How to talk to asian women irl without being embarrassed?

How to talk to asian women irl without being embarrassed?

Sniff em

Get used to talking to them by talking to them.

No other way.

Also, get the fuck out to r9k

I want to talk to that 2d girl and impale her bald cunny

erase your history of being an awkward nerd, keine style.

"Anime & chill?"

Worked for me.

while theyre not looking?
Veeky Forums is the official Crypto and Asian Girls board. get used to it, bub

Tell her you will say itadakimasu everytime before you eat her pussy. She won't be able to resist you

Just walk up and say, "Ching chong ding dong rice rice." Works every time.

there are no japanese girls here. Only chinese. I fucking regret spending 3 years studying japanese in highschool instead of chinese now.

Just be urself.

The same way you talk to non asian women without being embarassed.

>he thinks that advice is useful here

Are there any drugs i could take that will make me go up to asian girls without hesitation?





don't eat or drink anything grapefruit related though

...! I might be able to get this. What does it do?

Asian women are really easy if you are tall and white. And if you are not tall and white, what's the point of living anyway?

makes you calmer

Xanax will help with your anxiety but it will also make you into a zombie

Have you tried the advertisements on Veeky Forums? Seems like a good way to meet beautiful asian women

im 6'0 white
so, i need a bunch of calm drugs. i dont know. i used to drink a bunch of tea. but that didnt help with anything.

Talking about this, would be beneficial to learn chinese on a Veeky Forums standpoint?

It was for me. Now I can easily land an English teaching job in China if all else fails lmao. I did this for 1 year in the past as well.

Show them your Touhou 1cc chart with the scores. Works as a charm

My ex was an Asian girl and you should stay the fuck away from Asian women. Don't fall for the meme that they're submissive housewife types. They put on an act in public but will try to be dominant in every other scenario. They also have no remorse and will get off on cucking you. They will want expensive high end gifts and then they will start to give less and less sex while cheating on you and blowing other guys in their cars while never blowing you. They literally get off on cucking you to the extreme and they won't give one fuck about your feelings. All they want to do is take advantage of you. Please don't fall for the meme.

>tfw have asian cs major gf who likes to talk about cryptocurrencies and play league with me
how jealous are you Veeky Forums?

Not at all. Enjoy your uprooted angry depressed Elliots running around

>implying i'll have kids and not just dump her if she starts pressuring for commitment

I am, my asian gf is a feckin' normie. Ah well, at least she makes good Chinese food

I dont care! Anything is better than being alone.
yes. tell what i can do to piss you off before i off myself?

correction, you are just a cuck. Any race of woman will cuck a cuck.

"Tell me about how you made it in kuripto koino user-kun."

i wished... i dont even care if i get a gold digger at this point. i rather be financially ruined than a virgin now.

dinner for breakfast everyday
but its awesome

Any stimulant, Molly, alcohol

Don't listen to this guy grapefruit is awesome on mdma.. any citrus fruit really...don't drink tons of booze or keep redosing all night.. also look up some pre/post loading supplements to deal with the come down and Tuesday blues

Sounds like an American girl of Asian descent.. you need a FOB

>organ damage is AWESOME

how the fuck does an anti social nerd like me even get drugs? I got friends. i get invited to no parties. I wonder if i should start smoking.


GO to a jam show or just order it with that fat stack of meme money you have. If you buy it off some wook order a test kit off amazon

Act interested in what they say.

The people on this board, fucking losers I swear....

Why is String Cheese the only good jam band?

Did your qt asian gril hurt you?

Really I always thought Veeky Forums was full of winners

>This board

This board is nothing kid. Try a thread on /a/ for an anime featuring little girls

add a healthy dose of whisky and you're good to go

Become arrogant like normals thats how they're able to talk to girls. Every normalfag on the planet thinks they're the best thing to ever exist and unfortunately this actually works wonders in life because other people and women will see them and think "wow this guy must know his shit."

They call it confidence but don't be fooled it's plain arrogance.

Phenibut, 100%.
All the confidence of drunkenness with none of the stumbling or slurred speech.



If they can maintain their arrogance without being corrected for it, it can be considered substantiated with high probability.

A beta acting arrogant will get steamrolled quickly.

Nope, even an arrogant beta can get somewhere. In fact they're more arrogant than most considering a majority of the male population is beta yet they think they're alpha.

fuck off normie

>helps with girls

The problem is that he's already overstimulated when talking to females. Having even more speeding thoughts is a horrible idea.

The beta faking confidence will get steamrolled quickly, even if he'll have meager success at start. Shittests are thing.

That majority of beta thinking they are alpha aren't really beta in their social circles, and that's what matters.