Markets are recovering

>markets are recovering
show your recovery face right now



animefag out please


But Momo is /ourgirl/
(but my wife only)

just a little more push and I will no longer be red

>eurofag here
>bought ETH at 900
>ETH dipped to 777


just replace "teacher" with "wagie"




dead cat bounce this is gonna go a lot further down kiddos

so comfy with my UFR

HOw can recover if sold?


Because I didn't buy the dip.


>bought ETH at 1,1
>bought BTC at 12

still down 20% but it will come back.

i'm just annoyed that i have no budget left to buy the dip. but i dont want to sell at a loss either

We're still going sub 10k today and probably tomorrow.



>More things that will never happen
It's over mate. Sorry you didn't buy the dip.

Look at the chart right now lol.

How many different ways can you draw the meme chart when it keeps not doing anything you're saying over and over?

I'm not saying tihs shit can't crash, but it clearly doesn't follow that trend retard

The only thing I'm seeing is you missing the dip


I'm too busy looking at your nocoiner ass and laughing.


After this correction let's all remember to be more cautious with crazy gains okay biz. Know when to lock in profits.


I cashed out 8 figs in php. Did you?


I cashed out 12 figs in zimbabwe dolars. You?

prove it faggot

I don't like this really
I'm best at making gains in bear market

Uhmm, no sweetie. Get out


What's your strategy?


i second this, go FUD somewhere else pajeet


How many of you will apologize tomorrow when it dips further?


vytautai, dink lauk is cia






I can edit website too faggot


Bought that fucking dip like a slick cunt

fuck off brostrava


Hello newfag. How about you go wherever you came from and stay go?

looked up this guy, the beatles quote in his profile description is both wrong and cringe. Is he gay?

mad cuz i made fun about his infantile asian cartoons

What's the likelihood of another dip today? I had to wait on verifications yesterday, so I'm a little upset I missed it. Should I just get in now?

>being lured into a false sense of security


2500 here we come
a ufr meme that shit, nice

isnt shit



Being this much of a pseudo-intellect.

Just stop

til january 2019

Up we go

Momo is a bitch though


Holy shit, those are some fat doughnut nig lips, is this guy going to be assassinated still?

There will be someone who lost alot of money ready to kill his nigger ass.

Veeky Forums is also a bitch
what's your point huh?
don't talk shit about momo you fuck

Recovery blockfolio

>deposit ACH into Gemini
>buy ETH
>convert half into BTC
>seven days later
>pre-credited deposit hold persists
>can't withdraw eth
>can't withdraw btc
>can't diversify MY FUCKING HOLDINGS


You only like her because she's a red head with big boobies for her size. Let's be honest here.