Worth investing in a women


I want to show my instagram followers if its worth to invest in a women.

Tell me what biz thinks of marriage and relationship and letting your girl know about your crypto gains.

Pls be rude

yes but more important is dynasty, watch jojos bizarre adventure for better understanding

if you don't give 30% of your crypto gains to make up for le epic gender gap, you're a misogynist

OP, do it and let us know how it works out for you

fuck off to /r9k/ or /b/ or whatever
you just stuck "and letting your girl know about your crypto gains" to the end in a desperate attempt to keep this relevant to the board

cant trust these hoez

not even once. Every wealthy individual I ever met had a wife or wives who left and took half

I have never, not once, met a woman where a man left and took half (as the man was the one with the wealth every single time as well)

I live out in the Hamptons in NY and moved furniture for a while so I got to meet a lot of these guys. One in particular bought a 10 million dollar something home with fucking CASH

anyway every single one of these fucks I meet always say the same thing, they never thought it would happen to them, they seemed to love them truly, until all that money came flowing in. Then they "change". Really they don't change at all, taking half was their goal in the first place. Even some of these dudes who didn't get married or had prenups STILL have half of their shit taken. And for no reason other than " I don't feel happy in this marriage anymore :'( "

yeah no. I'll fuck these degenerate whores from clubs and shit all day long, I am NEVER getting into a relationship with one of these cunts now that I'm making money. Women are cancer to society atm, and I can see why men used to beat women and it was socially acceptable for fathers and husbands to do so.

Women have no pride or morals, the only way to make the act like humans is to treat them like animals and beat it into them.

and no. I would never tell even girls I fuck about my crypto gains. EVER

>ywn come home after a hard stressful day at work and take her in the ass against the kitchen sink

Why live.


If she posts pics like that, then no.
You need a decent girl to make babies with. You'll always prefer to have less estrogen floating around you most of the time, but kids require some compromise. Women are the compromise.

Told my gf about my 8 BTC & 20 ETH I bought last Jan for $1000 each & $15 each AFTER I had already screwed myself and lost 90% of it margin trading in Oct. She said "that sucks, you live & learn".

Tell her about putting in $2000 in Dec. 2017 and making $4000+ profits by Jan 2. She says "my LTC is not doing well, but my ETH looks good". She is into crypto at this point, knows the mystery of Satoahi, is aware of BTC forks, understands potential of blockchain, etc.

Told her about HODLing this current dip and she said "good because it'll go up like it has every other year".

My fiancée now (same girl, but now we upgraded our relationahip status) could give two craps about if I was a millionaire or not and that's just perfect. We have been together 5 years and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Invest in your own self betterment when you find someone you "click" with and then you two invest in growing your relationship together. Love is so much better than money. If I didnt have my girl I would an hero even if I did have hundreds of thousands or millions at some point.

Money does not equal happiness. Happiness is loving someone who loves and accepts you for you and still wants to be with you.

>in a women

Aa long as you buy a savannah with your crypto gains all is cool.

>love is so much better than money

you are going to be so confused if you get married man

>even the ugliest girl will become a bitch after you marry them

cuck.. "love" not even once

Wow finally some good advice on this braid weaving site

Is that a meme or serious advice? I cannot tell. I only watched 3-4 episodes so far.

Every woman that tells you she loves you really means it at the time she says it and only at the time she says it. Remember. You are always single and can leave anytime and so can she. When she does though it has been planned for months.


FIRST you get the money
THEN you get the power
THEN you get the women.

Order of operations, OP and other anons.

Relationships suck your time, money and energy.

Have friendly fuckbuddyships until you're satisfied with what you've accomplished in life.

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life
Never make a pretty woman your wife
So for my personal point of view
Get an ugly girl to marry you

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life
Never make a pretty woman your wife
So for my personal point of view
Get an ugly girl to marry you

A pretty woman makes her husband look small
And very often causes his downfall
As soon as he married her and then she starts
To do the things that will break his heart
But if you make an ugly woman your wife
A-you'll be happy for the rest of your life
An ug-a-ly woman cooks meals on time
And she'll always give you peace of mind

I've already decided to not disclose any more after a certain amount. Women want extravagant things when they see dollar signs. I will let her in on some of it, but not all.

