Why is it a bad idea to buy thousands of coins worth $0.01? At most you'll lose one pizza someday. On the other hand...

Why is it a bad idea to buy thousands of coins worth $0.01? At most you'll lose one pizza someday. On the other hand, the potential rewards...

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>Buy $10,000 worth of coins at 1 cent each. Coin goes down by 10%. Lose $1000.
>Buy $10,000 worth of coins at $5 each. Coin goes down by 10%. Lose $1000.

Its the same fucking thing you newfaggot retard. Coin price doesn't mean shit. Coin percent gains or losses is the only metric that matters.

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Because you could have bought them at $0.0001 instead.

However, if the 1 cent coin goes to only 2 cents, that's 100% gain. The $5 coin has to go to $10 to achieve 100% gain.

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Look at tron. Now look at raiblocks. Which one do you think can double its marketcap easier? It doesn't matter if it's $10 or $0.0000005 faggot, as long as the marketcap can grow

Technically speaking you're correct, but you have to be trolling if you think low mcaps move at the same speed as high mcaps.

Why would 100% gains on the 1c be more likely than on the 5$ coin? Are you retarded? Unless you mean to say that its more likely because all of the dumb money newfags think like you. Then sure. Coin price means JACKSHIT without looking at other metrics.

In the long term you are right, but in the short term it is certainly easier to pump a coin's order books by 1 cent vs. $5. There is no debating this.

That's why coins worth a penny or less are vastly more likely to 10x than coins worth $5-$10.

Where did he say what the market caps of the theoretical coins are you ridiculous cock slurping cretin?

1c coin price does not imply a low mcap.

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No you're fucking wrong. Your conflating low price coins with low market cap coins. Often low price coins ARE low market cap but in a theoretical example of two coins with the same market cap, one worth 1 cent per coin and the other worth 5$ per coin, a 100% pump would take the exact same amount of difficulty

I have nothing against new people getting into crypto but please try to wrap your head around the basics first before you start talking about it.

The market caps of the theoretical coins were never mentioned bitch. I'm right and you're a faggot.

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I have 100% definitely been in crypto longer than you and made more money. :^)

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That would be a very sad statement about our market then.

Also, for super new "cheap" coins, people are usually less likely to sell. Like I have 1MM DOM and I am not selling until $10.

Typical normies. Too retarded to even bother figuring the most basic stuff out themselves. Do yourself a favor and kill yourself before losing all your money.

Don't get pissed off at me because you retards think crypto is more complicated than it is. I know you want to feel smart, but it is most often the case that coins worth a penny or less have the potential for the largest pumps.

>muh market cap

How many coins worth $10 have 10x'd this year? Quite a few. How many coins worth 1 cent have 10x'd this year? Quite a lot fucking more.

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