I'm on vacation at a small resort in Playa Del Carmen...

I'm on vacation at a small resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and who do I see having drinks at the bar but MOTHERFUCKING CRAIG GRANT. He's just as fucking annoying in real life as you would imagine. I will accept XMR or ETH to beat the living shit out of him.

beating first sir, xmr later. thank you sir

He also shaved his head. He's literally talking about Bitcoin openly and loudly to a random older couple like he didn't just Ponzi 2 billion dollars.

It's early here, like 10am and he's already drinking. Im sure by late afternoon he will he hammered and have his guard down. This resort is small and isolated, so I'm going to follow him around and find his room. I've been training Muay Thai and BJJ for 6+ years and I'm going to beat the dog shit out of him.

Show pics. Also, what hotel? Would you recommend the hotel? I might visit.

Pls be real. Can you take a pic user? He's like the Tai Lopez of crpyto.

This nigger scammed me out of 20 grand, I'm gonna take his kneecaps if he doesn't get my money

why give the larp away so soon? You could've milked this for much longer

>scammed thousands of low iq brainlets
>they mad now
>goes to fucking mexico
i say this guy is dead in a week lmao

proof pic or larp

Not a larp. I really do train and I am literally going to fight him. I spend a good 2 hours reading through Reddit posts of people crying about losing their life savings yesterday and this morning fucker is going to pay. If I can make some money out of it, great, if not I'm still going to AT LEAST choke him out and raccoon his eyes.

I didn't want to be too obvious because I was sitting at an angle where he might have noticed me but I found his room. There's two small beaches here and one has a lot of rocks and shit so it's usually empty, I'm hoping he will go there but we'll see. If not I'm going to catch him coming back to his room late.

That's legal in Mexico so go for it user and post pictures

And do Trevon James next

Anything is legal here with enough cash. The resort I'm at is ultra expensive and I have enough USD handy to pay off any Mexican cops. Those fuckers will let you do ANYTHING for a grand, so I'm 100% not going to go to jail even if I fuck him up in public.

post a pic of him please to prove its real, you will get a higher offer if you can prove its real

I'll put 1eth on your fucking address if you pull that off dont lose your ID


why not confront him on video and then post it? I'm calling bullshit unless you post a pic of him rn

because he can't fuck him up first and then post pics or video your fucking retard

Tai lopez is the tal lopez of crypto

Go go go!

Go up to him and say, hey man, you're that bitconnect guy right? I've seen you videos on YouTube, is it really that easy to make money? Can I get a picture with you?

Then post it. This thread will go parabolic and so will the offer for beating the shit out of him.

Youre a fag, unlike OP who is a cool guy if he delivers with proofs

I'm not talking about fucking him up you dumb nigger. He's larping and you are white knighting like a faggot.

Nice dude you showed him. Make sure you screenshot it and show it to your wife's kids

Fucking do it then if you are a man holy fuck. Why is everyone such a bitch these days? Reports to the FBI.. Bombings are part of life. Let the feds do their damn jobs.

Will send 1 eth if you post proof

Didnt get scammed so Ill send 20 BAT for making me lol

Pretend that you lose money because of him and ask It back, if he don't deliver punch him and make a video

He’s larping. Craig is still making videos from his Miami apartment and uploading them to YouTube. No shaved head either. You idiots that believed OP are probably just as dumb as the beeetconnnect idiots.

To say you trained for six years you seem quite nervous about sleeping him, you do realise he’s an untrained civilian you could quite easily just sweep him, mount him and finish in space of ten seconds. Sound as if you’ve trained but not fought?

Ah shit, Didn’t mean to quote dude above

Are you replying to the wrong person? I haven't claimed to have received any training. Although I have some training from what I received in my past career..

mfw it's a random black guy that literally dindu nuffin.

Nigga look like a goddamn scrub brush

Fuckin kek

>breaking news: the white supremacist known as Veeky Forums beats black man to death by mistake


I could just osoto gari him and kill him if I wanted, what I don't want is to get caught and have to deal with all the bullshit and pay off the cops.

No it's him. I could hear his annoying fucking voice from a mile away.

You know what to do. Do it user, EMBRACE THE DARKSIDE.

and by do it i mean throw eggs at him. obviously.