Women are a depreciating asset at best, exitscam at worst. Zero upside.

If you like woman for having a vagina, thats fine.
If you like woman for having their own oppinion, you should be shot.

No seriously, at this point of time woman are plain garbage.

What's your preferred method of suicide?

>If I didnt have my girl I would an hero even if I did have hundreds of thousands or millions at some point.
>finally some good advice
kek what advice? Find a unicorn or eventually kill yourself?

>Women have no pride or morals, the only way to make the act like humans is to treat them like animals and beat it into them.

To be fair, society has always treated them to be like that. Men are the hunter-gatherers while women take care of the family. Now if there is no family OR reason to make a family, how do they cope in (((society)))?

Why haven't you been scared off this board yet?
But srsly nice to hear someone who isn't a complete loser

I have had crappy relationships before. This one is different because we have a mutual feeling of acceptance and unconditional love. Fights are uncommon but we talk through it and life is better after. We live debt-free and can spend money somewhat casually.
She is not materialistic at all. MK purse or Gucci? She said "dude thats just stupid and a waste of money". Im the same way. Dont need material things. Also neither of us care to try and impress our peers with such nonsense.
Be you, live for yourself, and you'll be happy. Find someone that loves you for you and you'll be set for life. Not every girl is materialistic and high-maintenance.

that's the kind of girl that won't go after your money

however she will be all over Chad's dick when you aren't there

Been browsing Veeky Forums since 2010, so I'm used to how things go around here.

I like to offer my side of things every once in a while to hopefully benefit some fellow anons who arent total basement dwelling sociopaths.

I like the fact that my girlfriend can produce the occasional logical thought, it gives me hope for my potential children. Vagina is awesome but I would also prefer non-whore genes for my legacy.
But yah, respecting women's opinions too much and pretending like they can act like males 100% of the time is for soyboy cucks. Dating a girl for her brains while not expecting to impregnate her is gay af.

Dude you're obsly just jealous
Try to follow the advice instead of being a complete autist fucktard

This is Veeky Forums so obviously nobody will believe me, but my marriage is like this. Worst case scenario neither of us have any reason or inclination to go after each other financially. One of the things that help that is shared values, and one of those shared values is respecting yourself enough not to demean yourself by being a PoS.
Lets not pretend relationships don't end, but many can end peacefully without destroying your life. I think finding someone to live with who understands these basic principles can give you peace of mind you wouldn't otherwise have, and possibly even prevent the situation from getting bad.
Can you honestly expect a trophy wife who you can't trust, and who absolutely knows you never will trust her, to stick around? She'll have an exit strategy from the beginning and it's guaranteed to involve half your wealth at least.

I have friends like you, and they get so hurt and broken time and time again

please find something you have more passion in than this girl, it will do you a lot of good

>5 years
>think you know a person

They call it the seven year itch for a reason I've seen people exactly like you the girl just flips her shit and starts fucking the homeless guy down the street one morning it doesn't matter if you're married or have kids.

Girl at work cheated on her 7 year boyfriend with me at a conference pretty much first time we even talked they got engaged that summer have fun in wonderland cuck. Not saying you won't be happier a lot of people were happier thinking the world was flat.

You can say or feel how you want regarding that, but when having that special person and sharing that life together becomes more important than anything else, one would totally avoid any compromiaing situations that may lead to any sort of infidelity. That goes for both parties. Trust, respect, loyalty, and intimacy are all at play as well. You can tell if someone is hiding something or being phony when you both happily choose to live a life with no secrets.

These arent foreign concepts when you get to be in your mid-late 20s bros. Dont be narcissistic or misigonistic and the world might look different to you. Perhaps the places you try to meet women or type of appeal that these certain women that you go for have actually goes hand-in-hand with certain other self-centered personality types.

Good relationships can only exist through compromise and sacrifice, but its up to you to decide if its worth it or not.

people in their mid 50's would like to have a talk with you

Protip: No.

