MUST BE UNDER 10M Market Cap

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BBT, 13m cap
XCPO, 4m cap
FORCE, 10m cap


get ur stables filled


Dead coin that was picked up by new devs, actual work being done, but most importantly has seen massive accumulation at around 290-360 over the last week. Price is steady, and coin primed for some crazy pumps soon. DYOR, check volume over last week and compare with relatively static price. This shit is getting targeted.

Already got in yesterday! Don't wanna miss that ahah

these all suck to be honest

cream coin
$3million market cap
100mln total supply
7cents a coin
active devs

XBL maybe?

havent bought in yet cause no funds seems like an ez 10x once they add more games and move to EOS in the summer

>check whitepaper
>mistakes every sentence
>no visible dev team
>no marketable usage
>no roadmap

yeah they all suck for now except HORSE

Down 50% on BBT thanks biz


How the hell do i buy this. No website and coinmarketcap comes up with a error link on ether..


last time i'm helping u user, it isn't that hard

Why would anyone bet this and not just buy the underlying coin?

PRIX ($9m)
sleeping giant, one of my absolute no-brainers - solid product with 750k existing users, credible team, privacy tokens big in 2018. similar products are at $200m market cap

NIMFA $1.8m (circulating supply ~300k)
bit more of a gamble but at that market cap it'd be rude not to

HAT $7m
but they've just switched smart contracts so not sure about trading right now

Here's a scenario :

(Example race with BTC, ETH, and XRP) You have $1,000 and think BTC will do well soon.

-Put $1,000 into BTC

-BTC goes up 10%

-You’ve made 10% profit


-Bet on BTC in the race

-For an even split, you’ll have odds of 2:1

-BTC wins race

-You win (just under) $2,000

-Profit: (just under) 200%

you have the chance to make a lot of money very quickly. Not to mention that even if BTC went down, if it still beat ETH and XRP, you would still win the bet, but you would lose money had you invested in the coin.

5% of the purse on every race is collected and distributed to HORSE holders as dividends paid in ETH.

Ethbet, bitboost

Is an HORSE a athlete?

INT x10 guaranteed. If you are not buying this you will regret it hard.