Did you start off selling drugs or ever sold it to make money ?

did you start off selling drugs or ever sold it to make money ?

> i did and now im sitting on 3 apartments complex a electronic story a clothes/shoe and 3 places in a food court

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Jesus how fat are you?


Your prices are off lol

I did , but people became jealous and ratted me to the cops. Made a shitload of cash tho. (Speed and spice)
What u dealing op?

What's an electronic story

It's virtual story.

aka you sold to someone your retarded ass shouldn't have

drug addicts always lose

was shipping coke into Europe and introduced MDMA into the mainstream of my country

> dont ask where i am and fuck off mods im super hacker man using 15 proxies

Yes, Invested my gains into crypto.
Tip, depending on where you live Heroin, meth, Coke and sometimes even weed are not worth the trouble. Sure you'll earn a lot and fast, but you'll also be attracting shitty ass costumers and unwanted attention from other sellers.

I'd recommend acid, XTC, MDMA (crystals), 4-FA, 2-CB, Shrooms, 4-aco-DMT, DMT (also changa), GHB, MOXY & FOXY,

>> i did and now im sitting on 3 apartments complex a electronic story a clothes/shoe and 3 places in a food court
What are you trying to say Tyrone?

people dont get hook on

> acid, (crystals), 4-FA, 2-CB, Shrooms, 4-aco-DMT, DMT (also changa), GHB, MOXY & FOXY,

> they do on XTC, MDMA and when they keep coming back for MDMA they get less of an effect so they have to buy more to get a good effect

guess its

>> i did and now im sitting on 3 apartment complexes a electronic STORE a clothes/shoe STORE and 3 places in a food court

I wanna come live with you super hackerman

U got that 5-htp tho?

5-htp ? i take that shit when i do to much MDMA people consider that a drug ?

I know man, thing is they don't attract absolute junkies. even x & m junks are tolerable

forgot to add that in the end shitty costumers were the reason I quit, i mean in the illegal sector people feel no obligation to be polite. calling you at 3am and expecting shit or becoming angry.

your problem was staying as a street dealer for to long

FULL youtube.com/watch?v=vsE0Ky-Qfq0

TRAILER youtube.com/watch?v=AxRVhgbVN9o

If what you're saying is true, you posted enough information for me to track you down.

feel free just bought a catamaran and going on retirement in 2 months

Any run in with gangs?

It seems to be a large operation, you couldn't have been alone? Were there any complications? Is your country corrupt?

my experience / country was different

after you start selling in your area and you make a good bit of money i went straight into exporting to markets where i paid $9k US for a brick and get $50k US for it in the market aboard and if u only know the exchange rate for us in my country i was making bank

corrupt and backward so its a free for all

used to grow and sell a bit of weed, small fry though
was the easiest money I ever made before I got into cryptos and paid me throughout university

Kek underrated.

First btc I bought was 15 bucks each I spent 8 of them on a half ounce of molly and made 1400 dollars did that a few times got a real job and forgot about btc until it was 400 then figured it was way too expensive and forgot about it until it was 1200 then fomo'd back down to 400 then 200 bought little bits here and there started buying again last year around 1000 spent some on dumb shit like computer stuff and silver. Thinking about buying some of that dope ass dirt cheap molly again but probably won't. Also flipped qps of ganja once a week but that was basically free smoke

wtf is the 14
>for science

ye that was my start into business

I could only ever get my hands on weed and selling weed is a pain in the ass

of value

people don't get hooked on GHB? this fucking lad

When I lived at a boarding school, I bought a cigarette roller and began producing and selling cigarettes to my peers who wanted their nicotine-fix cheaper but didn't have the agency to roll them on their own.
Since you have to be 18 to buy nicotine here, the local kiosk owner was jacking up the price for minors. So it was extra profitable for me to roll and sell because he didn't jack the price on loose tobacco as much as on cigs.

underrated as f