Met a girl 4 years ago. She goes to med school with a double masters from finance and is on her way to making 15k+ per month after graduating. I make 500 per month chasing my (then) dream of being an ad agency copywriter at the time of meeting her, after which I get a raise to make a whopping 2k. Constantly depressed due to my inability to provide, bleak future and bordering on suicidal. I tell her and she supports me 100% and sticks by my side through _everything_. Fast forward 4 years, she has graduated but will not go directly to work because we're planning on starting a family and she's cool with being a s-a-h-m, I've made a cool half a mil on my crypto investments and I couldn't be happier to have found somebody like this when I was literally at the bottom.

Don't get me wrong I fucked my fair share of dumb bitches in my college days, but I feel sorry for anybody who thinks this shit is some sort of scam and isn't worth the effort.

I had this and I threw it away

fucking kill me, even after a year I am still a mess and can't function normal

Jesus Christ what a bunch of Neet basement dwellers. You just have to find a good woman not a fucking Stacy who just wants weed money and dick. You losers just have never met a smart, attractive, and motivated woman. I seriously suggest looking at Mormon women, both me and my wife used to be Mormon, she studied to be a marine biologist, works out every day, and works very hard for herself and our family. We both understand we are a team and make choices that are best for both of us, and understand when we will need to make comprises for the happiness of each other. Yes women have lots of hormones, but since we have a "sex whenever anyone wants it" rule it's OK to put up with a bit of crazy a few times a month. If you date Stacy's who aren't willing to raise kids or work of course they are going to run your pockets. Just admit it anons, your ugly and lazy which is why your only income is internet neet bucks, which is why you can't find good women.

life is going to hit you really really hard

Even if it does I suspect this user will have the fortitude to turn the situation around to his advantage. Either by understanding how to reconcile and compromise, or by moving on in a healthy way, unlike many others on this board.

lol who are these dipshits?
>like, just be a good person and you'll magically find that special someone and have a nice relationship forever
Am I looking at a Disney movie script right now?

This is the type I'm most afraid of. The smart ones. Most of my divorced relatives never saw it coming, yet they were warned multiple times. In the end, they were justed hard. They thought it couldn't be them. Be careful user. If you must marry, let it be with someone who is known and vouched for.


generally good investment if no feminist. if they do the dishes and all this shit its saves you alot of time you can invest otherwise. just be aware of goldigging whores an alike. east european and asian is good material. just make sure first you are able to achieve a steady income.

A: Hey man I saw yo wife the other day and she is ugglyyy

B: Yeah, but she sure can cook!

>why didnt i listen to the wise man

I don't like these two things as much as I don't like myself for craving for it. I really hope there is a way to shut down instincts or something. I really don't want to be controlled by my dick.

If you noticed I said find a good girl, if you want me to spell it out for you that means talk to lots of women and look in the right places. The right places are not bars, tinder, and the grocery market. If you yourself have the qualities you would want in a wife then yes, you kind of just do find the right women because you are able to see underneath their fake layer for what they really are. Don't be a dipshit user, if every woman you meet is shit, then maybe you are just a shit person who wants shit handed to you.

I see none of you normie redditcucks could handle this post and are cherry picking around it.

Here's another story my cousin was married for a couple years, she left him for the wife of his brother and turned into a lesbian.

Ok not too bad he gets back on the horse meets a new girl they're married for 15 years have kids she works a great job they are inseparable travel the country in an adult softball league one day she quits her job joins some Herbalife pyramid scheme and leaves her family for some guy she met jogging.

This is your future putting trust in women they aren't capable of emotions like men. They don't think rationally like men. They are some mixture of a robot and a baby emotionally whichever benefits them the most when they want it. I don't care of you think you found the one in a billion stay deluded.

ouch, don't hurt yourself with that edge



Please leave your rampant woman hating and feels bs at home. This is an office try to act like it.

>Not starting your sentence with a capital letter, but somehow knowing that first person pronoun " I '' in English is always used with capital.
>Using garbage acronyms like " atm ".
>Using capslock for roleplaying purposes instead of accentuating a main idea through an entire sentence.

>That pretentious animal mentality.
I don't know if you're a redneck, a jew, an idiot or all three, but you're better off killing yourself instead of pretending you're the good guy who's ever going to be happy about anything in his life.

