Sold my car for 26k for crypto

I sold my car for 26k usd to get into crypto, with this money i can also quit my shit retail job and live of off crypto gains easily, with 20k in the crypto all i need is 10% a month which is 2k a month and ill be very comfortable.

I have no expenses and live with my mum, i only used the car to travel to the gym ill probably buy a shitty 5k honda accord just lol at having an wrx andno girlfriend, no one to show off to.

When i hit 200k with crypto ill buy a bmw m4.

Did i make the right decision?

No, you didn't.

Edit: i meant 26k AUD not usd.

I am a australiafag, cars are expensive here

No. That was a bad decision.

Downgrading cars? Yes, putting it all in crypto? No. Start with like 1k and play around with it for a few weeks-months to figure it out before dumping a large sum into it and losing it all. Only put in what you can afford to lose. Even tho this is probably a LARP

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>Did i make the right decision?

shiitty bait

Ive been in crypto since august last year and turned $800 into 3k in 2 months.

I pulled out of crypto completely after november because i needed the money.

My only solution was to sell the car which is losing value each passing year

>selling a subby to buy a bmw

Girls only care a about bmws and mercs, lambos and ferraris etc.

Also lol at comparinf a gook mobile to a germany aryan speed machine.

1 Bmw car > worth the life of every gook on earth

Selling your car for crypto was but wth if you make 200k don't buy a fucking depricating asset costing you initially 70k and then additionally few k per months for gas, insurance, taxes

How where do you post car? I want to sell my car but would have to go car to usd to crypto.

I have no money bro so i had no choice but to sell it.

Theres no telling when this bubble will pop so i want to make best use of it before its gone forever.

By my historial performance, i should double my money in 2 months and then i can buy another wrx or something else

>Girls only care a about bmws and mercs, lambos and ferraris etc.
>Choosing a car based on what girls prefer.

Ok soyboy.

You gonna loose everything and still live with ur whore mom at 30. If you were that smart to invest in crypto you can get 20k from 1k easily and move from there. You are just another dumb-money representative. Good luck faggot

These are the best car manufacturers you soft cuck numale.

If your car isnt italian or german you should be executed soy boy.

LOL at gook-mobiles

You are probably Russian or from some shitty eastern european country where BMW is considered cool. Bitches get wet with 2018 Mazda 3 here in Norway.

Ive made nothing but gains from crypto you cock sucker. Kill yourself, im going to be a millionaire this year.

I took $800 to $3k in under a month and a half. Thats over 300% gain you son of a whore.

Im from australia, only rich men drive mercs and bmws here.

Kill yourself

fucking tard. you are young. keep working and let this money work for you. you might be able to retire from it if you were not so fucking retarded and lazy.

Can you blame him? Bmw makes great cars.

>Bitches get wet with 2018 Mazda 3 here in Norway.
Bitches in norway sound boring as fuck
Also in USA and most countries in Europe I’ve been to people really like bmw and mercedes. They make great cars and it makes cucks butthurt. It’s like getting mad at someone for wanting a handmade italian suit instead of a mass-produced chinese polyester suit.

Dude don’t cash out half of your money to get an M4. Seriously that’s too much, unless you mean you’re gonna finance it with good credit then go for it but you better get a stick while they still make em.

Are they? Says who?

I dont want to work i hate it.

Why work when i can consistently make 75% gains on my investments in crypto per month without fail.

I want to enjoy my youth and have sex with girls every day not waste hours slaving away for $20 an hour

Kill yourself

Thanks man, agreed. German cars are the best and italian cars are also master race, lol at these biz peasants that will be driving toyotas their entire lives and probably aim to die and be the richest men in the grave yards.

Alright man i wont cash out for an m4 unless i make 1 million, this will be my goal. I will cash out in an EE tax haven country and come back and buy a house and an m4.

Did i make the right choice my selling my car tho?

i for one u think good op. get in crypto, but buy some stable coin with the bulk (25k into btc/eth 50/50) and only trade with 1k till u get the hang of it

i for one think u did good op*

and most people who will call u retarde are ones that sold the bottom and haven't bought back yet and just generally mad at u.

now is a grand time to get in crypto, most likely

Thanks so much man. I know i made the right choice.

I dont know why im being flamed i think everybody thinks im new to crypto - im not. I think my wording in the op mislead some people. Ive been here since august and have been making 70% gains a month at least thats why i decided to sell my car

oh yeah? And what have you done exactly? Technical and fundumental analysis? You do not even understand shit
Australia is nice, shame they have you as a resident

>plays crypto long game

You’re right about needing to make money quick because this market as it is cannot and will not last indefinitely. Maybe to the end of this year if we’re lucky. Also you clearly need to be told that past performances are not an indicator of future results. Need this warning else be reqt

BMW has nothing to do with handmade italian suit. That's more like tom talyor of cars. What a really nice suit, buy yourself a ferrari

Exactly all cryptos will rebound now..

