Phil DeFranco tweeted and madden a video about BAT

Y'all fucking retarded if you didn't buy recently. This coin is going to moon so hard.

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wow 63 cents to $1 max, nice "moon" opportunity

didn't you know that BAT isn't designed to go over 1 dollar? stop shilling this utility token

You're dumb as shit if you believe this FUD. you probably shill ETH, which is capped at $1400 you belligerent nigger

BAT will be $50 eoy. Screencap this. Also, don't forget the superbowl ad and Coinbase listing. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Fuck of with this meme

How is this not taking up all of this board? This is fucking huge

We already have had full threads about this. I would like to keep this low still.

The time will soon be upon us. This is just the beginning.

I like the browser and the idea but I'm not sure how it's supposed to get to $1+ when you can but then for less through the browser? Does the browser go by global average?

That or they will implement a smaller currency next to it. Hardly a problem to come up ways around this.

You can't buy them through the browser. You can generate a USD equivalent on the browser through watching ads and participating in the browser model.

Lol where did this fudpasta come from

philip defranco shilled Brave and BAT to 1.4 million normies on yesterday's show

Try the brave browser. You will never go back to chrome or firefox.

Is it actually good or are you being a cheeky lil' memester

volume picking up lets gooo

Switch to the Brave browser if you haven't already, it is hands-down the best web browser available.

Brendan is also literally cucking google by using their chromium engine for the Brave browser. Google spends all the money on engineering teams, Brave shows up to take their lunch and bang their wife. This guy is an unhinged madman and I’m glad to be invested in him.

NEVER doubt the normies' retardation, ALWAYS do what the normies do, and just get out quick with decent gains.

It's pretty good. I downloaded it and tested it and it looked pretty good. Too lazy to completely switch from chrome but at some point i will.

Fuck off. This is long term jackpot.

>long term jackpot.

i hate reddit

Mexicans hate mexico, you still have to go back


Point is, nothing is more of a "long term jackpot" than ETH, that doesn't mean it's smart to just sit and hold that for 2yrs when you could be making sweet gains in the meantime.

I have those as well but leave batcoin alone.

>thinks gay marriage is degenerate

Makes me proud to have invested in the batman.

>and madden a video

literally how retarded is everyone thinking BAT will have succes...


---> Google

Im sure Google, one of the most powerful companies will do nothinh at all if some pajeets try to take away its add revenue AND its video platform AND its browser...

Fucking brainlets... Once this coin has succes and appears in MSM, Google will buy it or kill it.

They can't do anything about it. They're ad revenue is their main source of revenue. They would get sued out the ass if they changed that model. See related pic from Eich himself.

>brainlet thinks google are unbeatable.

Lets think about some of google's biggest flops shall we?

>google answers
>google buzz
>google video player
>google notebook
>google wave
>google lively
>google print ads
>google radio ads

idiot, google are fucking dying. Google got a lot more hype when it was the underdog and chrome was up against IE and Firefox. Now that Chrome has taken the throne and has done fuck all to better itself, people want positive change.


Let them stay poor user, they don't deserve this.

too right, i'm bored of trying to shill these retards on bat. I wish I could accumulate more so I shouldn't be trying to convince these cucks to buy my potential golden bags.

Join the unoffical BAT discord we gonna make this the small youtubes coin. Dont stay poor user
discord gg/6yUQ82

I think 50 by end of year is conservative.