- no normies allowed -

Greetings fellow basement dwellers,

I have come to with news of large importance. Due to the recent market crash, a not very well known token has dropped in price.

Since I greatly value the green candles in your portfolio, I would like to inform you about this amazing opportunity. Purchase the coin that is named Lamden and thou shalt be blessed by the Tau gods.

*You feel empowered*

Thank you tau wizard

Thank you tau wizard

Thank you tau wizard

Thank you tau wizard

Thanks TAU wizard, but I already put 10ETH into the ICO and 10x'd my investement, sold, and rebought at 0.005ETH per TAU.
I'm WAY ahead of you bro.

Wise actions, my friend. However, this post is here for the people that missed out on the ICO.

See you in Lamboland

Thank you tau wizard, bought on IDEX.

Bought 1 ETH right before the price dived. Confident I'll make good profit some day though, holding until then.

Thank you tau wizard :-)

buy or regret for rest of your life

The beginning of a new cult

thou tau?

just bought 4k

Thank you tau wizard

Thank you tau wizard

I am proud of all the followers of the true gods. I'm sure the gods are, too.

*Your portfolio grows*

what ROI are we talking?

If the project actually becomes what it's meant to become, the gains will be out of this world. We are talking Ethereum 2.0 here.

Thank you tau wizard

> Hasn't heard of simple token

Enjoy your bags

shoo shoo