Ive been here since august so ive seen this exact type of crash before in september with china fud

careful with that, because october-december was an insane bull market, avg gains were around 300%

this year could be entirely different, like nothing or even bear market for a while then 5000% in one day.
expect the unexpected.

Shut your mouth you peasant.

Dont speak on vehicles you cant afford.

Ugh plebs

If crypto lasts till the end of the year then i will have a million by the end of the year based on my past performance.

Im not here for long term you dumb cock sucker where did i say i was? I sold my car to make use of this bubble before it pops.

Dumb cunt.

user, why the fuck would you sell SUBARU WRX STI for a BMW can't get it out of the shop M4?

Also the Accord is usually not 'cheap', if you want cheap get a Focus. The Accord and Camery have highest resale values for the class. If you want cheap get a focus. ( I used to do auctions for a Dealership)

Now aside from all the Veeky Forums shit, you are smart to take your money out of a deprecating asset. However do not put in more than you are willing to lose.

My family and me are more wealthy than you ever will be.

Yeh youre right, most of my gains came in september which was the worst month for crypto last year.

Everyone made gains you brainlet. Literally could have picked anything a month ago and made money. I turned 1k into 6k in 3 weeks, so what. We all start somewhere and ride the waves

dont forget taxes u idiot. which will be 40%

lots of larping and new "money" ITT

You and your family are peasants that need to be slaughtered. Take your bum ass out of here you shit skin

You just lost your car and got in return zeros and ones on chink computers. Let that sink in for a moment or two...

If it works for you, it works for me user. I haven't quit my day job just yet, but at least soon I may be in a position to.

Thanks for the car tips man, ill look into a focus rather than accord,

All i need is a reliable car which i can drive from now until december when i will have 1 million dollars from crypto if i perform the same as i did in the past year before crypto became mainstream and when it was harder to profit.

The market is much easier now

careful with that arrogance op just cuz u had 1 successful month. you could have a good intuition for this, but more likely you just got lucky. b careful w/ that money. keep stakes low until you repeat that 350% monthly performance twice.

Well, you should buy a 911 really, but an M4 is a decent enough choice...

LMAO this fucking retard actually pays and considers taxes.

Literally kill yourself. You funded me via welfare for over 15 years cuck. How does it feel cunt?

Ok your either baiting and or just a genuinely reprehensible mong. Unironically kys your self


Thanks man. Will do

No you retarded nigger.
>have retail job and waste meager income on stupid manchild car like WRX


>sell stupid manchild toy at a loss


>intend to invest and profit, and then waste profit on other nigger-tier garbage status symbols like a BMW.

Wow, I don't know what an M4 goes for because I'm not a nigger, but it's a surefire way to totally give away whatever money you make on your investment when after 5 years it's worth less than half of what you paid for it.

You belong working in retail with your mentality. You have a once in a lifetime opportunity and you want to spend it buying a fucking BMW so Maryjane Rottencrotch from produce department will want to fuck you? Jesus get a fucking clue

This is your average WRX owner. Early 20s with the mind of an eternal 11 year old. And WRX owners always fucking live at home with their parents because of a stupid $40,000 investment in a car that is worth half of that as soon as you drive off the lot.

1000% here faggot

at 2k a month they would only need 20%

Forget about the tax, huh? You will end up in prison

Have you been in crypto over 12 months? Or did you get in August 2017? If you got in a few months ago you got in in the easiest time in crypto history to make money, highly doubtful we will be seeing constant growth like we did in December.

Ausfag here, my initial investment was 12k aud. My total savings. Bit of a gamble and it was pretty stressful the first month.
So far have about 25k profit. My 12k original is on NEO and Ethos, fairly stable and secure. I'm cashing out when i hit 1 million +. Good luck to you.

OP I have 2015 blue WRX and I love it. Would only sell to get Audi R8.

german cars went to shit after about 2012 mate. the good mobiles are better cars. The germans let too many wymyn and shitskins become "engineers"

Bullshit. Engineering graduates are still at least 80% male, employed engineers even more.

>80% male
i already said too many wymyn

>defending women invading another male-dominated field where they don't belong
top cuck. and how many are low iq shitskins, soyboy?

>When i hit 200k with crypto ill buy a bmw m4.
you're a nigger or a mudslime, aren't you. shitskins are always so gaudy and insecure that they blow their cash on retarded shit they can't afford