Yet again, Germany saved the world

Plz dont crush the market amerimuts



What'd soon to be Turkey 2.0 do?

No, actually true. Burgers crash the market but act like they're saving the day. Both times BTC dipped to 9000 was during burger time.
However as opposed to you I don't really blame the crashes on any specific nation. That's what brainlets do, i.e. you.

Tbh it were Burgers who saved crypto yesterday.


>being this insecure

oh i remember the last time germany tried to save the world and amerifags ruined it, good ol times


This. Just like alway.

>helps ZOG conquer the world
>everything goes to shit
>"we saved the day"


Dubs and g*rmany bans crypto


I guess that means they SAVED crypto.

Blown the fuck out.



Post the first picture that shows up on google if you type in "germans" !!!

This is the future you chose.

it only gets better

See germans, das geschieht euch recht!

>mfw you're not joking

It went quiet in here. Truth is always the first victim of war