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Just trying to help edition

Robinhood FAQs --
- VISIT THE WEBSITE FIRST DAMMIT!! - www.robinhood.com

> How is it free?
Robinhood earns revenue by collecting interest on the cash and securities in Robinhood accounts, much like a bank collects interest on cash deposits and by collecting fees from robinhood gold.

> It's been X days, why isn't my account verified yet?
Not being approved in 3 days seems to be the new norm. Nevertheless, call/email their support if you've been waiting more than that.

> When is it coming to my country?
The only "plans" are on an Australian and Chinese beta. Neither of which has gained much traction.

> I hit sell when the stock was X.XX, but it actually sold at a lower price, why?
Robinhood graphs are *** and only show you an average, not true real-time prices. To get Bid/Ask prices and important things like candlestick graphs, you should use a more robust platform.

> Where can I get better charting or bid/ask?
Real brokers, like TDAmeritrade's thinkorswim. Otherwise you should be using tradingview.com, stockcharts.com, finviz.com, or a non-pile-of-*** for your graphing in addition to Robinhood.
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S&P 500 VIX Futures (For XIV/UVXY, higher is better for UVXY, lower is better for XIV)

Cryptoshills let us have our safe space.

Top o the mornin laddies

Morning. Invest in China as the US equities feel the FUD of Furlough. YINN

Just traded S at the dip so far

Morning, sorry I'm late. Took an hour to get a not banned IP because I phone post during the day.

How did everyone's night go? My bets on NBEV and OHRP are working so far. Do I take the money and run or run these memes into the ground?

>open app
>everything is red
At least my dips are 1%, not 95% like certain other members of this board I'm totally not laughing at. Ah well, can't really complain, market has been giving me 1-1.5% daily returns most days of the last two weeks. Giveth and taketh. Only wish I had cash on hand to buy the dip.

I feel ya, there's a few dips I'd love to buy in but I don't wanna sell some of these stocks that are doing good already

MARK to the moon, I can't believe this I bought in yesterday in the afternoon! Thank you Veeky Forums!

Could someone please give me a 2nd opinion on nail? Will it drop 5 bucks again?

DPW plz

Bought WATT at $24.25. Ready to put a sell order in at 17. Should I hold out longer?

I told you Veeky Forums.
AMD is up to 12.50.
I bought at 9.50 and now I am making bank.
Sold half right now and waiting for 13.5 to sell the rest.

Anybody looking for a long term dividend stock KMI is at a nice price to accumulate.


Told you guys yesterday. Get ready.

ARCI and ARCON to the moon!

Alright lads, update on todays memes ?


Got on the BLOK and BLCN wagon early. Normies should be piling in a-any time now.

I think NVIDIA is in a strong position. Not as sure about AMD now that their products are lagging behind in the mining field. If you've tried buying a GPU recently you know they are selling out fast. Can't argue with fundamentals like that. Samsung is producing the chips for Baikal's new miners too.

/rgt/ only buys high

get out

SPI mooning

>already up 42%

This is what I mean I'm going all in

You are technically right. After looking at my history amd never even hit 9.50. I have several $10 purchases.

I bought 130$ of AMD when it was 2.00$, I have no idea what I’m doing or should do, I wanted to hold until ryzen mobile proliferates more and we get solid numbers on it and the same for EBYN.

Daily Canadian weed update:

More flat trading as expected. Canopy has secured a financing deal with the Bank Of Montreal, which is a first for the sector as the big banks have, until now, stayed out of the marijuana business.

Also i saw an inkling of a something of a not quite rumor on plebbit/weedstocks this morning that piqued my interest. CEO of Cronos Group (MJN) Mike Gorenstein is apparently in Poland right now as he posted a picture from Warsaw on his instagram. The reason this could be something is that Cronos is already involved in the EU market in Germany and could, perhaps be looking to expand to other EU countries. If Cronos makes a supply deal with Poland that would be a pretty lucrative deal.

AMRS as always

Here’s my memefolio

All green!

When are y’all cashing out UVXY?

Amd is not going to be worth $100 in the next 5 years.
The fact that you havent increased your inventory in 2 years is horrible.
You have made 1 weeks pay in 2 years of holding.
If you arent going to be active with your investments you should have it in a mutual fund instead.

How about that AMD? Remember all the panic a couple months ago?

Is it time to sell XXII? I'm up 70%, I can't believe I put so little in.

im not retarded

already in

Got a few hundred bong dollars standing around.
Shill me something bros.



Anyone else swinging minute candles on MICT?

So whats the deal with OHRP? I heard a couple people yesterday saying to hold for longer, and a bunch cashing out right when it went up. Its down a little now.

McDonald’s is about to release a new sandwich. It’s going to revolutionize the market. Buy now, or regret it forever.

sold most of my XIV at 144, just have a feeling this can't go up forever.
looking for something risky to put my returns into.

wanted to get BGFV at $6.06, but funds were locked. it's not superb but i believe them when they say poor sales of winter goods were the cause for 10% decline, so spring could be pretty good.