If every /biz user would kill himself the world would be a better place

>The right places are not bars, tinder, and the grocery market.
Oh, really? I was unaware of that. Please share more of your wisdom, guru.

let the cucks do their thing

holyshit you got allot of replies and most of them aren't "hur durr never trust a girl they will eat your balls and control your fridge''
sometimes this board isn't too bad

There are always signs user, maybe your cousin didn't tell you his dick wasn't working and she was fed up with his beta bullshit? If you seriously can't read a woman you just have zero social skills is what it boils down to, women will leave you in marriage because you cucks like to think once you have a ring on it you can stop working out, stop being caring, and generally you just devolve back into beta cunts. Women don't do this as much, that's why lots of long-term marriages the women are also fat useless fucks, as they also stopped giving a shit. Lots of women do have the emotional intelligence of babies, hence the importance of the aforementioned social skills so you can weed out the losers. Once you find a good women, and both of you work hard at life and the relstionship in general, you will find happiness in a marriage. If you can't do that you might just think about killing yourself for being a loser who can't raise a family and keep your wife and life happy.

>Attacking people personally based on grammar instead of arguing the subject being debated
Is your cunt itching you that much woman?

cucks will be cucks. if some people dont wake up by some age then i dont get all of you fags trying to wise them up.

Ok dumbass, I said look for Mormon women as the Mormons instill good values in their girls at youth, maybe if you had half a braincell you could figure out where to find such women. Judging by your replies I don't think you would produce valuable members of society though, so I think your better off killing yourself and leaving the world to people better suited to run it.

7/10 nice bait

make her work. otherwise when she leaves you, she can claim she gave up her career to stay at home, and is entitled to your money.

seen it happen too many times. if she is working the whole time its much harder for her to clean you out when she does leave. because she will

imagine being so emotionally barren and psychologically castrated that you unironically use the word "cuck"

>lives along rich degenerate kikes
>applies this degenerate amoral behavior to the entire population of the world
Fucking retarded brainlet.
Here’s a pro tip Midwest modest country girls are loyal to the end. I pity you and your ilk, but I also hate your sinful ways.

Or you've become completely trusting in them after being together 15 years and stop second guessing every action. You'll learn one day soon I'm looking forward to it

>Money does not equal happiness.
But is right you need money to buy a Savannah. I'm probably just gonna go straight Serval but that's just me.

More personal attacks. This thread smells of day old fish

LOL Midwest girls burn more coal than they can get their hands on they are all total whores the minute they can get away from their parents. I think every attractive white girl in Columbus has fucked half the Ohio state football team.

The only thing stopping them from being the biggest whores in the country is the fact that there's fucking nothing going on in the Midwest.

These anons get it, and will be the people raising good children that will take your wealth from you when the time comes like we are doing to the boomers. Really this woman hating fantasy proves the faggots who won't be able to continue their bloodline because they are pathetic socially inept neets

>get gf
>increase household income by 100%
>decrease marginal cost of living
>decrease marginal cost of housing by 50%

Dont you wanna get rich?

he said midwest, not fucking rust belt you moron

COUNTRY girls. columbus is a city. clearly you lack reading comprehension, maybe you should go burn some coal too, youd fit right in with the rest of the rust belt degenerates

The problem is, you are right and I chose your way, but the pol/redpill reality is also right, only your choice matters.
Will a woman fuck shit ton of guys before marriage and lie to you about it? Yes. This has been explained by evolutionary psychology and it made sens to me.
Will a woman cheat? Most will if they're sure to never get caught, especially in western countries where punishment for cheating doesn't exist. This is also an evolutionary advantage humans have.
Now the real question is what are you going to do about it? I figured out I wasn't chad enough to sleep with tons of girls and naive enough to easily fall in love, also I need some lie in my life, just to make some meaning out of it and have some continuity.
So I have a girlfriend, she told me about her exes, I know she didn't tell me everything because her behavior isn't coherent with her past, does she love me and commited to me for now? I believe so. She's kinda well off too and doesn't care too much about me making lots of bucks, I'm really comfortable being around her and we have lots of fun; now me being awkward and one of you autistic fags this is really really rare to find (or not maybe I've just convinced myself of it).
So you see, /pol fucked us irreversibly, and while you can still hamster yourself to believe some lies in order to function in society and have some meaning, you will never become bluepill enough to experience happiness again.
So just take it or leave it, your choice guys and there is no right or wrong choice, in 100 years no one will remember any of this shit.

