The dividends are based on the exchange, so more users means more dividends. What does Veeky Forums think?

Sounds pretty self-explanatory to me

and 100% split fees instead of 50% for the next two weeks

>Quietly accumulate
>Grab a few of the new ICOs in case they actually explode
>Wait for FIAT exchange to blow everything sky high
>Retired and live off of early accumulation

If my plan falters at any step, eh, I only spent a couple grand on this shitcoin. But man oh man am I gonna be living like a king if they accomplish 1/10 of what they're after.

Yeah well... people on Veeky Forums keep saying it's at bitconnect-tier exit scam

Aren't COSS holders getting airdrops from those ICOs? I'm not sure

>Come use our site, guys! Free stuff! Lots and lots and lots of free stuff! Free money, guaranteed, all you have to do is sign up, invest, and wait! Wait for more people to sign up. The more people that sign up, the more money YOU get!
>Our website doesn't really work currently, but once it's fixed, you're going to get SO much free money, guys!
are you guys seriously this daft

That's literally every exchange, especially KuCoin

Doesn't mean it's a fucking scam

There's bonuses for top traders. I haven't heard anything about airdrops for general holders.

That is literally fucking Kucoin, and they were doing 300M daily volume a week or two ago.

Now, what is the difference between KuCoin and COSS?

KuCoin actually works and can be used. LMAO

>Site down?
>Not receiving bonuses
>ETH going through yet?
>Dropping referral program?
>Waiting over 4 days?

Try again, faggot.

I've got a diverse selection of shitcoins in my portfolio and this one has outperformed them all even with the huge dip it had earlier this week before the crash, and that's without considering the fee splits that are sitting there waiting to be distributed. There are constant platform improvements taking place, and they just passed 100k trading accounts. All in all, I'm pretty comfy with COSS and I expect big things from it.

i had 7400 but then i panic sold and fomod back in like the newfag retard i am

now i only have 5000

should i kill myself or will i make it?

This will never hit $10. What incentive is there for anyone to buy this coin at $10? Just look at the fee dividend spreadsheet. Only the early adopters win, so there'll be no incentive for this shit to moon.

top kek

Thanks, was about to explain the same to this mentally challenged user.

Hurr, durr... have you looked at how much you get in dividends for 1,000 KCS (aka $12k at current discount price)?

Good pasta, always lulz

5k is pretty good. You still have time to build up a decent stack. Keep a trading stack that you keep growing, and move some over to COSS occasionally. Still a good 3-5 months out from full FIAT launch.

>Keep a trading stack that you keep growing
how? everytime i try to trade myself up i just lose lose lose lose lose even more money

Easiest way is to find coins that have major events coming up a month or two out. That way it isn't priced in yet. A couple days before the event it will likely be near all-time highs. Sell then, move your profits into something with a low marketcap with big events on the horizon.


currently own bch, link, req, qlink, coss

i dont see it happening for any of those coins anytime soon except maybe req? but i kinda want to hold on to those?

>but i kinda want to hold on to those?
Then that would be your investment stack, which for me is COSS, NEO, ICX. You can't have an emotional attachment to your trading stack. Gotta let those suckers go when the time is right.

any way this could fail?

Next kucoin?

It could fail like literally every other crypto out there. There's no guarantees. But I like that Rune has been so open with the community about the problems they've been having. I can't think of another exchange with a public face, just a bunch of bland Linkedin photos of their board of directors. Their goals make sense from a wider perspective of the crypto ecosystem. If they'd just hired better people from the beginning they would be months ahead of schedule, but they decided to focus on legal compliance first rather than making a quick buck. Lots of good signs here I think if you're looking 6 months out rather than next week.

Great things are on the horizon with Coss..

All problems promptly addressed and solved so far

No one mentions how kucoin is a security?

If anything, Americans and other countries that don't support securities should be jumping from kcs to coss asap

I have one of the best memes ever, and it is a COSS meme. This meme will be dropped on January 25th, and the price will explode.

You have been warned.

Only thing i do not understand is why they dont hire proper programmers. The team now is so shitty, they are like 1 year cs students doing the first internship

Yep, I don't understand it either

And their UI took several months and still wasn't good

The whole thing is in beta but still...

I had 500k Coss but sold at 35 cent. I kinda hope it drops to this price and i would maybe accumulate again. argh.
but this team is so incompetent but humble at the same time. no idea what to make of this

Brace yourselves