Hope you bought extra yesterday. This is THE project for next month. I know biz shilled the fuck out of this...

Hope you bought extra yesterday. This is THE project for next month. I know biz shilled the fuck out of this, probably for pump and dumps, but this is still a sleeping giant.

Jez is the man you want to trust with your money. He will turn the little coins you hopefully bought at 2c/3c to a value of $1,20 per token upcoming month.

If you still didnt buy in, do it asap. Don't be stupid Veeky Forums, please.

Also where the FUN guy at with the exodus wallet he my nigga and I miss him

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We're gonna make it funbro

great pic, saved

Look at that glorious visage. Intelligent and fiercely determined, yet also porcine to a degree that keeps him honest.


If this isn't a dollar by February I'm dumping these bags

this guy gets it

how can these be bags, what did u buy in for

>yet also porcine to a degree that keeps him honest.


>Look at that glorious visage. Intelligent and fiercely determined, yet also porcine to a degree that keeps him honest.
my sides

i'm still loading up on cheap FUN this thing has a future so bright we gotta wear shades.

>made a healthy 25% profit yesterday on FUN by buying the dip
I'm out now though, waiting for next market crash tonight to buy in again

bought in at .16c (was in a hurry, no idea what it is in sats)

am I gonna make it?

Is it true that one of the devs was involved in the starfox games for the SNES?

Provably fair gambling (saves billions in lawsuits)
Over 12 playable games (the next biggest gambling coin has 2). It has over 20 in development, whereas most others aren't even aiming for 10.
Not a casino - it's technology the casino adopts and adds their own spin to. Every other gambling coin is an actual casino that adopters have to assimilate themselves into and gives the casinos buying in no freedom.
Uses state channels, meaning that you can pay one (1) initial transaction fee and then you can play all day if you wanted without any fees.
Crypto guarantees that you can cash out your winnings in minutes - hours. Online casinos can currently take weeks at a time to cash out your earnings, and they can even be frozen. This is a big thing for both the casino and the consumer, as it cuts down on manpower needed to process the transactions, and the consumer doesn't get JUSTed while waiting for their money.
29 team members, which is more than 3x the next highest gambling coin. This will be almost doubled to 50 very soon (with even more planned after), which puts it at 10x the next highest. A number of the members are poached from big casinos (like David Greyling, whom was a high executive at the biggest online casino, William Hill)
The actual team behind it is likely the best team in all of crypto (seriously, look that shit up). They all have connections to casinos, all have been in the gambling/online gambling business for over 20 years
License is pretty much in the bag (only other gambling coins that have licenses are in shitlands that don't let you do anything, anywhere, and anyone could have gotten)
CEO is the guy behind Starfox lmao
Best memes
youtu.be/IItTUaRCvDI?t=475 (look at 7:58 lmao, this is some illuminati-tier shilling)

Buy the dip, we were at a 18 - 19c, which was still going up even after two major pumps, before the Korea fud and whales have kicked in to capitalize since it's so close to ICE, it's not that the coin has lost any steam.

Rundown on why you need to chill, DYOR, and just wait:

Feb 8th ICE - being shilled to casinos
Late Q1 - early/mid Q2 - casinos can use the tech

Any other pumps are just a bonus.

If you actually follow marketcap in crypto like a moron and require the maths to add up to buy in, it's a $5B marketcap for $1 FUN. Online gambling is $60B, which doesn't include the online gambling options like CSGO, and it definitely doesn't include the people who refuse to gamble when something isn't provably fair. Gambling (not online) is over $240B in the US /alone/, ie. no Asia.

Remember that ICE has over 15k people on average, and over 8.5k of those are representatives of gaming and gambling companies. Literally all it takes is one major casino to buy in early to get as many coins as possible before they raise in price, and they alone will pump us up to $1. It only takes one small casino + investors who react to the news. It only takes Asians even fucking learning about it. Even $10 is proven achievable with the current marketcap, and when coins start getting burned from being used, it'll be that much easier to hit those kinds of highs.

Casinos also have additional reason to purchase the coin in the form of dividends, as they can loan FUN to other casinos for guaranteed returns through contracts. This means they can buy as much as they want as soon as possible (ie. the second ICE hits us), and they'll never be at risk of being unable to use some of the coins they've purchased for a few years, as they can just loan the excess to other people. Also, I keep saying 'casinos', but literally any random shitter with a bar can now have online gambling as an option with FUN. This is a huge selling point for Asians as well, due to their internet cafes being able to get in on it.

Finally, the team is likely the best team in all of crypto (look up their background), they'll almost double their employees to 50 soon, have connections to casinos, and have no real competitors.

TL;DR Chill out

About to go to bed, Ausfag here. Am I going to wake up with +50% or another -50% ?
Not selling, just want to be prepared emotionally.

Why should I use a volatile currency for gambling, it just doesnt make sense?

No one knows really, but allot of people are predicting a 8k btc.

Becasu of donkey cocks.

Fun chads lets go. Is the holocaust over???


Yes, Jez San, the CEO of FunFair, founded Argonaut, helped design the Super FX chip used for the SNES, and worked with Nintendo to develop Star Fox.

FUN is going to be shilled by a few fairly decent sized youtubers today in a coordinated pump. You’ve been warned.


I don't want a pump and dump I want steady sustained growth

Can you back that up?

Some facts about the FUN token and how it will be used

1. You can't play the games without FUN tokens.
2. FUN tokens are used under the hood to pay for Fate Channels and services like random number generation and smart contracts to run the game logic
3. Casinos use FUN tokens to pay affiliates for traffic
4. Developers of casino games are paid in FUN
5. The platform takes a usage fee in the form of FUN from the players (this is different than the traditional "house edge" profit taking scheme)

Importantly, the fees are then burned. This lowers the token supply and drives up the value of all tokens for everyone.



Anyone wanting a basic rundown of what FunFair is about should watch this interview with FF's CEO Jez San: youtu.be/c0ZTjoBYUAE?t=9s

Thanks user, your post yesterday made me buy in at 8 cents.

i-is this OC?
Never seen our chosen waifun looking this good.
Kudos user if it was made by you.


funtimes a go go