Is the shadowfork diluting the value of our coins or outright wiping them out? Is there any legal recourse?

Is the shadowfork diluting the value of our coins or outright wiping them out? Is there any legal recourse?

It wouldn't make economical sense to shadowfork a link. If a the fork is really on the timeline, institutional investors will also get fucked. In order to make a shadowfork work while still stay profitable, there would have to be some sort of closed door agreement that allow VIPs to swap their LINKs for IOUs in secret and only allow normies to get in after they've accumulated enough.

Explains why there are so many link shills recently, it all could be just a distraction for the shadow investors to accumulate the IOU for the forked token.

Please explain more of this...

Will binance support the fork? It looks like sergey actually did the fork a while back but has yet to rename the token. There are two different LINKs in all of his wallets but he hasn't give us info on how to collect the forked coins .

>mfw already swapped my LINK for the shadowforked tokens

Remember when AB said 23rd jan will make or break LINK? I suspect that that's when the shadow stakeholders make a final decision on if a fork will truly take place. It doesn't make sense that LINK isn't mooning hard from this dip and insider whales are holding back their money for something. If fork goes through, they may:

1) pump the price a little to distract us and buy themselves time to accumulate the IOUs for the shadow token.
2) dump It all swiftly and buy into the IOUs

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Now u guys made me worry, I had to sell half

do not sell yet. Hold until 23rd jan and wait for the results

Alright, better keep it on binance tho to be able to dump asap

user, you're analysis is certain plausible, but let me humbly offer a slight variation on your narrative: the shadowfork has already taken place, the shadow stakeholders have already been airdropped the new tokens (no need for IOUs). But now, how do the institutions offload the old tokens? Why not hire a dashing, robinhood-type character in AB, who captures the imagination of the hordes of biz neets, and convinces them to blindly buy up the worthless tokens that the institutions are wanting to unload?

excuse the typos, on phone.

Why are you all assuming that there has only been a single shadow fork? Zoom out and reassess.

that "shadowfork" happened 123 days ago, what was also happening at that time? ah, yeah..

that is certainly possible. If that were to happen we will see a massive dumping as the old tokens get dumped en masse. Shadow stakeholders definitely are huge whales and their supply of old tokens alone will cause huge inflation on the markets and tank the price right to sub 0.15.

H-how do I do this, user?

Its simple, you just have to send them to shadowfork smartcontract address and you will get forked tokens.


w-what was happening then?

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Yes, we can send mails gamer.


You guys are dumb for thinking there will be a fork. Add an /s if you're joking or else people will get burned by this. At least the don't do this type of shit on r/cryptocurrency


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This user gets it. No need to swap for existing LINK if SLNK tokens are being airdropped and sold directly to institutional investors. The whole point of shadowforking is to avoid the PR problems of internet nerds and crypto speculators involved in the market.
The big boiz are gonna take an absolutely huge dump on linkies. They'll walk away with millions of dollars worth of ETH/BTC AND have all the SLNK they need.

This. This thread is veering too far into trying to trick people who don't know any better.

For people who don't know:
Shadowforking is a fucking meme. LINK isn't getting forked, some retard made up the term shadowfork last night because he had absolutely no understanding of what a fork is and got completely BTFO. It's still a funny meme, but let's not try and sabotage any fellow link marines.

ShadowFork isnt even fucking real. Seriously, how the hell did FUD become this successful?

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Somebody make a shadowlink and send it to Sergeys wallet.

If shadowfork shit works it means link fags are not prepared to get money. They should get out of Chainlink that's all.
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3 dedicated larpers on Veeky Forums said there's a shadowfork hence it's true

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What is that second none named link token that the top wallets have?