Post proof and i'll send 2 XMR

>whiteknighting a bunch of retarded people who took advice from people on YouTube
that's somehow even dumber than being one of the people he ripped off

Here it is

No need for 2 XMR one is enough
What my addr?

He's still in his room. I'm standing outside his room staring at a fucking peacock, what is this life?

Turn him in to the local authorities. By that I mean bribe the cops to lock him up for being a scammer. They can tell him they got a tip that he's wanted in the US for fraud and then take days verifying that information while he's locked up. Explain to the cops he made millions scamming people and pay them well.

keep up the good investigation skills.

Your pic you uploaded is literally called screenshot. Nice LARP, faggot

>inb4 op tries to fight him with his mediocre mma skills
>craig just pulls out a 9mm and shoots him in the head

This is the path that leads from his room to the beach. That's where I think I'm going to get him. It's dark and pretty isolated.

I did that to quickly reduce the image size for quicker upload nigger. Data isn't free.

>mfw I do this too, low Veeky Forums size limit
Still big if legit


You gonna suck his dick or what?

Better view

No but I'm thinking of strapping a kimura on him an permenantly crippling his arm.

And then suck his dick? No whatever you into man I ain't judging.

Just keep us posted.

Dont think OP found a website full of amateur pics of some resort with a peacock.
The pic were waiting for is off the bitconnect nigger.

Why do the two cryptocoons look identical? I didn't realise they were different people until this thread


holy shit this
i literally thought there was just one nignog shiller

Man Im telllin you...if you submit him thats gonna be the best Veeky Forums story of this year so far

>Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
somehow I wouldn't be surprised. something about his appearance makes me less surprised that he'd immediately spend his wealth on insignificant pleasure tourism

>fat trevon james

Are you going to record it or what? If not, don't even bother

Be sure to call him by his name to positively ID him. You said your suspect is bald and talked bitcoin. I don't think that's conclusive yet.

Also I don't think you should harm the guy, seriously.

Steal his passport

No tapping in the streets. I'm going to break his arm atleast.

His undies.

steal passbort

This is wrong nigger, either take his things or fuck off. At this point your a thief/stalker at best. Don't become physically dangerous to the man too.

That's the hard part. I have to convince my girlfriend to record it or take a picture, I'm worried she would freak out seeing someone get hurt like that.

passport, laptop, any electronic devices he has laying around probably

Is Tai Lopez a big deal?

Just tell her you need to fight him to assert dominance. Thots get wet af over that shit

>I'll splatter this guy's brains across the pavement and the hotel won't even care because I am throwing around thousands of dollars of bribe money which is how shit is run here
>gotta change the format of my photos before posting them online to save the cost of a few hundred kb of data

just kill yourself you dumb larping faggot. on the off chance you're not larping take that fat sad nigger out first too

Already left. He didn't have shit but gay Hawaii shirts and expensive nigger cologne. The good stuff must be in the safe.

>don't become physically dangerous
OP already said he's going to beat his ass, soyboy.

Why did your id just change?
Anyways, don't fight him, but confront him and tell him that you invested in bcc because of him
Record this, upload it to YouTube
Again, don't start a fight, fuck those naive redditors and youtube commentors. They would have let that money on trx or some PnD scam anyways.


Maybe he wanted to scramble exif data as well.

i want to see some literal rape or OP is confirmed gay for the dick

I don't give a shit about all that. I wanna take him out paid mercenary style. He deserves it and I need some more ether.

Why is this larp thread still going? OP provided no actual proof

Yeah fuckin gay ass larping OP. Couldnt even take a pic of the nigger. Saged.

You better pump and dump this jabroni.

Or force him to wire his btc to this address:

that would have been a fine excuse and could have saved the larp if this were 10 years ago, at which point Veeky Forums began automatically stripping exif from uploads. but that's not the type of stuff they teach you on reddit

Ok I'm a huge faggot. I went up to him and made conversation. He's Dutch. Looks just like him but it's not him.

Sorry user. I would have done it.


>mfw when I almost accidentally brutally assault a random Dutch guy

user, I...

Fucking told you moron. You almost broke an innocent man's arm. You better go offline for a while and reflect on that for a while you aggressive ape.

nobody is innocent

piece of shit

>i would have done it
Of course you would, sunshine, we all believe you. :^)


Definitely not OP.
Repent for your sins, OP.

I hope he gets aids