Only seriously retarded people don’t buy BAT

Only seriously retarded people don’t buy BAT.

shill somewhere else pajeet


Holding 300k BAT, super comfy. Already planning my retirement.

>Been shilling it to people for over a month
>finally convinced parents to give me 5k to invest, was gonna put it all in bat
>they back out last second, all my friends + family have BAT thanks to me

What should i do?

wait until you are 18 or are capable of making your own investments fucking norman

True shotta give him two shots, rude bwoy fo dead

I'm mid 20's just a neet. am i fucked?

fags, it's a 170 billion dollar industry, and the coin is already worth half of that, so when it reaches 1 dollar the entire market is represented

you will only lose on this trade basically

Yes, neck yourself. Pay back your parents, neck yourself.

Not everyone has enough brain.

>Being this retarded.

Do you seriously not know how to read numbers or are you trying to spread FUD. Also, the digital ad industry is $200bn in the US alone. And it's also goolge and facebook main source of revenue.

I am good in math, probably the best and you are selling snake oil here so you should just shut up

Nice bait, you triggered me for a second.

What do you guys think of the implication that BAT by design won't go over $1.

my whole family is also invested in BAT,
my brother, mother, father, my best friend (20k), another friend(12k), another friend (20k), another friend (1k) and another friend (8.5k), lol.. I didn't mean to do it. I just told them I thought it was the best pick for 2018


>tfw old boomer parents who are afraid of crypto because "muh dark web"


Though it would moon more soon. Seems stuck at the price. Did somebody lock it

thamnks foi the quick 30%, im out now that its new high is reached. it will slowly bleed down to 4000 sats now


> 462 million is half 170 billion