6 more days to go

6 more days to go.

>ignored dwindling fiat value
>accumulated more ICX
>literally did this all day yesterday, first time i ate something was 11pm kek
1375 over here.

Shits gonna dump so hard when the icoers can sell

They can sell now. You know that right?

Good luck, South Korean government just issued a statement they will ban use of blockchain.

I need a win.

I'm currently in this for about 20% of my folio - should I just dump it now and move it to something like ven?

People already dumped after the ICO... it did at 25~x on release.

Friends please listen. iCX mainnet delay to February 26th. Team
Not communicate or say a thing and hate Twitter. Korea ban cryptocurrency so soon now get out while can. Buy VEN it have tobacco on blcockchain. First coin ever to. You get free dividend just holding VEN. Tabacco scan into blockchain and distribute to you the buyer. So much free you love it. Guarantee

we can sell now dumbass

Most whales accumulated during the dip, I'm sceptic about standing of this coin, I'll be suprised if it manages to reach $15.

It's ath was 12 dollars. This coin is a long term hold.

If that ain’t the most pajeet thing I’ve ever read

that might be the most pajeet thing I've ever read.

I can smell the curry from here street shitter.

Pleases warning. I don't want to see tournament money wasted on Icx. Buy VEN. Tobacco now on blockchain and government backed. Also good twitter fun. Tweet many times a day. Icx never tweet. Also double reddit size. Buy VEN for tobacco on blockchain maybe alcohol too soon. Free if you have. Icx delay mainnet February 28. Guarantee

Wow. Not expect that to be. You say I get free tobacco if hold VEN? I get none for hold ICX. Choice clear I seek VEN now. Amazing tobacco on blockchain who knew? Thank you


No problem. I want to save friend money and make him some too. Buy while price is good or regret. Good. You really will like purchase. Guarantee

No joke.

I sold 100% of my ICX yesterday for RCN.

At this point the Mainnet Launch is so hyped it's already priced in. RCN's launch on the other hand has almost zero hype.

did you really just reply to urself three times? Are you this fucking retarded. There are tags you idiot.

show vagene

Spicy postings there, Anonymous.

What you mean. Why I would reply to my self? Buy VEN or money float away like leaves. You will regret. Guarantee tobacco on blockchain. Guarantee

We can see your ID, moron

reading your posts replying to yourself killed me a little bit inside


You guys don't think this is a troll?


No man he's not a troll - pajeet detected.

And your English reads like Chinese grammar. Seriously?

He just have same is as me. Not profs. I try to help friends. Please buy VEN and sell Icx. Tobacco on blockchain

Dude - stop replying to yourself.

We can see your id.

Not Chinese.
No not true. From beautiful country. Please friends let's get along.