SWIFT's latest major press release (from 2 days ago) once again underscores the significance of smart contracts

SWIFT's latest major press release (from 2 days ago) once again underscores the significance of smart contracts.

Direct quote from this press release:
>Based on our experience, blockchain, smart contracts, and other FinTech solutions may significantly upgrade the quality of services provided to our existing and potential clients.
This quote is by Eddie Astanin, Chairman of "National Settlement Depository", a major Russian financial institution: wikiwand.com/en/National_Settlement_Depository_(Russia)

And I hope I don't need to remind you that a little project called "Smartcontract.com" (aka Chainlink) was the ONLY external crypto dev that was invited and paid by Swift to demo its project at Swift's SIBOS conference last year.

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Has swift actually given a firm confirmation if a partnership with smartcontract dot com?

Bumping with another Swift press release from a few weeks go; this time it's a document by Swift itself.
They list Chainlink's use case as one of the major examples of ISO 20022 implementation, right alongside some massive projects like GPI.
(left is the press release, right is the description for Sergey's Sibos presentation)

>Jason Parser

So why would swift use link instead of building their own copy?

priced in

not at all

Man, this shadowfork FUD is probably the most effectve one, because I don't doubt ((((they)))) would do that.

The same reason business buy excel instead of programming their own from scratch.

And don't forget the report that someone found recently. Which absolutely demolishes fud like this faggotswiftinstitute.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/SIWP-2016-001-Impact-Open-APIs-FINAL.pdf

All the pieces are there you just have to not be an idiot.


ChainLink is run by Sergey and Steve. They collected money during their ICO and afterwards they made one commit to Github.

One. Commit. Let that sink in.

There is no product. There is no partnership. There are no meaningful updates.

Instead it's Sergey ripping the bong and slapping around big booty hoes while Steve jerks his pencil dick while he rips the bong. That's what you're "investing" in.

But hey, some people like living vicariously through others and funding their lifestyle. To each their own!

Well you must be retarded then


Swift paid Chainlink to develop a PoC for them and demo it at last Sibos (the ONLY external crypto dev to receive this honor).
So yes, in that sense there was indeed a partnership.

Whether Swift is actually going to implement Chainlink is not yet known because Chainlink's finished product is not out yet.

Chainlink's use case far transcends Swift or even the banking industry, though.

Can’t wait for the NEET millionaire chainlink party we’re gonna have when link finally moons :)

Can you give me a quick rundown on this fud? I think I know what it is about based on the name but dont want to make any assumptions

>they made one commit to Github
They're translating from Ruby to Go in a private repo.

>There is no partnership.
See >There are no meaningful updates.
If you made the effort to check out the Gitter or the Slack, you'd know that the team is constantly in touch with the community, especially on technical matters.
Check out this out for instance: blog.goodaudience.com/chainlink-external-adapters-e9f99cd6cb62

jason parker has already shadowforged this shit. NEXT.

>guys explain this meme to me pls

They privately forked link so they could control all of it. The shadowfork would be used for the big stuff link was originally planned and link would be used for less critical applications.

>let met just continue posting old af news

lmao anything to get rid of those bags

>posted 16 January 2018

The team is already working on a brightknife solution to the shadowfork, check the slack.

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Dont ever scare me or my link bag ever again

Please don't make rory kill himself.

Just think about it - if chainlink is really the 1000x coin, and everything in the pipeline is priced in by smart money, why the fuck is it still at 80 cents?

Answer: it's just another scam whitepaper coin

>if this rocket was built to go to the moon, then why is it still sitting on the launchpad instead of on the moon?

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anyone know something about "operation blackchain"? i found some intelligence and it looks like it's connected to jason parser.

>Apollo 1

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can this meme just die, along with the shadowfork

we've tried to eliminate jason parser countless times, but failed every single time...

Jason on gitter: "Legacy-Link holders will get compensated with Slink on 1/10 ratio"

Don't even bother with the deluded linkies. They have transcended the boundaries of rational thought.

They'll grasp at anything to keep hope alive:

-patents with the name "Sergey Nazarov" in them (debunked, it's some other guy with the same name)
-claiming that Sergey Nazarov is Satoshi Nakamoto because muh same initials and coincidental domain name registration of smartcontract dot com. d e s p e r a t e
-screenshots from Rory about an "end of year update" that said they've been doing fuck-all for the past 2 months aside from switching over to Go. Barf

I admit that I do admire the tenacity of the linkies though. They're one creative bunch of delusion and you can't knock them for hanging on to muh oracle ISO22019301093 bond payment banking swift ripple btfo problem

>they've been doing fuck-all for the past 2 months aside from switching over to Go
Why is that a problem?

>be sergey
>go to biggest banking conference in the world
>give presentation next to a toilet
>make no connections, share nothing with the community for months
>eat 10 cheeseburgers a day
>go to devcon and give underwhelming speech
>beat rory into submission
>rip bong
>give shitty update


None of that will hold up in court.

>beat rory into submission

when did that happen?

>when did that happen?

I like you. You didn't question the 10 cheeseburgers or the bong rips. You'll go far.

Maybe one day you'll even dump your link bags, too!

oh come on every week there is a new link fud meme you simply cant keep track of them all

kek half the fun of link threads is fudding them into oblivion

it's a good coin, they just need to hire more devs and roll it out already. they've been working on it for 4+ years...shit or get off the pot

Same here.

Commenting to say I made this image back in October and glad to see it’s still being used

It's only been a few months since Sibos and they're about to release an initial version of the final product.
To the legacy financial world (their primary focus right now), that's blisteringly fast.

I've read on here that swift doesn't plan on implementing this for a few years.. LINK won't be mooning anytime soon, but i'll hold the little bit that i have.

Thanks I can get out now.

>I've read on here

Say "rip the bong" one more time you flaming faggot.

this is just like asking why banks won't create their own ripple token.
Will the banks agree to use MorganStanleyToken, BOA Coin, or JPMorgan Coin? Do they save any money by doing this?
Or why not just use an existing 3rd party who has a vested interested in keeping it fair or they lose customers.

Slinkies lmao... at least try to make fud kind of funny like this... you all are getting worse than reddit with overused meme shit like Jason Parser, Shadowfork, McDonalds, Nail Salon, etc...