If you owned 150 btc, would you cash out now?

If you owned 150 btc, would you cash out now?


Yes, 1 million and a half shekels are enough to afford myself and another person of my choice to live comfortably for the rest of our lives (if we don't overdo it on the luxuries) without ever touching a job or investment again.

I'd have sold at 20k and bought in now or when we hit 8k

I would cash out some because I'm incredibly poor but I don't think this is the highest it'll go. I'll never ever completely cash out because there's still lots of money to be made in crypto.

No, I would at least wait for it to fully bounce back from this crash.

Lol she’d leave u and take most ur shit.

Yes memecoins is too much risk

Who said anything about a woman, let alone marry?
That other person would either be my mother, or if I wanted a brat I'd adopt a child.

> adopt a prepubescent female child with blue eyes and blonde hair and developing breasts
My thoughts as well. I would raise her to be a beautiful and independent woman.

>raising someone else's wife's son
ultimate cuck

This, the crypto-game is forever. No one completely cash out, they cash out X% of their holdings, but never 100%.

>not renting out some 10/10 thot supermodel to shit out your son and then to gtfo
youre never gonna make it

he can't do that if he wants to live on 1.5m neet mode

>would you cash out now?

Some of it, certainly.

There's literally nothing wrong with adopting, I'd probably just raise an orphan to not have to deal with natural relatives. Having a spouse makes you more of a cuk imho, children or no children, cheating or no cheating.
Would you risk one million+ dollaridoos and the comfortable life they can buy you (plus whatever social life you may already have going on) on a sexual-related scandal and possibly a lawsuit?

Anyway I realize now my first answer was prety stupid, right now what I'd do is: cash out on 20 BTC to gently coast to December, then cash out.

I get the impression supermodels make enough money without needing to ruin their body and crush their soul for a neckbeard with neetbux.

There is nothing wrong with a man raising a beautiful blonde girl with developing breasts. Maybe she'll grow up watching incest porn and since we are in a state where the age of consent is 16, I am more than happy to cash out some BTC and put my beautiful adopted blonde daughter through college.

I'd cash out half and buy real estate. Then I'd rent out the real estate

id wait for 40k

if you have not another 1 million in fiat, then you would be retarded if you not cash out now
>but if it goes to moon
holy fuck, you are already rich, can only loose
invest in real estate and enjoy life

Renting is too high risk, there's always the chance someone will fuck it up beyond use and disappear leaving you with the repair bill.
Age of consenjt or not, in my country incest at any age can result in a jail sentence if it creates a public scandal. Also there's a high chance the beautiful blonde now adult daughter could sue you for grooming and permanent emotional damage and you know, woman versus man in court.

I hope you realise you just put yourself on a bunch of watchlists by posting that

>Renting is too high risk
You've got to be shitting me. It's the easiest and safest type of passive income imaginable, you retard.


I would cash out 100 bitcoin.

And keep the rest forever.

What do you do when pajeet and his 9 filthy kids don't pay rent for 8 months, absolutely devastate the place and then disappear out of the legal system?
I know that most of the times renting goes well, but the time it goes bad don't make up for it in my opinion, factoring stress in. I don't rent myself but I saw what happened to one of my landlady's apartments with shit renters... Not even pajeets, just white people with nothing to lose.

>Veeky Forums


>What do you do when pajeet and his 9 filthy kids don't pay rent for 8 months

Wait, what? Why would you let the pajeets move in, in the first place? You're allowed to have a say in who leases your property, even if you have a real estate agent handle the paperwork. If you let scum rent out your property and they trash the place then that's a life lesson.