Look at the normies arent they cute

look at the normies arent they cute

burn this place to the ground and everyone in it

>le secret underground club

lol as if.

All the early adopters/altfags aka the dudes that know what the fuck they are doing have migrated to Telegramm groups

>"migrated" from Veeky Forums to telegram
Don't forget to kill yourself on the way there

all oldfags have migrated to youtube comment section now

> you are the newfags

Literally a minimalist Discord for people who want to seem more educated than they actually are
The only reason to use telegram are to keep track of the coin devs that use it for announcements, like ShipChain

This is why we should post gore in every single thread, but you fucking soy boys won't listen

haha, just bought 100k

I'm a normie, am I cute too??

and where does one find these groups?
t. early adopter sick of these idiots and pajeets

If you're so hardcore, why don't you start? Bet you bitch ass don't even got cp

Someone delete Veeky Forums please

do you have some onions for the cheese pizza m8?

>another thread of 4channers thinking theyre smarter than redditors


It's not that we won't listen, it's that we get banned when we do you dumb cunt

Whose the normie now?

>another thread of redditors posting on Veeky Forums
Stop going to plebbit

t. been here for a month

since 2013

nice larp faggot

I wish people here could be that genuine.

why would I larp about that retard?

Do you realize that the simple fact that you asked this question proves that you're a newfaggot? Kys fucktard.

That's because you're a manchild faggot.

this isnt fun anymore
we need to clean this place
call the /pol/ club

updooted your post!

(it's a reddit joke haha)

>fake concern
It's just some dumb homo trying to get le upboats and karma or whatever the fuck they use. Nothing genuine about it.


>Veeky Forums not mainstream
>we r lejun

how about explaining where to find these groups instead faggot.

>username: "krovopokrivac"
just a slavic brainlet

Take your Norman memes back to r*ddit you fucking retard

hehe lol
here a potate for scale

i am a norjeet
which is a combination of a norman and a pajeet

and i thought leddit would make me cringe the hardest

they have to die

lol good one

>Trx 2.0
Prove me wrong


Partnerships with non-chinese start ups

First day here, huh?

They will still be buying TRON and VERGE kek. A youtuber tried to shill Vechain a few days ago and all the comments were "its already 4 dollars" and similar retard shit

So what's exactly the deal with this post

I think he's right, people here think everyone knows about alts and bitcoin, while the reality is way more different. Sure, people who consider themselves early investors when they started trading in 2017 are deluded as fuck, but still the majority of people have no idea about what crypto are and how to buy them

by any chance this is an pornstar and there are videos or her giving head?

instaslut. alisonparker. think there are leaked vids nt sure

i want rebbit off my fucking board


jesus I hope you were both being ironic there

Of course the dumb fuck is from my country.

fwiw I work at a software company as a developer and even my co-workers (despite being a lot more tech-savvy than the usual folks) don't seem to understand basic things like market cap and coin supply.

They bought into XRP and TRX believing that they were getting in early on something that could be a $10k+ coin like bitcoin. Prior to the crash I was hearing Tron and Ripple being discussed as if they could 1000x at any moment.

And while I actually do like VeChain, I know a shit ton of coworkers and friends who bought in and have no idea what it's even supposed to do. They act like they do, but it's obvious all their knowledge comes from youtubers.