In aprox. 11 hours this uggly chink will be speaking at the Miami BTC conference about his coin ACT.
This signals the start of ACT western marketing campaign (besides all the shilling I have done here in the past few days)

This coin is going to be huge, and if it wasn't for the crash people would've taken notice way earlier.

Now I know litterally everything will be going up hard after the crash, but come tonight, ACT will be on the radar of the big guys.

Before the crash people were throwing around numbers up to 8 dollar in the short term. I don't predict prices but with the current marketcap there is room for immense growth

Other urls found in this thread: Whitepaper 2.0_EN.pdf

1) ACT is a blockchain PLATFORM
>The most succesfull coins right now are those that provide a platform for all possible applications related to blockchain. Look at ETH and NEO and compare their marketcap to ACT. ACT is a platform but...
2) Better TECH
>while ETH is still implementing POS, ACT already has an improved version of this, RdPOS
>1000 tx/s compared to ETH's 66 tx/s
3) It already has a shitton of dApps and subchains
>ACT is the main chain of which subchains will be forked off related to currency, transport, audit, ... everything that blockchain can be used for
>They already have more dApps than NEO
4) Currently not known in the western world
>untill now, marketting has focussed on chinese audiences. This changes this week. The CEO will be speaking at the Miami blockchain conference of which they are the HIGHEST LVL sponsor. After this a marketting campaign will start aimed at western audiences Whitepaper 2.0_EN.pdf

Bumping for exposure

I am holding ACT and would like to know what to expect from it - I got 686 and got in just before the ABTC fork.

FFS /biz i give legit advice, not some "we moonin boyz" shitpost and this is the response I get? you faggots deserve to stay poor

finally some of the retards catched up

network plattforms are the trend this year

last chance to get it near atl

and people are buying ufr shillshit instead ......

I think we can expect to be at ATH by monday again and then up from there

what do you mean expect?

if you bought before the fork you now have also 686 abtc (btc with smart contracting, e.g. bastard of btc and eth)

and u will also recieve every upcoming fork, read about the "forking theory" in the whitepaper

shit is genius lvl

Sorry for being lazy, I am at work right now.
What I'm really wondering is the long-term potential of this.

I know that I got ABTC on its way to me in Kucoin, but what is to expect in the future?
From what I have understood this is pretty much a forking machine.

So will some forks maybe be of higher value than ATC, and some lower?

I don't really know how this works, it just seems legit and I want in early on it.

Yeah the idea is that companies use a fork specific to their needs. Depending on how the fork works they will be worth more or less. For example ABTC has a much higher supply then ACT so it will probably be worth less.

Sounds like a great idea to me
So the basic chain is the same, but you can modify each fork to fit your needs?

Why isnt this bigger?

u got in already before the mainstream catched up, so u have all the time in the world to read the papers

like ethereum but on a lot higher level techwise and easier to handle for legit companies who want to start a project

because there was no shilling before this
and people mainly bought the shitcoins with stupid memes ans constant shilling from desperate discord groups with bags.

this gem is legit as it can be

This is a bit of a meme:
but they have focussed marketting on China.

The miami conference is the first real event in the west

Thank you very much for the info.
I am going to read up on it more thoroughly and possibly buy some more when I get paid this month.
It seems like this is very undervalued right now, and could be a real sleeper.

I really appreciate that you guys are taking your time to explain this to me. I wish you both nice gains in 2018.

More positive news:


Awesome read, thanks!

Isn't Achain just ARK but by singaporeans/chinese?

ARKVM is also doing Smart Contracts and ARK is doing push button block chains allowing businesses and what not to have their own sidechains like ACT. They even have a sort of DPoS model like ARK. Only difference is ARK has had more exposure and has been in the game a little longer. Plus we've seen the ARK devs deliver on being listed on legit exchanges and always updating their wallet/bringing some news. They will also be at this event as a keynote speaker and are also a "gold" sponsor which I believe Achain is as well. I do know this coin has a lower marketcap but it seems to me that it's just trying to do the same thing as ARK. What do you guys think?

Also I question HitBTC, seems like a scammy exchange personally m8s.

Fuck that...I bought this shit at 1$. Heaviest bag in my portfolio....shit fuck bullshit. Chink better make a good speech so i can sell my bags....

Achain is a platinum sponsor, not that it matters.

ARK has had more exposure, but ACT has more dApps and side chains already running. That's why I think it won't take long before ARK is overtaken

Achain is a platinum speaker actually

The fact that hitbtc is shady doesnt mean that the coins listed on there are shady though

Also the CEO won a couple prices in china, so I think that it has a better chance of being succesfull there as well

I get what you're saying but It's prizes, not prices. You're right that it could get overtaken by ARK. We shall see, ARK has been trying to get more of wider audience lately though (with their website being translated into multiple languages).

