Dear panic sellers. I know you are in here. How do you feel right now?

Dear panic sellers. I know you are in here. How do you feel right now?


Never wanted a lambo anyway

really bad. 2 days ago i went to sleep with 3.5k,woke up with 2.7. it was 2k when i went to sleep again so i sold (had been losing money holding the entire week) and now its back 50%. haven't updated my blockfolio yet so i keep seeing what im missing. i would bale back at 3k if i didnt sell. now im 2k, and dont know when to buy back.

>he thinks the dip is over


Just cash out whatever you have left and fuck off forever you weakhanded faggot

are we in bull trap?

so you have another chance to sell even more at the bottom


same DESU

makes me feel bad man especially having such consistent gains over the month


why do you have to be so rude?

idk why ppl were so scared. I was fucking thrilled and kept buying lol

You can still buy now and sell later at 5000

10K was just something which many anons have never seen before. a psychological barrier was broken which flushed out the normies

reposting what I bought at while my friends panic sold and then messaged me calling me a scamming piece of shit

It happened so fast I didn't have enough time to panic.

I placed a sell order yesterday for over 5% profit on BTC and ETH.
Just waiting for the afternoon crash to buy some LTC.

Why? Because the crash was caused mainly beacuse noobs like you. You dont deserve any gains if you cant take looses and sell at first correction.

what do you think LTC will drop to? I want to buy some more

the crash was good for us iron hands though, very very good

170 if you're lucky.

ehh I've been awake for 3 days straight I think I will smoke and pass out

>tfw no panic seller
feels good, man

>they still don't believe we are in downtrend
We probably will fall today, after all you normies buys back your shit

Honestly, like a fucking amateur. I learned a lot on this dip. The next one is supposed to be around June right?

What I'm hopping is t's still inflated, which is what it looks like.
Won't be buying until much later today probably.

Pretty good imo, sold at 14000 cuz it's obvious this shit is going down. See you back at 5k!

Thats the normiest wallet ive ever seen on this board. KYS.

I panic sold half of my shitcoin stack for BTC to buy the dip
I was just worried BTC was gonna go on a bullrun and fuck up my cryptos
At this point they behave identical next to eachother

that isnt my wallet just my favorites lmfao

>tfw didn't buy the dip because all money was already invested
This is what happens when you buy before the dip.

are you retarded? that is the USDT overview on Binance.

I tethered up a bit too late but wanted to get back to ETH below $800. However binance didn't let me as the site was totally overloaded. Reminder for me: just put in a stupid buy order next time


Panic sold really late but didn't dare going to sleep so I monitored all night to see if it bounced back. Bought back just in time. Got some okay gains from it actually

I lost $80. It's ok.
Will it ever go back to $20k ? Where are the expert fags who said it will easily go to $60-100k?

I rode the waves all the way down and bought back when BTC broke the meme lines, increased my stack by 15% yesterday so it's all good.

People don't like panicsellers because eventually those will be the reason why the bubble will burst

It's not going down again is it... Goodbye friends, I tried and failed like everything I've ever done


don't have enough flat to do that yet, waiting on my disability for agoraphobia which I should be getting within 2 months (FULL BLOWN NEET STATUS /B/ROS)

I sit on REQ so I saw $200K disappear overnight and I didn't even flinch because of the confidence in the project.

And I bought at a steep discount, so my principle was assured anyway.

Not selling a single dime

I had the exact same balances
Except I held
You need to work on your game

>$175 assets after the crash

What do I do? How do I go about it until I get up to $400?
I think I will hold until it naturally goes up.

It's going up to ATH again, right user..?

I am not sure if I am retarded, but after being in crypto for two months now, my attitude completely changed from the beginning. At first I couldn't stop thinking about my money at all, now I never check my blockfolio and laugh my ass of when we're dipping on Veeky Forums as if it didn't affect me, because I've easily succeed in detaching myself from my money and putting my trust into my investment choices which are all long holds, because I don't want to think about trading different stuff all day. Basically, my mindset doesn't even consider selling at all as an option at this point. I'd say my hands are as iron as they get.

Just keep at it bro, this post always keeps my hopes up when i'm reflecting on shitty choices i've done

Fuck off lebbit

Why would you sell the fucking bottom? Always wait for a bounce Jesus Christ clean up your fucking act. Even fucking bitconnect bounced... think about that for a second...

A Ponzi scheme exited, dumped 95%, still fucking bounced and you sold the bottom. There is no bigger shitcoin than BCC and you sold, the, fucking, bottom, before, the, fucking, bounce.

thank you for this img

Iron hands here. Sold nothing. Bought more last night. Wish I had the stones to buy when there was blood everywhere. Cheers to those who bought the low.

You're such a fucking weak man how the fuck have you survived this long?


I put everything i had in ETH when it hit 780euros so i sadly missed the dip at 620euros.
But i already have gains so not that bad.

where can I met girls like her? I think I'm in the wrong social circles

She is a model. Unless you are a multi millionaire or a male model you will never date girls like this. You can rent them by the hour though.

I'm not exactly rich but I'm tall/fit/nice face, tons of thots don't give a shit

not saying I could bag a model, but even poorfags can get some hot ass girls

It’s going to crash again soon, faggot.

>I'm down 80% after the crash but it's fine since I made 20% less loss today!

You can bag hot ass girls yes but not actual models. I’ve banged my fair share of model look alike a bit never an actual high end model. The ones who do Instagram shoots with their friends don’t count. I’m talking actual endorsements.

where do you actually meet the people? are they friends of friends, are you just good at getting to know people?

because im still x2 my initial investment

I sold a shit coin for a different one on the bounce. The one I sold is in the red today, and the new one is over +50%.

>How do you feel right now?
Bretty good.

yeah I don't disagree with you there

but bagging 9's with daddy issues is fine with me

weak hands dont eat

No - most of the people that sold were just looking to buy back lower. Some of those waited too long and will likely fomo back in.