Israeli here AMA


thoughts on the balfour declaration and the rothschilds making up the holocaust for creation of your state?

how does it feel that original israeli religion has almost nothing in common with the manipulative judaism you guys slaugther people over today?

Nobody cares

Apologise for the USS Liberty

what does the quran say about crypto

When will you have enough white phosphorus

What flag is this sir

Feels good to get your own state based on shillz

sucks brah, peace on earth is my motto

why you put your noses all over the world?


not sure, but I think it currently says accumulate as much as you can

totally halal

How does it feel to know that humans prefer actual niggers to you blood sucking lizard people?

Sucks, but we'll get there I guess.

Is it true half of you fuckers looks like Howard from big bang?

OP isn't a real Jew, he's an eastern european Ashkenazi pretender

I see some resemblance with the nose, but the rest.. nahhh

Is urban conflict a thing over there?
Does everyone really serve in the military.
Is it really all beach partiees where we can hang out with Adam Sandler?

שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם my friend


Whats a real jew?

Please, please have children. Nobody deserves to be born a brainlet, yet subhumans like me are still reproducing. I won't because my only reason to live is to serve superior beings.

I think I qualify

Why don't you Jews have enough children to finally stop being minorities everywhere?
Do you want to stay parasites?

how can or is the blockchain/crypto technology being adapted for use in the talmud or for kabbalistic practice?

Ill refer to my previous post Who are you?


if some guy did not slaughter us, we would be the biggest family on earth

Really do it fucking sub

Yes, people who don't serve have a harder time finding jobs, so the general population serves, Arabs, orthodox leeches and some friends groups don't serve.

Israel sucka

I infiltrated a kike discord, now I can spy on everything these schlomos profit off lmao

go to /pol/ attention whore

kys pls


>Israel sucka
I hear Flahridah is nice.


It's easy to increase your birthrates.

Don't believe anything he says, he's cheating you.

you can't cash out nor buy bitcoins in israel

what do you think about palestine?

I mistyped. Ethno states suck. This one happens to also need to invest human and monetary resources into a significant military force, doubling the suckage to whoever happens to be living here, ala me.

how is life in israel this days, anything fun on the local level?

Gas yourself

You can though, we've got an exchange and something that tries to look like coinbase but only retards use it

so what do you use?
i tried to use that exchange to deposit but my bank blacklisted their address

I only trade on GAS and that's why I'm all in on NEO

Why do Jewish women have such big tits?

What guy did that?


I hope you die you disgusting conniving Jew. Your people will be gassed again in your lifetime. Feels good.

Otha medaber Ivrit?
Otha yehudi?
Otha ohev yahadut?

t. Brazilian Jew


As an IDF soldier who's wants to invest in crypto and smoke weed Israel is a shithole with Jews on top that control whatever the fuck they want. Seriously fuck this place

Shtok ben kalba.

Be ready to lost your shekels and life, kike.

>Ethno states suck
I went to school with blacks who hated me for being white. Ethno states can't be that bad. Why does Israel suck?


No, children are too expensive.

Do you think crypto coin will help free us FROM the government of man?

>idf ''soldier''

yes 100%. I just bought 100K of GAS

Hi jew,
why are your (((people))) such cunts?

Your bank blocked bit2c and bitsofgold?
Switch banks, I'm in otsar but I haven't deposited in a couple months if I'm honest. Pepper would probably love to pass that shit for you.

You wouldn't happen to be hiding anyone in your attic would you?

>t. proud american soldier, stopping the whole combat operation to find nearby toilet

I bet the Indian army never has that problem.

אתה באמת ישראלי ?

kek, rock throwing kids empty jew bowels lmao.