Why is TRX rising? i thought everyone found out the leader was a scammer?

??? What's going on? it should be dropping


whales pumping shitcoins. When will you learn fundamentals mean nothing in this cancerous land of crypto. We need regulation to stop this faggotry

It's a fucking whale's game you dumb normie.

DOnt you see the volume?


This, i thought when it dropped to 400 sats,, it was all done and dusted but its still climbing? wtf is going on? back to 2k sats?

Fuck thisbshit

First it has to breach these sell walls, but it's a fun battle so far

Cancerous? To reward the patient and the high IQ?

Nah, you need regulation, by your parents, to stop giving you money to gamble on crypto.


>buy at 700 5 days ago
>hold all the way till 450 for 5 days
>sold yesterday for 720


1700ETH Got chewed up fast, we're away!

Considering the volume and that new normies can jump in again plus people who didn't sold ATL like retards and will keep bags for now when it's rising, yes we can have 2000 sats in few days

i do not understand this market at all legit coins like stratis do no get any attention but all these scam coins just mooning maybe i should start gamble...

>Herro, I am Justin Sun. I am one of the richest people in the world, under the age of 30. I am vain and obsessed with my reputation. I have more money than god. I think I'll hire an 80 man team to develop like crazy on github and also partner with industry titans in China and get them to publicly endorse my company, all so I can fleece user for a few hundred dollars of his mom's boyfriend's money, thereby losing face and permanently disgracing myself in my country where reputation means everything.

Never change, /biz.

Veeky Forums is full of white trash, they can't conceive of someone making money by creating things, all they know is their methhead mom's check cashing scams and welfare-cheating.

I'm white trash as fuck and even I know that the success of a company is as much or more about its owners connections than the merits of its product.

>He fell for the fud

He's falling for the pump

This is what I've been shilling to everyone for the past week but nobody listened. You're gonna make it user

assumes the chinese concept of reputation is the same as the western concept

oh sir you'll have some fun my friend

Hey faggot. Ive been swing trading this since it hit binance. Ive made 2X so man times and 10X. Im up like 50X on this coin and made about 100 grand. Thanks for keeping my seat warm now move on over the men are back in town.

They give white-collar criminals the death penalty in china you know. If Justin pulls something he's dead.

Check out QASH, my friend.

I'm the only person I see shilling it here and I'm a tremendous believer in the project and team.

>starting sentence with three question marks
>"the leader"
scan complete. pajeet or underaged eastern european kid detected

>get BTFO so hard you change your IP
do you even know what swing trading means?
cmon man if youre going to larp at least go big son

whats wrong? you turned a profit, didnt you?

Explain what TRON does

Chart traders
Even bitconnect is going to the moon

regulation will kill crypto. I want to see what a truly free market can do.


Well you see TRON does stuff like pump my blockfolio into looking good so i can sleep well at night. It is also like just about every other coin that it actually doesnt need to exist but it does so companies can use them as securities instead of having to float on a stock exchange.
And then i feel boss cos my blockfolio grows 30% each week.

This guy gets it.

Shush, we're not done accumulating.

It's a decentralized social media platform that rewards content providers and those who wish to fund them if the content provider wishes to make that option available.
Read the white paper turkroach

I'm seriously not done accumulating. Will I ever see .06 again??? I'm probably going to sell in a few days, hope I don't get burned.

This. I took it as everyone here understood the FUD and was accumulating with the whales, letting all the normies and reddit thinking it's a scam, but holy shit it seems many actually fell for it.

You had plenty of time. Dump on the 23th now.

>people were saying Justin was the reason for the massive crash
>not ripple on CNBC or Bitcoin tanking in value, but a random Chinese guy 99.99% of the cryptoworld has never heard of
>also said TRX was never gonna go anywhere after it went down

well here we are and Veeky Forums once again is getting JUSTed.

>tfw bought in the past at .2c and sold when it hit 27c.
>tfw bought the dip at 450 sats and getting ready to make mega bucks when this moons again
>Veeky Forums will finally realize it isn't a scam and FOMO in at 1800 sats.

The majority of people here must be litecoin bagholders or something.

O-of course...

this is a whale game now you stupid idiot.
normies will keep on flock into this shithole
whales gonna drive the price up and down
normies gonna lose the money and whales gonna earn until the cash out and this shit is dead

i lold

More Veeky Forums classics from the past few days:

>bitcoin to 5k, possibly 4k
>year long minimum bear market
>shitcoin apocalypse, most coins will cease development and crash
>pink wojaks and red pepe's galore because Veeky Forums certified "blue chips" crashing left right and centre.


>unironically kek'd


>tfw bought at .20 and have a sell order at .18

These bags are heavy

The absolutel state of Veeky Forums and Reddit. Discord organizes FUD, autists fall for it

>muh scammmm

Justin Sun literally adding reputable developers every day

>he wants to take my 2k TRX fortune mommyyyyy he’s scamming me

While whales accumulated, you faggots chased “moons” and sold. Stay forever poor. 1 TRX fud = 1 liter of rat milk for pajeet. Stay poor street shitters.


fucking hold you weak handed piece of shit. Unless you're swing trading there's no reason to be selling after less than a month. It's not even 6 months old. You can thank me later user

Hands were strong enough to hold through the last week or so

>plebbit spacing

Nice pivot Indian.

BCC, a confirmed scam without any doubt whatsoever, is up. TRX is practically US-govt backed by comparison.

>plebbit insults

You marshmellow handed parasite. You seriously expect me to sit here and read this drivel? Remove that fucking sell order and change it to a moderate profit.
How do you ever expect to make it it you refuse to look at the grander picture? Every crypto dipped. It wasn't just Tron. It will rise again and you will miss out. Just have some respect for yourself and your portfolio.

>bought 2k on the dip
Stay mad faggots

Bitcoin Cash is BCC on Binance.

Bitconnect rose 400%, there is no rationality in this market