Hope no one is falling for the bull trap. In a day or so we will be completing the final wave down to the buy zone

Hope no one is falling for the bull trap. In a day or so we will be completing the final wave down to the buy zone

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As a guy that sold the bottom I support this prediction

you should get an opportunity to get in at a lower price.

By the way the chart was made a few weeks ago. It didn't take into account the whales who were artificially propping the bitcoin price up for two weeks so they could pump and dump so shitcoins.

Why not 500$ buy zone?
500$ buy zone would be much much better

>Implying that buyzone exists
>Implying hodlers not to lose everything

we're already 10 days past the last date on that graph
nice shit tier '''''''''technical analysis''''''''' you fucking sand ape

>see graph on a anonymous board
>sell all your coins

are you pretending to be this stupid? As I said, bitcoin was artificially propped up, you needed to be a legit foaming at the mouth retard to not see it.

I can guarantee you some people on this board are clinically retarded (severe autism / inability to function in a society without their parents / guardians). A couple days ago "Neo can't go down, because it's going up = buy signal"

Artificially propped up, or artificially suppressed. Easy to call others retarded after the fact. But nobody on biz said shit about it beforehand.

Hindsight bias faggot detected. TA analysis discarded. Amateur

Waiting on a bank transfer - hoping to get some discount coins like my wallstreet bros did yesterday.

some people on Veeky Forums saw this coming the day before it happened, it takes some effort to find the half-intelligent comments from all the dreck that gets shit on here

Are you the same dumbass who said he sold at 11k to buy at 8k?

I haven't seen a single TA chart that was right about anything

I also sold the bottom so I agree with this.

I will literally kill myself if it carries on going up.

Until now, my friend

look at this


All sounds the same to me these days. This place is a cesspool. Just background noise, a distraction. Used to be useful tips here, not anymore. After btc hit an ath, the quality of advice here went down along with the price and it just all became about going all in on the most shit of shitcoins

You're speculation is that people must be living with their parents because they shilled for NEO yesterday on a board about Crypto. Okay, yeah faggot you're so smart. GTFO you egoistic emotionally fragile piece of shit.

I myself am not, I haven't closed my short. But what do you think of these tethers? Will bitfinex squeeze us all?

It is not yet decided. 50/50 what happens next. Risk aware traders bet 33% on crypto and 66% on Fiat. Veeky Forumsraelis stay 100% crypto

>I haven't seen a single TA chart that was right about anything
from a year ago

This is OP

You have now.

Wow, so BTC is gonna be either 40k or 100k,

... so this is the power of TA

I barely think this constitutes TA

this is literally insider information if its true, meaning its not TECHNICAL ANALYSIS holy shit dude

you guys are fucking stupid if you believe the tradingview memers
what happened was the wall st kikes shorted CBOE futures hard as fuck so they get mad money
now they go long on CME futures
is this so fucking hard to understand ?

> Wow, so BTC is gonna be either 40k or 100k,

No. BTC is gonna be either 40k or 100k, assuming that past price action is repeated exactly.

THIS is the power of TA

most retarded ta ive ever seen. nice abc correction lmao

This Nigger is maybe right

the 1001 volume, is that a lot? because this theory would only make sense if there was a considerable enough volume to justify moving the whole market down

I thought it was the Chinese new year who fucked it up ?

These contracts are for 1 bitcoin each, so 1000 volume is nothing compared to the capital required to push the market.

>huuurrr the market better fall to benefit us pussy panic sellers and not the chad hodlers who arent beta boipussies

No not really. 15K per unit iirc. The assumption is, that players need to have some major securities to participate and are using other funds to move the market to secure their position. If this holds true, we reached the S curve top and volatility should heavily reduce. Means max of 2K swings. No more moons or dooms