Every day theres a coin that goes 10x

every day theres a coin that goes 10x
you only need 3 of these to turn 1k into 1M.


So why did you miss it?

I underestimated the stupidity of stupid people.


I can't believe people are so stupid

x10 in less than 12 hours. I feel dumb for missing out on this.

i hope you learned your lesson

This. Literally the most inexplicable thing I've ever seen in my 2 years in crypto

The easiest 2x of my fucking life, i hope every whale dump this coin like crazy

BEEET CONNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE literally peaked at 80 fucking dollars. From below 5 dollars.

The "buy when there is blood in the streets" has never been so true on this shit.

This was 5$ yesterday

It's just whales pumping the price up and delusional greedy faggots who are one rope away from becoming an hero who are FOMO'ing into this. Just w8 for the backlash when the dump starts to happen.

>A literal LITERAL ponzi scheme
I want off this ride

>So why did you miss it?
Same reason I'm a no coiner. I don't understand what's going on

>I don't understand what's going on

you dont have to

if you're trading all you gotta do is buy things before the hype and sell off before its over. doesn't matter what coin it is, shitcoin or not

This why you learn TA

>applying TA to this BCC shitshow

>buying bcc

It took less than an hour for BCC to drop nearly 90% last time. If you're dumb enough to be considering buying this shit, realize then when this gets dumped, it will be hard, fast, and you run the very real risk of losing literally everything

I think you should somewhat understand what you're investing in.

and people still deny that crypto is a bubble

It seems like an obvious pump and dump preying on the feelings of those that are on suicide watch. Amazing.


Oh, he understands. That's why he's here trying to get you to pick up his bags for him. Report him.


People are seriously re-buying this......what the fuck. I'm sorry, but they all deserve to lose their money. This kind of shit is going to get the SEC involved in a hurry.

>pumping money into a dead coin

If this doesn't prove that crypto has no substance then i don't know what does.

>Shitcoin of a confirmed ponzi drops 98% from $300+ to almost zero. Everyone stops accepting it.

>"Moves" from $14 to $41

>Starts getting shilled on Veeky Forums


Yeah because TA can always predict what's gonna happen on twitter and when the team decides to exit scam

Someone has to buy the bags that OP bought

Most coins that 10x do not have 100k liquidity for you to pull the triple 10x combo to get 1 mil, unfortunately. Coincidentally, BCC was one of those that did. If you dropped your 100k in at $5 you can probably cash it all at $50

I'm not surprised desu

What part of TA teaches me when people decide to exit scam?

>which part of binoculars writes down notes in my notebook?

TA is a tool used for chart reading you moron. You want to know if something is a scam DYOR.