Don't be fooled, this isn't over

Don't be fooled, this isn't over.

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what the fuck i thought rising wedge was bullish??????

This is going to crash again

Man! I have other things to do, stop posting convincing TA. Seen so many conflicting views now. What happens if it breaks upwards before the triangle consolidates. That have to be a bull sign towards 14k right. I dont wanna tether up again.

zoom out you retard


r u retarded

Nah it's over

Does trying lines on a chart really provide any predictive power?

Have we been stuck in a giant bull trap since bitcoin reached it's ATH?

>TA on crypto

>Le meme lines astrology charts
Might as well be reading palms

Cat is bounced???

I just consulted my local shaman and he said yes.

This is a shitty analysis although I really want it to crash more

Falling Wedge confirmed.
It's over boys.

Piss off with your cancerous astrology, fucktard.

to reveal a month long downtrend channel? What is your point?

I think we go lower too. Just a gut feeling, usually during the end of BTC corrections the price completely free falls for a while before spiking back up, hasn't happened yet.

>whole market is manipulated to heck by a small few
>uses boomer stock market astrology in crypto
kys all of you

screencapped to laugh at.

It obviously had to rebounce. Crypto NEVER drops down in a straight line, it always pauses and jumps up a bit.

Dude it’s all bs. Might as well read tea leaves

I think its just WS manipulation, because the second set of futures contracts ends Jan 26th.
I legit wouldn't be surprise if these fuckers short BTC down to $1k, crash the market then flip it with ETH.

5 minute chart LOL

Why do you people keep drawing those retarded lines as if they have ever predicted anything.

Also price rising on fading volume not a good sign. I think we are going for a lower low in the next day or two.

Crypto futures existed for many years on certain exchanges. If they're really whales and not nucoiners, they must have been "manipulating" it for years long

shit will definitely drop, im just waiting for the peek to sell and rebuy later.

So many triggered snowflakes on Veeky Forums at any suggestion Bitcoin might go down. We truly have been infested by plebbit

Volume hasn't fallen at all though, and that's a key indicator of a rising wedge that signals a drop.

Whatcha think the eth peek will be? It seems to strtuggle at 1040+-10usdt


Good plan, also to add to my previous post we are at the 12k resistance level which cannot seem to be broken.

>your life line is extremely long. You’ll live to 100

We hit a reverse head and shoulders so we're going back to the moon.

Of course the volume is fading you silly, yesterday was probably the most active day in the history of many exchanges.

>buy a dip
>buy another dip

What's wrong with it going down, though? Aren't you a nucoiner who doesn't know that you can profit even if everything drops?

Which one is closest to Libra? How do I get today’s horoscope?

the only non retarded person in this thread

I did some proper charting for you guys, and by the looks of it, we are going to go to 8k, before launching in stratosphere.

im tethered up and ready to buy at 8k, gonna see a lot of pink wojaks on biz within the next few days

Hey Hey Hey

you have to go back

lmao, what


I'll see you next week
>"I didn't buy the dip!"
>"Why won't BTC dip again?! Just one more time so I can get back in!"

First we should go to the D, so tethering near 14k seems wise to me.

Its done "crashing" but the bleeding will continue slowly. It'll go up and down but trend down in the longer term as people who have been in it a long time slowly cash out and people who got burned by buying at 14k+ give up on it. All the people who get hurt from vaporware altcoins will also add to the bearish trend as they become increasingly disillusioned with crypto-vaporware. Bitconnect-style scams will assist in providing fuel to the FUD campaigns run in MSM. It will probably go up to 13k again but the trend over months will be down for most cryptos including BTC. I don't like it but thats what I think is going to go down. In the meanwhile some gems will succeed and BTC may recover to ATHs after a year or more.

Yes it is. Market sentiment changed, even if it werent over its over

Nothing wrong with it, I'm expecting it to, but it seems any thread that mentions it you get hordes of idiots coming out acting like a bunch of leftist cucks who heard the wrong pronouns.

