participate legally in ICOs so far, boomers will be all over this

XRB: No fees, unlimited scalability, no inflation because total supply is already in circulation,, instant transaction, 7000 fucking TPS, literally the perfect coin in every single way

BLT: risk assessment and credit scoring information stored on the blockchain

just no

Sorry nigger, you have to go back. Stay poor. I thought you would have learned your lesson the last time that smugness =/= intelligence. You're only making it easy for us, thanks!

Only Monero has real world use cases.

ETH is used too but for useless things so it doesn't really count.

All other coins are a joke at best.

algo trading is done on exchange

test enviroment only

no fees = no incentive to run nodes

vulnerable to 51%

Sia: LOL idiot
Monero: Its ok
Ripple: Gay as fuck
Stellar: Good one
Ethereum: Best one
Ethereum Classic: Nigger are you serious?

You actually only name shit that is already over 1b while there are so much better coins out there

XRB, exchange arbitrage coin. 0 fees instant. universal trading pair.

XRB/ Shtcoin

online vendors: p2p commerce e.g. Ebay,
p2p currency: Buying xbox on craigslist
Buying coffee at starbucks (without waiting 6 hours for confirmation like BTC)


Digibyte! Undervalued giant!

>algo trading is done off chain

Gemini and GDAX control most of BTC. whats your point man. they wont be sold anytime soon. those are exchange wallets

RLC: cloud computing
ICX: blockchain network
GVT: management market
ENG: private computations
0x: well its obv, right?
REQ: payment
NEBL: Blockchain Solutions for Business

No vaporwave shit, anything is solid and has a bright future. Fog computing will be the next big thing, therefore anyone should invest into RLC or SONM right now (pref RLC)

siacoin. but not shit


XRB is pretty solid with a working product, which 90% of coins don't have. add it to your list

>gemini a GDAX control most of BTC
>official representatives are exchange wallets
are you retarded or do you just pretend to be?

>Buying coffee at starbucks
>waiting 6 hours for confirmation
protip; credit cards payments also dont wait to be confirmed. business like starbucks just take the risk and assume the transaction goes through, even with credit cards
low fee payments are perfectly viable for business

it's dealt on 2 irrelevant exchanges, one of them being korean kucoin, second one being bitgrail with withdrawal problems..

UFR is an obvious choice - peer to peer file sharing build on a blockchain



Tripple nigger

you dumb fucking nigger, we are not talking ethics here we are talking money. Fuck off back to /pol/

>in a world where adblocker doesn't exist
i usually buy BAT Below .00055 eth and sell higher

It's kinda a serious project but it's also kinda ..just hoping ppl like giving away free money


idgaf you were shitting on them when they were cheap, you'll buy high.

DEX coins are were it's at now, but which ones? Haven't done my hw, which one user? I'llprolly buy some at random tonight,can't possibly go wrong the banscare willonly grow as crypto start becoming a real threat.

HA!!! you think the Jews are gonna give this away??? Are you fucking nuts???

Zrx might be one of the most undervalued coins out there at the moment

actually theres more than 2. mercatox, bitgrail, kucoin, coinfalcon, bitflip. i just named 5 you fucking idiot. get your facts fucking straight before you talk shit. also 2 more exchanges coming in 1-2 weeks : Raiexchange + Binance. Binance should pump up the volume 10x. out of the top 20 coins, XRB is the ONLY one that isn't listed on binance. this will make it skyrocket once the koreans and chinese find it


read my post above

yeah but as a small business, which one would you prefer, given the choice?

>yeah but as a small business, which one would you prefer, given the choice?

spend 5% in transaction fee for visa merchant fee or spend 0% on fees. their choice. but online commerce definitely should incorporate XRB. also did you even mention there's a thing called credit card fraud? using stolen credit cards? and chargebacks? no you didn't so STFU

I'm glad I could never be as dumb as you even if I took enough nitrous to the dome to kill a small child. You aren't even ethically wrong, which is hardly the least of my worries. Financially you are in the wrong as well. You're selling out the crypto market for a belly rub. Every btc/eth you buy and send to sell for ripple is btc/eth you will never see again because there is no fucking way the banks are going to give up the only two unique, decentralized currencies that control the entire market.

Crypto easily has a life-span or 4-5 years into the forseeable future but only two if you allow these insititutions to take root and control which projects live or die. Pro-tip: It will only be the ones sponsored by them to get more control. The massive gains will never be there. The innovation will cease to exist.
>Go back to pol
Biz is a fucking pol/fit crossover. How about you go back to r*ddit? Oh you won't? Why is that? Becuase you're a fucking loser who saw the winners over here on biz and got jealous? You wanted in on all the great advice and tips? You couldn't get that over there on r*ddit, where only jewish scams were manipulated to the front page for promotion?

You aren't even making money throwing it away for ripple which will never be more than $3.50 tops when that money could be better spent HODLing the only two worthwhile currencies in the market. It's pathetic what a weak, low IQ subhuman piece of shit you are. Ethically and logically. Stay poor.

crypto protects from fraudulent charges + chargebacks. also when you travel your credit card will get locked if you try to use it internationally. GL with that. my credit card got locked while I was traveling in Europe when I tried to use it at McDonalds. And I actually called them in advance to tell them I was traveling. stop shitting on XRB you dont know shit

Not true. All your data and stuff that advertisers love is stored locally and not sent to the cloud to the Jews.

Advertisers pay to give you ads but the BAT algorithm gives you the most relevant ad configured on a local level so your personal data is never at risk.

Since this localized data is never at risk the ads can be much more targeted and Bat then pays you for allowing your local data to be harnessed (for the best ads).

You then use that BAT you've received to give back to websites you like and the BAT you get this way I'm pretty sure can not be withdrawn

Iota buy data in the data marketplace. Move tiny amounts of money without transaction fees

fucking idiot.
Dream market
Literally every other dark web market

Do you have a larger version of that image?

I can't believe none of you fags are mentioning this in a thread literally about real use cases. This is easily going to be the top performer of the year and may even go 50x by next Spring.

btc, eth, ripple, neo and ark all having a baby together


check traded volume, check mercatox price and history on r/raiblocks. it's just the 2 i wrote.

with 0 usage, 0 fees=0 incentive to run nodes,developers holding majority voting power, unclear distribution and a LOT of shills i'd advise against

Ripple does not kno de wea