I got some info from my private groups that some groups of whales are becoming really interested in this coin. Won't act on it, i just bought the dip because it was obviously it will go up higher

Anyway it's not a competition, both coins can do well, even in the same sector!

interesting, although i hope we won't see blatant price manipulation

That is true, the ARK team says this all the time. They want to work with other groups, not compete with them. As said by someone from the ARK team "We can be like Coke and Pepsi and co-exist".

Maybe this is gay but whenever I listen to Kyle and Tony talk about achain, I get the impression that they are both very conscientious and humble. This project is like the dialectic opposite of tron; all tech, no marketing. Interesting project. I'm actually like 40% in.

Fuck it. I'm bullish on crypto, let's go.

I get what you're saying. Most of my portfolio is undermarketted gems like this. Marketting is an easy fix, tech is always more important. Although I hope they commit to marketting in the west

Miamifag here
Gonna try and see if I can sneak into the conference since I'm close by.
Wish me luck

Also, if anyone could give advice on how to sneak in, that would be helpful

I bought like 270 when it was at the top. Contemplating throwing another $100 at this

Go kyle!!!

does anyone know if we can watch this conference live?

Got 1.5k act prefork, wish I had waited for the dip, as ABTC is worth nothing.
Still great project though

This. Bought before fork, thinking it may be worth it for free forked coins even if it dips, but didn't expect it dip quite this much. About 50% down now.

if youre concerned about averaging the price down then do it

strongbuy and stronghold here

even if you bought at the top it will give u enough gains, project speaks for itself

sleeping alot better with a good project in my portfolio instead of shit scamcoins, even if they might give more gains shortterm but also more stress

>ABTC is worth nothing

Don't be too sure about that, all BTC forks tend to get a least some percentage of BTC's worth over time even if they start dirt cheap.

Aren't previous BTC forks capped at 21 mil? This ABTC thing was distibuted 1:100 with BTC and 1:1 with ACT, so the supply must be huge.

The strange thing is I've heard that those that held ACT through the fork get it, but nothing of the sort about BTC. I've even heard some say you have to hold BTC until ABTC lands to get it.

How many bitcoinholders have heard of abtc and wtherefore will clame it? I think the circulating supply will not be that large at all. I even think not all ACT holders got their ABTC because it was not supported by all exchanges. I think we're looing at a 1B circ. supply at most

not even half of that

Well, if that's the case I'm happy and all. Just staying realistic.

Yeah, just saying don't be too hasty about it is all.

You guys have already your ABTC ?
If not do you know when we will receive them ?


>Pump and dump from 0.3 - $1+ in 2 weeks.
>Crashed quickly
>lots of people will be selling at $1+ due to bag holding
>moon missions for low cap coins elsewhere
>they dont market well

Be mindful when investing in this, short term you could be burnt, opportunities lost

Yeah, ACT is like a minefield, but in the long term I really think there's a goldmine at the end of it.

I think it was supposed to drop on the 15th, then everything crashed and it was seemingly held back. Which also leads me to speculate that ABCT isn't just some shitcoin that they would release into a massive bear market.

pump was because of the fork, people sold after the fork naturally and waited for start of the marketing in the west, which will happen from now on

but as you said, u could chase moon missions in the meantime. but if you don't want to be stressed out invest here, surething and comfy hold.

most of the people get burned from chasing moon missions anyway, they only don't talk about it here. survivor bias etc.

What other tech oriented coins do you have?
Techie here, I don't even consider if the team does not have strong tech talent. I fucking hate teams full of MBAs

This shit is such a comfy hold good god

ye but it leveled out at $0.56, before the conference

I like SophiaTX because of their crossover between traditional business platforms and blockchain, but this is more long term and i think ACT will do better short term

Oh shit another Miami fag here?

I know people have been chiding ADA for being a meme and all, but isn't that also somewhat of a long term tech-oriented coin?

still waiting for my forked coins on KuCOin

ye it's been distributed, but kucoin is shitting the bed with backlog of eth transactions. they gotta implement wallets, etc.

Will hold this until End of Year then re-evaluate. I'm down 50% already, but 1% of my stack only.

4k ACT here
Bought half before the fork and another half during the dip.

Feels like I havent "lost" on the dip because ABTC will probably more than make up for it.

This project is qtum or neo tier.

The main concern is whether china is going to strangle crypto within it's borders. But if they do crypto is gonna dip anyway, so fuck it.

im gay for tony cui and kyle lu more achain threads pls

best post today

what is your target ?
I'm interrested by achain, because of the projet and the team. But 1 000 000 000 token supply... i don't like that.

they will eventually strangle the scammers and the mafiashit
chinese goverment is not dumb, they invest heavily in promising future techs
they are businesspeople first

undervalued some heavy crypto hitters are deep into ACT but it's a more a long term hold