I think the floor is either $8,290 or $3,000

Give it a 5% chance to go back to $8-900


Can somebody explain how TA can work? Why would people start selling just because chart completed some random pattern?

stop shilling your shitty youtube channel. Also not sure if serious, miners and large whales are cashing out, this is common knowledge.

why not?

Because the patterns aren't random. The problem with TA is that it doesn't take shock events and mass psychology into account. But it's still a good tool to use to get a read on what may happen next. This "recovery" was weak and has stalled hard. The only question is if we go sideways or into the hole.

No, market set bottom ahead of 8k. We touched it already, didn't have to retrace all the way - 9k was sufficient. Market players know what bottom is expected to be and either go below or above it within a range. We are on way up now.

> Can somebody explain how TA can work?
Self fulfilling prophecy. It's a set of standardized rules that many traders have all learned and operate within. It's especially more prominent as we get more and more 'normal' traders into the market.

>Market players know what bottom is expected to be
Come on, most "market players" know absolutely nothing about bottoms

People FUDing the market are butthurt shorters who are about to go bankrupt.

We'll see. If there is no dump after 14k, then yes.

By market players I mean the ones that do. IE

True and not true, depends on the failure rate of the TA sign, a lot of something like 60% accuracy. Depending on the person a lot of people use a lot of different things, I mean can you really deny support and resistance, or a trend line?
Realistically people that use pattern indicators use them because they only have to be correct what 30% of the time to be profitable with a good strategy? It's like being in a batting box, you don't have to know how to hit every pitch but when a pitch comes into the zone you recognize you might knock it out of the park enough times to make a career out of it.

Most bitcoin buyers are not even traders.. Basically you have a horde of normies and a bunch of liquidity makers (kinda whales) who merely reflect mass sentiments and buy where it's low and sell where it's high

Lolwut? Whole TA thing is based on psychology.

wait for the incoming Tether exit scam...

The point is, it's just his guess. It may be correct or incorrect, but he and the like are not the ones who determine it.

Now that we've broken the meme triangle, we agreeing its over now??
it was pure manipulation and the market is moving on

Tail wags the dog in this stuff man. Especially from Goldman.

that x 100

maybe you are right. maybe not. ha.

Just because he published an "analysis" doesn't mean he even has a bitcoin wallet. All those old farts are extreme luddites

quick look at past videos, looks like most predictions were wrong. no surprise

This isn’t as far fetched as it sounds

I unironically bought back 30 min before futures closed because
1) It broke downtrend meme lines
2) pic related

you sold @9250?


Can we please stop this "mah futures" meme? Crypto futures existed for many years without interruption, and if those "wolves of Wall Street" are not luddites enough to use a crypto exchange to buy BTC in bulk, they could have done it before for the same purpose

everyone forgets the last time that happened

the latest juicy fud is that americans can't have tethers anymore

Is it time to buy back in?

Who even needs tethers if you have BitUSD.. I don't understand why it's not so popular, unlike USDT it's actually reliable

TA is not a predictor esp. not for crypto.

Look at the daily chart you retard

more like kikes are manipulating the market lol

I wonder how much ETH and BTC they accumulated by creating and shilling ripple.

if only he knew how to spell, but yeah nice theory

I seriously thought this was going to 8k a lot sooner but I completely underestimated the idiocy of this market. I regret not taking advantage of others' stupidity, but I'll be ready to buy when it does crash again.

Is this target in 3 hours ishh

It looks like a reversal of head shoulder pattern

So when do we tether up again? Looks like it's going down now. Uptrend already lost steam

Insufficient data for meaningful conclusion

Where did u find that pic?


I saw it posted here yesterday, I was trading during the downward waves and then I saw this. 30 min before futures closed my meme lines where broken, could be a coincidence but the entire market skyrocketed when futures closed.

Top kek

Im also expecting another shitstorm around 26 cause of the futures

aaaaaand ...