Laughs at your id confirmation photo

>laughs at your id confirmation photo

Wow shes cute

>laugh back at her for being a useless roastie whore

Just look at her small saggy B cups. Our roastie is better

10/10 would smash.

I mean, Kraken certainly doesn't hire devs based on their skills

This chick looks freaky. Like she'd rip your balls off if you pissed her off.

lol i'd knock this skinny bitch out with one punch and rape her, she isn't ripping anything

She's trying soooo fucking hard to appear cute and innocent, it disgusts me

Id tongue her red bush asshole

typical art hoe

I would keep her servers on maintenance for days if you know what I mean

Sure is business in here.

More like, none of yo business whiteboi.
*smacks lips*

U-underated. It just went over all of this retards


Id stretch her with the Kraken.

Absolute perfection

11/10 would still fuck this retard.

You guys need therapy

>not training the shit out of your pelvic floor muscles so someone would need like 200 lbs of pulling force to rip of your gonads.

not gonna make it.

Go back to /b/ faggot

My images looked like shit
Was midnight and i was sweaty and didnt sleep properly for days. I would love to do this job tho, must be fun

t. leddit norman

>needed serval tries with my confirmation photo

I felt so akward.

Do people really do this? Like, send random "companies" their photos and bank info and all that shit?

Why the fuck would you do that to use a currency that's only used to purchase drugs and hitmen?

Fuckin kek

> being this fat bald and ugly


hot desu
I want a gf like her

no designated waifus that aren't asian allowed
come on user, you know the rules

I would pay her to spit on my face

Get the fuck out of Veeky Forums and never return.

Her ears are weird somehow.
Angular shaped

my gods i am in love

>tfw your genes and your gf's genes mean you have basically a 100% chance of having a red-head daughter but also a 50% chance of having a red-head son

Is it worth the risk?

tits or gtfo

wew good thing I don't have a kraken account
I did verify on bittrex though...

lol no shit
most large companies are just harems for the men at the top while the betas fight for the scraps
>t. chad who fucked half the women in the office (most of them had boyfriends at the time and cheated on them with me)

Its hard user