Ask yourself what is a river worth. What is a mountain worth. If it's the year 1750 and BTC were horses...

Ask yourself what is a river worth. What is a mountain worth. If it's the year 1750 and BTC were horses, then ChainIink would be petroleum. We're not even at a stage where most people can conceptualize Iink's value in any sort of empirical or rational manner. It’s going to be like railways or oil fields.

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Intel SGX is a central point of attack. LINK ISN’T DECENTRALIZED.

Critical exploits have already been found in Intel SGX:

What the FUCK do you think would happen if banks and fortune 500s employed LINK? Spoiler: hackers would undoubtedly exploit the LINK network, intercept and alter data, profit and/or destroy.

They haven’t “solved the oracle problem” they’ve probably just created new problems.

Veeky Forums holds and shills LINK to feel like elite hackers, but you guys are actually fucking retarded. Wasn’t their whitepaper plagiarized too?

Stay poor if you hodl this long term. It’s a piece of garbage with an ERC20 token associated with Ethereum which can’t scale to meet enterprise needs and maybe never will.

Linkies are *actually* retarded. Your bags are Pajeet-tier and going nowhere. No important project will ever use LINK because it’s WAY too easy to program *MORE SECURE* internal oracles / oracle nodes.

Oracles are not difficult to program like blockchains. You’ve all been sold techie buzz words and think you’re smart/hackers/etc.

Unfortunately, you gentlemen are shilled bag holding retards trying to swim in waters you don’t understand.

Sell now because LINK isn’t secure, nor will it be adopted by actually important projects.

I admit that I also got drawn into this idea of being an early adopter of this revolutionary tech. That Sergey in his infinite wisdom had provided the little guy a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of the big boys game. But ((they)) always win, the shadowfork is real, we've been sidelined, we'll just end up being blockchain middleware for some shit dapps.

People like to think about the next Bitcoin, the next Ether and shit like that. I unironically look at my linkies as the next internet.


Have you heard about the hidden recording of sergei talking to his friend about how he copy pasted some etherium code and made an average website and is now a millionaire? you can hear him say half way through that he's a "crypto hustler" and he is just going to keep dropping "breadcrumbs" so his followers will keep buying his tokens, and that its all just "pure speculation" . He even bragged about how dumb his followers are for buying into his bullshit so easily.

You gotta hear this recording, its a shocker.

Thanks user

jesus fucking christ stinkies are the cringiest fucking things on the internet

What is the wind worth?
What is the rain worth?
Some values are intangible.

explain this then?

Link is doomed sorry guys. It only went 7x since ico september while other coins went x100

I don't even own any LINK but this is ridiculous FUD. stupidest thing I ever read.
They have top researchers behind them stupid and fucking cornell researchers integrating the system. Yes, I am sure they are fucking stupid. This post makes me want to get back into LINK so badly. fucking idiot. If you are going to FUD, do it right

I have a PhD in crypto economics and mathematics. Crypto incentives in Chainlink are a legitimate concern. I saw Ari Juels speak at a conference recently where he mentioned tokens and asked him about the token economics of a node staking system like the Chainlink network is planning to use. The problem is that node operator incentives are fuzzy at best and not even figured out fully by the team (see the gitter for Steve stuttering about this). When I brought it up to Ari Juels, I told him that in the way the network is expected to be used, the fees payable to node operators would actually decline as requests become more ubiquitous because as the network grows it becomes cheaper to use. This makes sense if you took a few advanced cryptoeconomics courses. Ari admitted that it was a great question but that they were "actively pursuing research in that area." I sold my LINK immediately after that and saw a significant dump on the binance charts. It's pretty clear these guys are pulling you along making you think they're doing something revolutionary when the incentives aren't even fully determined yet.

Couldn't that be said about just about any other cryptocurrency? fucking ethereum, fucking bitcoin, all of them have incentives built into them. why couldn't this model work? it's the same thing, lend your CPU-power in exchange for coins/tokens. yet another stupid post

its a pasta


they just want to supress the price. well, since I'm not in LINK atm I should be happy they are doing it, but the FUD is just so stupid that I can't keep myself from commenting

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when everybody hates, it's time to love my friend

Saw Sergey Yesterday, eating a cheeseburger and drinking a milkshake

I asked how the work was going
"I'm retired" he says

So this is one big circle jerk copy pasta thread. The state of LINK FUD

Any leads on the link shadowfork? I heard it might be trading on ether delta but only comes up for exactly 5 minutes at a different time every day.

We know Jason Parsnips is involved but not much else

Fun thing I learned from this FUD, those SGX hacks were actually called onboard hacks. As in the university researchers needed physical access to the machine to hack it.

What this essentially means is that if you buy LINK and enlist you may be called into service to physically defend LINK nodes at SWIFT HQ from Pajeet and Russian style Spec Ops hacker missions.

Don't say I didn't warn you guys....

Man fuck this, I’m filtering LINK. You discord faggots and your boring ass shill/fud is just getting so old. No one is selling, get used to it.

Can someone pls fake a Russian accent and record exactly what that user said? My accent isn't authentic enough

Sergei doesn't have a very difficult to imitate accent

Can we have a thread where everyone does vocaroos of imitating Sergei?

How the fuck did the shadow fork rumor start? Has to be a fucking meme

Don't forget to say tamper proof every 2secounds

It's only because of the strong countershill that I hold any links at this point.

And trustless smart contracts at least once per thirty seconds

I just read the whitepaper and I have to say I'm not too impressed. I see what they're trying to do but a lot of it, specifically the off-chain developments and security measures are still be researched. I could see this gaining actual traction towards the end of this year maybe but don't be surprised if it doesn't anyway.

this is a whack copypasta