What're some good penny stocks?

McDonalds is going to be a Haitian stock this year as far as growth.

I've been watching and reading about it for a while. They're reevaluating for stockholder value, I don't think it'll get above .45 so if you didn't get in at .31 there's not much to gain if at all. They won't moon anytime soon but there might be scraps to pick up.

I got in around .32 so the initial gains were still decent. Do you think it's worth it to hold out for .40 or even .45 or just drop once theres a peak?

Buy Curtis-Wright stock

Going to fucking pluto.

They recently landed a contract to refurb all US subs, a huge aviation contract, and a lot of the older US helicopters are getting overhauled (not a CW specific contract but they manufacture many major components on all US helos).

I bought in on a direct stock purchase DRIP last January. Have made large gains. Plan on holding for at least 5-10 years unless there is good reason to sell.

Does anybody think GE can pull it around given time? They were talking like a breakup is likely, I think they're fucked.


.45 is very optimistic IMO, I'm probably out at .41-.42

What's going on with lithium?

Sounds good, thanks user

Outside of stocks how's everyones day going?

It's time to figure out wtf am I doing for lunch.

$AMRS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pasta sounds good to me right now, we have a place that's like a fast food olive garden that's actually pretty good and the breadsticks are better imo

Should I put a couple of bucks in it? I know it's not much of a profit but hey it's something

what 2 buy ?


looks like a safe short.
it's an $86 million contract, which is peanuts compared to their overall sales . (4.3%)


I want something really spicy and I want shrimp. Looks like I'm going to that Chinese joint for some kind of spicy noodle dish with shrimp.

No prob, just sharing my thoughts since I'm also in it

I feel a little under the weather and work is a disaster but I work better under pressure

filthy wagies.

$AMRS easy x2-x5 this yr. DYOR faggots.


Nah, its already exceeding my low expectations

LIFEtoken. Take a look at that sleeping giant.

Been waiting to get closer to ER to buy 4k worth, should have just bought a month ago.
Lets see it grow some support here at 5.

Yesterday is have said GSL. It's up 8.5% today. Was $1.16 and it's around $1.25 today. $10,000 would have made you $800 in just 1 day.

Could be a neet for a week.

Lunchtime checkup

Whatcha eating, how ya doing? I got Zapplesauce and after a very scary morning dip we're back on track and gaining.

what the fuck is this garbage?

Chemicals in a bag; what Americans consider food.

Applesauce Enhanced with Maltodextrin For Increased Performance my man

I also had a hard boiled egg, protein bar, and water

Increased performance? What have you got an appointment for some afternoon delight or something?

Is he going to shtudown the government?

Should I be stocking up on UVXY?

:^) Nah, work is going to hell in a hand basket and Zapplesauce is caffeinated. I don't like coffee and it kills two birds with one stone. Plus it tastes good and has a long shelf life.

Will this increase my gains?

Looks like that 5 dollar support is growing.
Good time to get in now, especially with ER around the corner.

Slam one before the gym, financially however you're better off just buying GE

So should I just cash out and take a nice little boost to my bank account?

I sold off half my shares Of XXII this week with 50% profit. Feels good may sell off the rest today to get a deal. So many good stocks on sale today.

Pretty good. Leaving work early to go to doctor's for prescription refill in an hour. Maybe get some groceries. EXTREME EXCITEMENT.

Hey guys, just sued someone for $10k? What do I buy?

Thanks for the news user

these IGC bags are getting heavy.... I guess ill have to wait till earnings fo see if i get out with a slight profit or i pink wojack

>sits in bed depressed all day looking at screen.

I like my job thanks

Hey guys, also looks like tomorrow is going to decide the short term future of Weed in the US, stocks are going to go wild tomorrow, even Canadian ones.

Holding TWMJF personally, has gone from 14 to 35 in a month, currently back down to 29.50

>I like my job


SPI and ARCY to the moon! Get in fast while you can!

Me on the left

why are we still talking about this garbage BGFV?

Watch it drop to $4-$3 in the next ER.

I’m a photographer. I interact with interesting people all day, get paid well, and the work is fun and easy.

>real job
>paid well
why lie?

Probably because I get paid more. The more time I say I work in post the more I can charge.

It’s cold again. Had a pipe burst in an outside wall at 11 last night. Flooded the hallway. Guess I’m doing plumbing when I’m done wagecucking. Crazy shit is it’ll be in the 70s Saturday.


We are chaos marines, and I'm riding this shot to the moon

Are you Texas user? MN user here, we're supposed to get 12-21 inches of snow Sunday-Monday

If you guys could warm the fuck up that would really help my DGAZ situation.

Please. I'm begging you.


I bought one share of Sears and it's up ten cents today. I feel accomplished

Yea. We tied a few records. Shits crazy. I’m glad you’re getting snow though. I’ve had enough.


>tfw stock worth 24 million dollars once it returns to its glory

hahaha thanks to the guy who told me to buy SHLD the other day
I know you did it as a joke to make me lose money but guess what I'm up bitches