Get off your high horse and get on ETHORSE

HORSE is low market cap gem and here's why:

~10mil market cap. Token sale sold out in 4 minutes. Similar projects are valued atleast 5x higher.

Genius smart contract gambling platform; bets (“races”) are made on future crypto prices. Bets are locked into smart contract which disperses winnings when the race ends. Payouts are in ETH = betting platform for earning ETH

HORSE is a dividend token; HORSE holders will receive quarterly payouts of ALL the profits ETHorse generates. 5% of every betting pool is taken out and set aside for HORSE holders. Payouts are at the end of every quarter and paid in ETH.

Founders tokens are vested for 2 years, the rest of the tokens went to the crowdsale. THERE WERE NO PRESALE BONUSES so everyone is on a level playing field.

Public release of platform going live very beginning of February means token holders will start receiving dividends Q1.

Being added to exchanges very soon; devs have stated in telegram they have submitted applications and fees to several exchanges. Likely going to KuCoin and/or Binance.

Tradable on Ether Delta and IDEX beginning January 16th.

Breakdown of dividends:

the dividends are a big reason to hold this coin.

There will be 100M tokens total in the public sales, 125M total. If you put in 1 ETH and get 20,000 HORSE tokens in the round 1 public sale that means you have a 0.016 percent stake of the 5% house take.

If you assume there are $1M worth of bets per day then that's $50k take for the house and 0.016% of that is $8 per day. Therefore over a year of such volume, your 1 ETH investment will net you earnings of $2920. At ETH/USD=1000 today that's a nice return even ignoring any appreciation of HORSE tokens that might occur. With predictable earnings like that everyone will want to buy in driving the price of the HORSE token up considerably.

Don't be fucking stupid and get in. It's available on IDEX and ED

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I literally told you guys so many times in advance. It's 3x from ICO right now.. Much more to come. Especially once it gets listed on some other exchanges. Dont miss out.

How do I convince you numbnuts that the next moon is right in your face. Did you listen to the BNTY, TAU or PRL threads? No? Well this is your next chance.. Take it or stay a wagecuck

This shit is gonna moon like FUN did. Please user tell me why you're not in.

If you got in when I started telling you about it you would've at least made a 2x. Why are you still not in? I don't understand. It's literally free money

this is the next BNTY

/biz is going to miss on this

Fuck me

do you have ED link?

Already 2xed on this

thanks just bought 100k

next MOON mission? I'm in!

Here you go

this the new bitcucknect push ?

lol buy it on idex, ways better than shitty cancer ed.

Hm, that souns like a good name for a crypto coin. I think I'll buy 100k.

Lol strange name

but 10m market cap so why not,

if ur the user with the original shilling, thank you

one of the rare times when /biz is worth the time

but the idiots will keep buying ufr scamshit instead

yep most of the other posts were mine. you got in early? I think most people don't wanna buy cuz its on unknown exchanges but those coins net you the most profit

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go shill your UFR shit to other people pajeet

btw I bought some yesterday and I'm up 50%

24hr Change

already bought it, but thank you op

/biz gonna miss this shit as always

pajeets gtfo of this thread

we are making money here


very strange name LOL

How the fuck can you compare this to bitconnect you retard

people gonna miss this

Already made 30k on this, bought ICO

how many horses to make it


Went on their telegram group and people keep saying mooning and stuff like that

this shit only 2xed

aight OP

10k should be enough for a few lambos. even if you're not in it for the long haul you can still do a quickflip of atleast 2x or 3x

MOON Incoming

Easiest 10x ever

bought almost the ico price, first few orders were mine, first time i could tell a coin is a surething in minutes, thank you very much, i mean it.
with mainnet launch this thing will explode

got more gems like that in hand?

Sent eth from kucoin to IDEX, still waiting 36 hours later, is this shit normal?

its cuz kucoin is in the shitter right now. All their withdrawals are slow as fuck. I sent mine away too 2 days ago and don't even see a transaction hash


Hmm not right now. If I do I make a thread on biz most of the time but I haven't really looked at coins yet

Man I don't want to miss this coin, I hope it doesn't go up for a couple of days

send a kucoin ticket if you haven't already. might help. I think horse has a high chance of getting listed on kucoin so you'll still be early.