Crypto passive income stories

tfw I'm sitting on literally 20 masternodes that I bought super cheap and are netting me $30k a month
why do people still wagecuck lmao

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Fucking hell, congrats user.

any nodes on horizon sir

u wot

where can i get cheap master nodes right now?

Can someone explain to a newfag like me what a masternode is?

which coins user?

Phore, Lux, ALQO, Solaris
waiting for the ZeroCoin masternode gold rush to kick in once Bitcoin Private kicks everything into gear

Good luck cashing out

I'm living off the interest alone lmao
if I ever want to sell the nodes I'll just use a fully escrowed whalepool
how new are you lmao

Is it too late to buy a masternode?


what random and irrelevant question. you obviously don't even know what a masternode is.

I'm too much of a brainlet to run a masternode so all I do is stake ARK, COLX, NAV, and PIVX.

I have one WTC guardian masternode. Am I going to make it?

I also hold a GMN.


Masternodes bring literally pennies. 5% a year? lol. You better be mining.

redpill me on masternodes

>masternodes that I bought super cheap
What kind of money is super cheap?
What are your bills on electricity and I assume a pro-grade internet connection per month?

I don't know what a masternode is desu

Can you explain sir

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What's the cost per acre?
took me 2.3 secs to google that you lazy bastard.

tfw I'm sitting on literally 20 millions CHF that I got by buying bitcoins super cheap and can use fully anytime I want
why do people still wait for passive income lmao

you should put a bullet in your head.


What service do you use to host your nodes and how expensive/complex is to maintain them?

even with a bullet in my head, i would outsmart you it seems. kek. must be a bitch to know you are retarded.

All hail king ALQO. never wage cucking again is a great feeling.

No need to be mean sirs

sorry, love you.

how many units of zcl you think we need for a node?

im a whale too op.. what masternodes you got?

If you got 10k buy a posw MN before it goes back up

8 WTC GMN's checking in

once i have 2bn + ill fuck around with masternodes... until then ico's & low market cap coins is best

wanting to know this as well

Fuck you, I hope your mom dies in her sleep

How do you pay taxes on masternodes? Zero cost basis?


You realize your masternodes will be worthless as soon as those shitcoins are worthless = soon


This is pajeet talk

Hey, can you explain me how masternodes work and what is needed to do that?

Hello sirs, I am wanting of masternodes. I have to invest 2.4 million rupees. How is buying of plz sirs?

It's capital interest because you don't have to do any active work unlike mining. staking is a different world
YMMV depending on your jurisdiction of choice

You looking to get a WAN verification node senpai?

do you hold any pfr?


Die newfag


that can't be true, kek? found an even better one (polis) :

Yeah man, I make $20k/month off my nodes right now

I got COLX, ALQO, Harvest and Innova.

fuck I want to get in on this, but it seems like you have to be early in the game.

cost of admission is high and the ROI seems terrible compared to the general crypto market.

Still free money

$JEW (Shekel)
Only about $300 for the 10K required right now
40 million max supply

just bought 6000k

Stratis master nodes require 250k strat and 5btc

i imagine others are similar.

what coins do you have masternodes for out of curiosity?


how do i get a 'masternodes'

Any coins that have relatively low masternode requirements?

look into ico's. often it still requires a bit of money. i'm in an ico where the token price is .10 and a masternode requires 100k tokens.

holy shit the GETS


Also, how do you know when you can run a masternode with a certain token?

Any of you has any experience with pooling? If 10K tokens were required for a node, what's the minimum necessary to even be considered to join?

Look into posw