I fell for the marriage meme at a young age. We both have decent careers and make 6 figures but my wife makes slightly more money than I do. So no worries about losing half of whatever. She knows about the crypto I have but doesn't really understand it and I probably could put it into monero and say I lost it all trading in a market crash pretty easily enough if shit were to go wrong. Since it's crypto and everyone thinks the market crashes and we lose everything on a monthly basis it would be believable enough.

probably the only asset depreciating faster than luxury cars
only worth investing in for personal pleasure/hobby/antiquarianism

Who is this?

only one of them was jewish actually, but yeah a lot of jews out here

most, believe it or not, were actually white Christians. The Hamptons use to be home to primarily wealthy white fishermen not even 40 years ago, now its being overrun by spics and kikes

Lol country girls are all pregnant by 16 if they don't OD from heroine first.

so the gist I get is live your life in the adventure you want it to be, and if you can have a female tag along then it just gets better.

but the second you settle down in the city, you're fucked

We're getting a prenup and she's fine with it. I don't want her working when we have small kids, and we discussed the whole she giving up her career before. I told her that if things just don't work out, I'll make sure she doesn't go on the street and has a car and some money. However if she turns into a raging bitch and fucks a homeless person just to break our marriage, she gets jack shit and I won't mind seeing her on the street. We agreed that this is fine and so this is what we're doing.

No they don’t
Lol you’re a dumbfuck who bases his entire opinion of people from the shithole ultra liberal degenerate city of Columbus Ohio, a place that I would literally rather die than live.

Just as a clarification, she does have that 15k starting salary with her education, so she'll be fine no matter what happens. Only now I don't have to worry about her pulling an exit scam or anything, which I wouldn't anyway, seeing as how she was there for me when I had nothing and was one bad day away from an hero.

it's a best friend with nice tits you get to fuck every night. all you poorbois are missing out

>Ok dumbass, I said look for Mormon women
HAHAHAHA yeah I'm clearly the dumbass here.

why do you virgins care so much about pussy?
Here is the deal. Wanting love and sex is good but you have to seperate these
Loving a girl is beyond wanting to fuck her. If you wanna fuck, get an escord its cheaper
If you wanna love someone find a girl that is worth loving, don't go simply after looks as you will lose in the long run

My girlfriend is by standard looks around 6/10, a little bit chubby but god damn she is so bright and heart warming. The day I met her I knew that this is the one I can imagine having children with. Having sex with her in an awesome addition but being around her is giving me so much more. I was never the guy who believed in true love and so on, I thought its all about having sex. I was so wrong and bitter just like a lot of Veeky Forums plebs. She also does not know that I have crypto worth of 4.5m, I didnt tell her yet.

Don't be an idiot, look out for girls outside of instragram and facebook, there are good one.

Do you need your balls cut, "male"? I attacked both your style and your substance. By the way, bub. I'M A FUCKING TESTOSTERONE-FILLED MASCULINE MAN. You filthy fucking Pepe. You must be French or some shit.

prenups generally dont hold up.

youre about to experience the full power of the green weenie when she rolls out

>loves her so much
>keeps secrets from her because he knows she will change or he wants to leave

the doublethink here is impressive, you must be a liberal

Divorce lawyers wipe their asses with prenups.

>implying a woman would even remotely want to touch you or want your 5 shekels of gains.

Please go back to your room user.

Rule of thumb is to reveal your power level if and only if the female is a nawalt AND her salary is greater than or equal to yours. I.e. minimal incentive to fuck you in the ass.

Note that your chances of finding a nawalt unicorn as well as the chances of her remaining a nawalt are very slim. Basically you are rolling the dice. A pair of billion-sided dice. So it's up to you if the risk is worth it.

because of pornhub

You have to scope out a good ICO (initial cunt offering) with solid fundamentals, otherwise don't bother because they'll be used solely as a PnD coins

of course they wouldn't after I say something like that

that's why I don't

are you retarded?

What the hell is a nawalt?

Das it user, i just don't have room for a serval. And i think starting with a savannah is a good idea to get used to more energetic (wilder) cats. Also





Yeah, add me to the list of men that you know who didn't think it would happen to them

It's a meme.